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Cleaning and cooking squid

Boiled squids — a component of many dishes. How to cook a squid carcass so that it is soft and juicy, says the teacher of the School of Clinical Excellence magazine "Deli" chef Konstantin Zhuk

1. With the fingers of one hand, press the squid carcass to the cutting board.

With your other hand, gently remove the skin from the carcass.

2. Cut off from the main body of the carcass "wings" and also remove the skin from them.

3. Remove the clear chitin plates from the carcass.

1. Boil water (about 1.5 liters), add salt and spices to it — bay leaf, peppercorns.

2. Dip the prepared squid carcass into boiling water, cover the pan with a lid and immediately remove from the stove.

3. Wait 10 minutes.

Squid is ready.

Water, gradually cooling down, will not allow the squid to digest, and it will turn out juicy and soft.

Cephalopods — a class of mollusks, which has about 800 species exclusively marine.

Squid is universal: it can be boiled in boiled salted water, cut and added to salads; .

Freezing is traditionally not included in the number of culinary techniques. But this technique is used.

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constantly use this recipe. with the same success. author — appreciation!

Just cooked for this recipe squid.


Soft, juicy.

And do not worry that they digested, because turn off the stove. Cooked them a second time in my life.

So much thanks to the cook for a good recipe!

kamasutra called "cleaning squid" worked for about an hour, for preparing them for the first time. I bought 1.5 kg of frozen carcasses (without a head), made in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, as it was written on the label. the method of cleaning can be said to be classic — scalding boiled frozen carcasses, and then removing the inner and outer films under running cold water. immediately after the scalding, about half of the films were removed, in order to remove the other half of the films, we had to work hard. brewed — according to the recipe: the water boils, throw laurel leaves, pepper, salt into it, then throw the cleaned squid, close the lid and immediately remove it from the stove.

Wait 10 minutes — the dish is ready. Total: the cooked squids smell cool, with something even the smell of boiled crayfish was reminded.

The meat also turned out good: not rubber — soft and juicy. Thanks for the recipe!

Now, however, I am interested in another question: can there be parasites (those that are in fish, etc.) in squid, and is it therefore sufficient for 10 minutes for the carcasses to be in hot water?

How to boil squid for salad?

First and foremost, throw out all these stupid books that teach you to cook squid for 3-5 minutes or more.

Such advisers should be brought to court for false information or intentional sabotage. I am sure that most "dislikes" squid, tried them, cooked in precisely these savage ways.

Take the peeled and thawed squid.

Boil water in a separate saucepan. Add salt, bay leaf, peppercorns to water. In the boiling water one by one, lower the squid.

First drop one.

Quickly count to ten and take out the squid with a skimmer.

Wait until the water boils again, and lower the next squid.

I do not understand how you read.

It is clearly written, put it in boiling water, close the lid and immediately remove it.

What does boil 10min.?

Hello dear cook, very grateful to you for your advice and videos. I came to China, and here there are so many fresh seafood, including squid, but I don’t know how to cook it. The Internet was open, and then Your video was done. I did as they said, everything turned out great, tender squid.

Thank you very much and God bless you!

The first time decided to cook squid. On the Internet, many cooking options. Since everything is known in comparison. 5 carcasses cooked in different ways. One of them on this video. Thank you very much . Delicate squid turned out.

The first time I bought squid, the saleswoman showed how to clean them.

I came home, put them in a bowl, put them under running hot water and decided to look at the Internet again how they were cleaned. When I returned (in 10-15 minutes), they were already waiting for me cleaned, all that was left was to wash them, remove the thin film and take out the chitin, the rest was washed away somehow with water =)

And what does not say that inside the squid? There and milk and caviar (eggs) with it in one copy at a time.

Are they hermaphrodites? searched in nete, you can cook it and eat it and did not find an answer. so what to do with the insides?

How many stupid and inattentive.

The cook clearly said (and showed!): Leave the container after boiling for 10 minutes, and not cook for 10 minutes.

Another thing is that the camera could have been a lot smaller. "to wind", paying attention not to the top of the cook, but to the details of cutting a squid.

Squid seems to be holding the camera.

The whole image floats.

in vain are you so about the turn. the hairs still don’t say anything. A good turn can also be a lot

Thanks to those who left comments, for the first time the squid turned out to be not rubber (did everything according to the advice of a person from Vladivostok :)), I would like to find another good fresh squid.

if the squid was frozen, it is enough to defrost it slightly and the skin is easily removed. Put the squid in boiling water for a maximum of 3 minutes, otherwise you will get the RUBBER!

Not the correct cooking squid!

Squid is prepared so first we fill it with boiling water, separate the skin from the carcass and then boil it in boiling water for 3 minutes so as not to digest the tip of the soda knife at the tip. Squid is ready and everything

why is he so scary as if he is no longer 1 month old

Yes, just 1 minute to simmer and remove from heat.

And then clean it — the skin itself slazit.

And in no case will it be possible to digest a rubber case. It will be rubber. 10 min. — this makes no sense.

I looked at the cook, at his lochma — and he also seemed strange to me, not professional.

Boys are working!

I have been cooking this way for a long time, never working rubber, always soft and juicy!

As I understood, the squid is not cooked at all, but only placed in boiling water, the stewpot is immediately removed from the fire.

Need to try.

A frozen squid is probably better to defrost immediately, and then into boiling water.

Not only "eat", is there.

Where did you get this cook?

To clean the squid from the skin, pour boiling water over it, the skin will slide itself.

Cook squid need 2-3 minutes, otherwise they will be rubber.

After all, this is one protein.

I tried to cook in all possible ways, read on the Internet. except the video that I just saw. All the same, they are rubber. A friend advised me to put in cold water and cook for exactly 40 minutes from turning on the fire. Squid get the most tender.

Gave him cool in the water. in which he boiled. Good too

Later read on the Internet. if you have digested squid, boil it for 40 minutes and it will become soft.

I am a fisherman and I cook constantly freshly caught squid, and as I have not tried, it still remains tough. and the one on the video that is definitely not 1 month and how many times he defrosted another question.

squids are so delicious! And if caught near Japan. You will eat and then it will be possible not to light the light in the evening.

Will shine.

Yes, I want to add that the microwave should be exactly on the defrosting mode, then the squid will not dry, and the cheese will turn into a delicate cream sauce. Squid carcass (it is like a stocking in shape) is cut along one side to form a rectangular "canvas".

Then it is more convenient to spread cheese.

Stumbled upon these comments.

While reading, I almost choked on saliva))) Fortunately, there were 2 carcasses of squid in the freezer, I’m already bursting)) All squid cooks differently because of the quality, the supplier’s country and the size!

I live in Germany. In their stores, garbage!

Small and rubber. Found a cool Asian shop.

Cheap, huge and awesome delicious seafood! This is how I do: The size of a carcass with a man’s palm. I have already been cleared from the store of the dark film, I do not remove the shallow-transparent one.

I boil water (the amount in my opinion does not matter), salt, pepper and laurel.

After boiling water, I throw the carcasses (one at a time) and wait about 50 seconds. Under the cold water (you can longer or short, I like a couple of seconds, I like to eat warm). Then water with lemon juice, take Camembert cheese, bruise, cambozola-cambozola..or something from this opera (something with white mold), spread squid and in the microvella for a minute on the defrosting mode.


Juicy, soft and tasty. P.S.

These are my perversions in food!

And you try it!

did as in the video, the squids are not whitened .. but remained purple (((

Lord, you replace your operator !!

Impossible to watch! And the squid still has the same nasty film inside, which then spoils the whole sensation of tenderness. 🙂

Squid is easy to clean "stocking" from the base to "wings"if the carcass is not completely thawed.

Then the skin is removed in one or two movements. The same with the wings.

If the skin is removed using boiling water — there is a foreign flavor.

I do not cook squid, just pour boiling water over it. 1 kg of squid — one and a half liters of boiling water.

Ready to be in forty seconds, but if you forget, then nothing terrible will happen in 10 minutes.

Khan to my squid, thanks for the advice, but in my case it will not help.

Yes, nonsense!

How can you mock squid?

Boiled for 1 minute maximum and that’s it !! And the meat will be tender and helpful. Why 10 min.

He’ll be discouraged .. I see so many opinions "professionals".. but I do not recommend SO to cook, as in this video.

ha and if to fill in with hot water, then the skin peels down. for me it’s easier to pour.

It is not clear: after scalding with boiling water and cleaning of the remaining films, squid is ready for use ?? or still need to cook a minute?

In order to quickly and without hassle clean squid, lay out (frozen!) Squid in a bowl and pour boiling water over it.

Almost all the skin-film instantly rolled up, and the rest is removed very easily.

To do this, immediately drain the boiling water, and clean the squid under running water, hand separating the remnants of the film.

1. Putting a saucepan or saucepan with water to the fire at the rate of 2-3 squid. 2. While the water is boiling (not salt) my squids and I remove cartilage (I don’t know how they are called correctly) some films are already removed during the washing process. 3. Let go of 2-3 carcasses of squid in boiling water for two minutes from the moment of boiling (I will not diminish the fire). 4. I take out a skimmer from boiling water, let it cool a little or immediately wash it in cold water and cook what I think of, like salad, like stuff, bake with different options — God has mercy, never spoiled it!

Everyone just burst, yes praise!

again from Vladivostok :). and I also know the recipe for stewed squid. simple to ugliness. but delicious. ). as well as stuffed, in our Russian taste.

again from Vladivostok :). To the previous recipe-cap DO NOT cover. I still have sea recipes. and not only with squid. ) wonderful salad with crab (well, now you can with crab sticks). classic. salad of Vladivostok restaurants (Chelyuskin, Golden Horn, recipe for 50 years). who have been with us at least in the eighties, I hope they tried. now there is no such thing (very sadly. exactly that which was presented in Vladivostok restaurants was lost. pity there are no more cooks. who retired due to age. who already went to a better world. there were masters.). simple, elementary. to madness just to prepare. In all my feasts, it is eaten first .. red fish under a red (carrot) marinade (it is not just a great success, with a squeal). It is under the marinade of carrots and beets (slices). Which was served in the Pacific Sanatorium for VIPs. red fish stewed in red marinade in the oven. Pacific herring, canned with onions, finely chopped and seasoned. (the most elementary recipe, and how delicious. Vodka is awesome.) Milks of red fish stewed in soy sauce with onions can be served both hot and snacks (seasoned, cooled even tastier). stewed red fish in its own juice with onions. (the smell of the sea in the dish. on the connoisseur :), but never refusal from the dish was not). cutlets "Gentle" from the rudd. on the side: potatoes stewed in the oven, small onions, fried in oil, and, MANDATORY, salted cucumber, and always barrel. All recipes are elementary in cooking. but, a delicious way out. ) I finish. right there about squid 🙂 Enjoy all the appetite! Eat seafood!

They are tasty and healthy! Men, however, only on the third day! 🙂


Really very tasty it turns out!

again from Vladivostok :). how to cook colmar: squid carcasses are stacked in one row at the bottom of a frying pan or saucepan (cover with a lid!), poured with cold water so that the water would cover the carcass, not more. Everything is put on fire. As soon as the water boils (the first gurglings went), turn the carcass and keep on fire for another half a minute. All cooking is over. Remove and reach from the water.

Scallops are also prepared, after which they can be lightly fried in butter. The product yield in weight is equal to the weight of the bookmark.

The cooking method is very convenient when batch cooking (for example, in a restaurant). Salt should already dish, which uses squid. Squid carcasses, which are further stuffed, just do not need to salt.

Salt is added only to the filling. Try it. I think anyone who loves and appreciates the taste of seafood will like it. 🙂

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