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Cold strawberry soup

When you are already bored with eating strawberries with cream and without, try to cook cold strawberry soup.

Take a kilo of fresh ripe strawberries, free it from the stalk, rinse well under running water and dry.

Then, using an immersion blender, turn the berries into mashed potatoes.

Do it quickly at maximum speed to small seeds (which covered strawberries) remained intact and did not grind.

They can give an unpleasant bitterness.

Take ginger root, cut a piece of 2-3 cm long, peel, rinse and rub on a fine grater. Add to the strawberries, mix, put the powdered sugar to taste, a few drops of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Stir again and rub through a sieve to get rid of strawberry kernels and pieces of ginger.

Add lime zest and put the soup in the fridge.

Serve with ice cubes or ice cream ball.

This little strawberry joy can be an easy end to a summer dinner or a great start to a new day.

Natasha Skvortsova:
“I have four children and, of course, most of the time I spend in the kitchen. I perceive any information from the point of view of its application to cooking. When I meet a new person, I look into his eyes and try to guess what he eats for breakfast and what his lunch consists of.

Very often, according to eating habits, you can make a psychological portrait of a person. I do not have branded recipes. I cook so many and varied that there is no need to repeat the same dish several times.

I like to experiment.

If something touches me in a dish, I take it as an idea as a basis and develop it. I do not like the phrase «author’s cuisine.»

All the basic culinary techniques invented before us. You can only change something, customize for yourself, to your tastes. I can stand at the stove all day and get an incredible thrill from it.

I like to watch the soup gurgle in a saucepan and the clear broth overflows with amber bubbles.

I love the smell of fried onions and garlic.

I like the warm softness of yeast dough and the flavor of cherry pie with cardamom.

If it were possible, I would live in the kitchen. ”

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

Pasta with pesto sauce

Our family is quite Italian. First, a lot of children. Secondly, the cult of pasta.

We eat them every day: boiled, fried, sour, sweet, spicy, with sauce and without.

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Potato salad

In the family of Natasha Skvortsova, potato weeks began, as the season of new potatoes begins.

Who now remembers that potatoes in Europe.

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Millet porridge pancakes

I remember what pancakes my grandmother used to make in the village: huge, fluffy, spongy. As grandma did, I do not know. Then, little, it never crossed my mind to ask.

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Dishes from frozen fish

As from frozen fish of dubious gastronomic merit, to prepare dishes that are excellent in all respects is the personal experience of Natasha Skvortsova.

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Meringue is very easy to prepare, although at first glance it may seem difficult. I myself thought so for a long time, until I started doing it.

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Esterhazy Cake

It so happened that the range of our culinary passions is different, and I never cook dishes that Masha makes and vice versa.

So it was until recently. See below.

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