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Cookies for coffee lovers, step by step recipe with photos

What could be easier cookies? Ask any of us to name known types and recipes of cookies, and we.

I tried to make this cookie.

Thanks for the recipe. Delicious.

Just my favorite tastes: coffee and chocolate :).

A wonderful cookie! Nothing has spread!

So cool, crumbly. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe.

Those who do not like dark chocolate (like me) may not like it very much, but my mother loves this and was delighted) I think I will try it without coffee next time) Or I will eat these cookies only with milk)

1 time baked something in your life.

These cookies are wonderful, everything turned out the first time, nothing is falling apart, the taste is what you need! Wife will come from work check out -_-

several times in this recipe, very simple and tasty!

Ground coffee gives zest, bitterness, excellent cookies as a snack for tea or coffee.

I strictly adhered to the recipe, gram per gram on scales. It turned out exactly as in the picture!

Cookies crisp and very fragrant.

Very advise, super recipe!

If you fully adhere to the recipe, then this, as in the picture, just will not. I stuck to the gram — crumbles a lot.

Obviously something is missing. I added a liquid cream — and that was it!

Thanks for the idea!

This is a great recipe!

I am ashamed to admit, in the process of cooking, I almost did not eat the dough, such an amazing coffee taste.

Ready cookies turned out tender and crumbly.

I did everything exactly as it is written, thanks to the author for the idea.

Thank you very much for the recipe!

It turned out very quickly and very tasty!

Soglana with uptowngirl, what to do exactly according to the recipe and remove the already cooled cookies. Homemade happy)

If you follow the recipe exactly, the cookies turn out just delicious))) in no case add more flour — in the fridge the dough hardens because it contains butter and the balls are perfectly formed from it. I advise you to cool the cookies a little before removing them from the parchment, then it does not crumble.

Thanks to the author for the recipe.

Yes. agree with the user "alenagrom " what consistency should be — not clear. I made half the portion less, and added as much flour!

And she also added chocolate icing in small tablets. Let’s see what happens.

Very healthy — and tasty, and crumbly. Only you need to carefully monitor that they are not burnt — the color is dark, you can go too far in the oven.)

Well, crumbly biscuits, shortbread, with a bright coffee taste. Liked. But the recipe description is not accurate.

What consistency should make the dough? I added an egg so that the dough didn’t spread out, naturally, you need to add more flour, and here I was confronted with a lack of understanding of the consistency.

By trial and error added 200 grams of flour.

And instead of butter, took margarine.

It turned out delicious.

Cooked with the addition of one egg, afraid that it would spread.

It turned out very tasty! Interesting coffee flavor. 🙂

Didn’t like it at all, sorry

Thanks for the recipe! Tasty, simple, and really for coffee-lovers)) In the morning with an espresso — the most it!

Try this cookie with whipped cream.

By the way, nothing has spread to me.

You just need to hold the dough in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour and let the ready-made cookies cool.

Well done! But I think I need to add at least one egg.

Then the cookie will not be blurred!

. Yummy has turned out. current instead of sugar put fructose. not calculated. och sweet happened. very interesting taste — from ground coffee.

In appearance, yummy.

And it seems to be easy to bake!

Thanks for the recipe!

Tell me, and loosen (soda) is not necessary?

Cookies tasty. Balls made about 3-4 cm in diameter.

Flapjacks then made a fork.

When they are baked, it is impossible to take them by hand. Only with something flat — they fall apart.

Why is that??

Guest, I do not even know what to advise you.

I have never had such a thing.

When baking, the pellets are quite large, but they keep their shape and do not crawl away. Maybe you had something to do with oil, something was wrong with him .. quality or maybe with a number of mistakes

Hello! NataliaYa, really liked your recipe. Today decided to try.

I did everything according to the recipe. But unfortunately in the oven the balls spread all over the pan and turned into a liquid mass. (similar to coffee mousse) Help. . .

Looks very appetizing.

all right, the coffee must be exactly ground! I am glad that I liked the recipe and it was useful. )))

Well sooo delicious! And simple, and fast.

Baking is the second time this week!

Simple and tasty! True enough it turns out! I increase the food in two or three times!))) Thanks for the recipe!

And coffee must be exactly ground? can still better soluble?

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