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Cold snacks

The most difficult thing is to choose among the many recipes of cold appetizers those that successfully complement the main menu.
Russian pickles, Italian antipasti, French amuz bush, Greek and Arab mezze — all these are cold appetizers, the recipes of which are on our portal.
Cold snacks are served at the beginning of the meal in order to simultaneously solve two problems: to allow “to lick up the worm” and whet the appetite.

Therefore, it is desirable that the appetizer be savory, spicy, perhaps brackish or spicy, and not too filling.
Meat and fish delicacies, aspic dishes, appetizers from fresh and pickled or salted vegetables, pies and terrines, tartlets and profiteroles — cold appetizer recipes are available for any occasion, occasion, time and wallet.
Beautifully decorated small cold appetizers will decorate the holiday table, and they have an undeniable advantage over salads: most cold appetizers can be prepared in advance.

Practically any fillings are suitable for choux pastries (profiteroles). They can be filled.

A quick simple hit option of Italian cuisine for lazy summer days. However, in other times.

The shops sell herring oil.

It is different in quality and taste. Our butter too.

We used to cook liver pate, but from the ventricles it turns out no worse. The main thing is good.

Once, serve the homemade liver pate to your family — and they will forget about the shop pate.

If you want this eggplant paste to look a little more fun, bake red in the oven.

I almost always have a bag of puff pastry in the freezer. It is always.

Kyopolu is a traditional Bulgarian cold eggplant snack. Bulgarians love it and cook.

Agree, cucumber ice cream is not the most common appetizer in our homes. We at all.

This seafood pizza can be cooked "both in feast and in peace" — and for an ordinary dinner,.

The recipe for a seasonal, tasty and simple dish that perfectly blends the juicy pumpkin flesh with.

Little life hacking in the preparation of this dessert: for a spectacular shine, cover the berries that decorate.

Tartlets with strawberries and butter cream — a dessert that is easy to prepare, and looks very.

This pate is good with fresh baguette or toasted toast. They can fill tartlets,.

Pizza (the fastest) in a pan in 10 minutes.

Stromboli is an Italian closed pie made of yeast dough with filling. The most popular filling.

Such a pate can be prepared from any fatty meat or poultry (for example, duck or goose).

Mackerel and cream cheese mousse is perhaps one of the easiest and most delicious snack fillings.

The most difficult thing in the preparation of profiteroles is actually the profiteroles themselves. In order to .

Abundance and showiness — these are one of the main criteria for the selection of dishes for the holiday table. .

Carp has sweetish meat, so do not be surprised at the honey and raisins in the recipe. And to.

Aspic from the ham is quite laborious to prepare, and it is eaten quickly enough. But cook.

Chicken jellied — dishes from the category of cold appetizers, which is usually prepared for the holiday table. .

Assorted jellied beef and shrimp — the most suitable appetizer for the holiday table. .

If you do not consider yourself a great specialist in cutting fish, buy ready-made slices, but on the palate.

Prepare for the pizza a salad of cherry tomatoes of different colors, sweet peppers, red onions and olives,.

Now in the supermarkets among the usual legs, thighs and chicken livers come across chicken legs. .

Jelly for many is a classic dish of the New Year holidays. Recipes for it.

Badian not only flavors the broth, but also looks great in the aspic. Take it, add in.

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