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Cloudberry — product description on

Cloudberry feature (Rubus chamaemorus L.) in that it matures "vice versa": all the other berries are green or yellowish at first, but it immediately turns red and, only ripening, becomes amber, almost transparent.

Exotic lovers go for cloudberries to the Far East or to the North — they say it is the most delicious and fragrant there. This berry grows in swamps and in the tundra, in the marshy northern forests — in alder thickets and raw larch forests.

It is also found in the middle lane in the Novgorod, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Vladimir, Smolensk and Kirov regions.

The fragrant sweet-sour berry is similar to blackberries and raspberries (it is also from the Rosaceae family), it only grows on small bushes — not more than 20–30 cm high. Bright crimson flowers like strawberry appear in May – June and cloudberries ripen , according to the national calendar, from Petrov to Prokopyev day (from 12 to 21 July). It used to be thought that it should be harvested with the onset of the first hot days, when the ears of rye and wheat begin to gold.

According to how many berries ripen, they judged the future harvest of grains: if there was a lot of cloudberries, then the bread should ripen earlier.

They kept it in earthen cellars, falling asleep in leather bags or tubs — and experts argued that it is better to mix it with other wild berries: it is so delicate and juicy that in its pure form can quickly mold or ferment.

In pre-revolutionary Russia, cloudberry, or, as it was also called, "moss currant"was well known. For many years it was delivered from Lapland to the royal table.

Jam was boiled from the northern berry, liqueurs and liqueurs were made.

And in Moscow taverns, kvasses and fruit drinks made from its juice were very popular.

One of the old recipes has reached our days: "Pour a full bottle or keg of cloudberries, pour boiled, cooled water and put the keg on ice until the water gets the taste of cloudberries. Then drain the water.

If kvass is too strong, dilute it with water.

Sweeten before use.

The barrel must always be on the ice, and during the heat it must be surrounded by ice and in the winter in the cellar; if kvass freezes, it will spoil".

Unfortunately, today many old recipes are forgotten.

And most of us, except perhaps the inhabitants of Karelia, cloudberry is known mainly from Finnish liqueurs.

And in Karelia for a long time this berry is considered not only a food product, but also a medicine, especially in winter time.

In Finland, cloudberries, which they call "lacca" or "hill", eaten in all forms: it is served for dessert, jams, juices and wine are made from it, ice cream sauces, baking fillings.

Tourists will be invited to try the national dishes — fresh cloudberries on the heated local cheese or berry jelly with milk or cream.

The cuisine of Lapland, the most northern province of Finland, uses raw, steamed and pickled cloudberries.

It is rubbed with cranberries and lingonberries and they are made with sauces and jellies, which are served with venison and venison dishes — the meat becomes soft and gets a delicate flavor.

Berries can be stored in their own juice for up to 1.5–2 months without fermentation.

Then it is good to use them for cooking jelly, stewed fruit, jam, jelly, liqueur, marmalade, wine, toppings for pies and cheesecakes. Sweet porridges with cloudberries are very tasty and fragrant — in order not to interfere with large bones, you can add juice squeezed from it instead of the berry itself.

Mixing 1 l of filtered juice, 4 tbsp. l starch and sugar, you get the original sauce. If you take more sugar — for sweet dishes, less — for meat.

Bring to a boil, stirring well.

100 g of cloudberries contains 3-4 times more vitamin C than the average orange. Cloudberries, ground with sugar or honey, are an excellent fortifying agent. When beriberi forces restore berry puree.

And with a cold — jam (it is no worse than crimson) or a decoction of leaves. Fill the leaves with boiling water (2 tablespoons. Per glass), leave for a couple of hours, mix, strain and add some honey (preferably cloudberry).

Take a quarter of a cup four times a day.

Vodka, infused on cloudberry fruit stems, has an anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect.

In the autumn, when Antonov apples ripen, try to prepare a vitamin drink for the winter: put the washed ripe cloudberries in glass jars with a wide neck, add sliced ​​apples, cover with cold water and refrigerate for 2–3 months (1 kg of cloudberries — 1/4 apples, 10 liters of water, 0.5 cups of sugar).

The drink is served cold, adding sugar to taste.

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