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Constipation: what to do

It is known that women are most often affected by constipation.

At the same time, many do not even suspect that their intestines are swollen.

And if we talk a lot about food, it’s time to deal with such a delicate topic. So, constipation: what to do

If you go to the toilet every day, it does not mean that you do not have constipation.

Residues of food can gradually accumulate in the large intestine, if there is not enough space in the intestine for new “inflows”.

If for a long time the intestine enters more than it is removed, the diameter of the large intestine can increase significantly in size — becoming up to five times the norm.

In addition, the “production wastes” accumulated in the intestine have a toxic effect on the body.

Hence, discomfort in the abdomen, bloating, pain and nausea.

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more questions, it is likely that you have constipation.

  • You do not go to the toilet every day or with little result at a time.
  • You often have painful sensations in the abdomen, especially on the right side.
  • You suffer from bloating, nausea or belching.
  • In the stomach rumbling.
  • You often have a headache.
  • Sometimes you experience symptoms like the flu — lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite (or, on the contrary, stable, though not a strong feeling of hunger), irritability, aching or chills. Symptoms disappear after going to the toilet.

How does constipation work?

  • Food is digested in the stomach.
  • Nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine.
  • Leftover food is moving to the colon. Here they accumulate, if the large intestine works slowly or if its muscles are prone to spasms. After a long constipation from the colon at a time can be evacuated to 1500-2000 g «the contents«.

How to get rid of constipation?

Because the reasons constipation differ in remarkable diversity and some of them may be a companion of a serious disease, the most correct thing is to visit a doctor.

And before the visit you can take independent measures.


In order for the intestine to work actively, it is necessary to get at least 30-40 g of fiber per day. Fiber is abundant in raw vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereals (for example, in muesli), as well as in dried fruits (prunes will be especially useful in a constipation situation).

Cellulose must be accompanied by a sufficient amount of water — drink at least 1.5 liters per day in evenly distributed portions.

Finally, you should eat regularly, at least 4 times a day at the same time (to develop the habit of emptying the intestines when the body is ready for it, even if the place and time are not too).

Long intervals between meals inhibit the digestive process in the colon and as a result — lead to constipation.

Indeed, whenever food gets into the stomach, the work of the large intestine is activated.

Moreover, this mechanism works only with a sufficient amount of food: you cannot get by with an apple or a handful of nuts.


Stimulate intestinal motility and help physical activity. The intestine is not adapted for a long stay in immobility. That is why, when we lead a low-active lifestyle, a “cork” is formed in the digestive system.

Walking, running, swimming, rollerblading and cycling — everything is suitable in order to bring the digestive system out of hibernation.

Regular exercise also helps well:

Knees to chest
Lying on your back, pull your legs bent at the knees (or one leg) to your chest, clasping them with your hands, and press firmly to your stomach.

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

This exercise increases the activity of the intestines and stimulates blood circulation.

Twist feet
Lying on your back, bend your left knee and try to reach your right side with your knee.

Change the leg and do the exercise 15 times on each side.

Side squats
Stand on all fours (with an emphasis on the palm or elbows).

Alternately, «squat» in the right, then left side, touching the heel with the buttock.

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Leg straightening
Stand on all fours with an emphasis on the palm, bend the lower back.

Pull back the left, then right straightened leg.

Repeat the exercise 10 times on each leg.

Inhale and exhale
Sit on your knees, exhale, and inhale sharply, drawing your belly in.

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

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