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Classic cheesecake, step by step recipe with photos

  • vanilla sugar — 1 sachet
  • sugar — 1 cup
  • cream cheese — 450 g
  • sour cream (preferably fat, but I took 15%) — 450 g
  • egg — 5 pcs.

Cheesecake, of course, sounds beautiful and fashionable, but in fact it is just a pie or cake, the main component.

Insanely delicious!) Cooked after I tried it already ready.

And now I advise everyone myself. Simple, fast, tasty 🙂

Tell me pzhl. in what form do you need to make a cheesecake?

The recipe is good, but for some reason I haven’t met any chocolate in one recipe, to stabilize and taste. Any cream cheese will work for a cheesecake, I know from personal experience, because I made cheesecake with cremetto cheese.

I always cook a cheesecake according to this recipe, I only put 2 times less sugar, and "top" add or juice of lemon, or berries.

Super recipe!


Yesterday I prepared a cake according to your recipe. Also added honey instead of sugar and lemon juice. It turned out incredibly tasty!

Thank you very much!


Yesterday I prepared a cake according to your recipe. Also added honey instead of sugar and lemon juice.

It turned out incredibly tasty!

Thank you very much!

Absolutely ingenious option !! tried it — like it !! everything was cooked !!

And I also tried to add the juice of 1 lemon and all-sugar sugar-honey 3 tbsp, it also turns out delicious, try it! Thanks for the recipe, it’s great and economical! :))

cooked, my home really liked. and very easy to prepare! thanks for the recipe!

cooked a cheesecake for the first time, very easy to prepare (thanks to the author for the detailed recipe) all products are easily available, the price is very expensive, I advise everyone

I cook for the first time, I decided to calculate how many calories in this delicious cake, so there are about 5200 calories in it)))

Of course, I don’t know what a classic cheesecake looks like in America, but what came out was incredibly tasty!

Everything turned out, everything froze, only the cookies had to be taken more, almost a pound!

Great recipe!

Who has the patience to withstand the cheesecake at the right time in the oven, and then in the fridge — and that turns out delicious! I cooked for the first time — everyone was happy, even the most fastidious ones))

Tell me, is Hochland cream cheese 20% or Almette cream cheese 60%?

very tasty cake only better place sour cream use cream

Very good recipe, I liked the process and the result.

Thanks to the author!

cheesecakes made from Philadelphia or Mascarpone cheeses. but you can use a more economical option, the cream cheese president for example))

I really want to make a cheesecake, but I don’t know what kind of cheese is better, please advise.

Cooked, it turned out delicious.

BUT, firstly it is not clear why he would bake, he is from ready-made ingredients: biscuits, soft cheese, sour cream. And secondly, it turns out very sweet, another time I will try to put less sugar.

A savory cheesecake has its own unique taste, and the less sugar we eat, the better, especially since the cookies are sweet anyway!

Has anyone tried to make unsweetened?

The husband doesn’t like sweets at all, but he has eaten half now constantly asking to cook) In general, it’s unrealistically tasty, thanks for the recipe.

Did with girlfriends!

It turned out incredibly tasty!

Now I bake it constantly.

Awesome delicious. the husband cooked himself, and this is his first experience in preparing a pastry chef, and this result is incredibly tasty.

I really did not like what happened. Ela half ate, the rest had to be thrown away.

Raw dough and it tasted better. I took the freshest products. Only threw money.

Sheer frustration.

More like a bad tasteless cottage cheese casserole.

If it is watery, then it just needs to harden.

I put it in the fridge at night, and in the morning everything is perfect.

was watery. the middle did not bake. stuck in the oven for about 2 hours and turned off for an hour and only after that. ohhh, miracle he got baked and airy!

I got too liquid and did not bake. the stranger is like tiramisu))))

Just some poorly something better to cook here and cheated. And in fact, it is unrealistic delicious cake is obtained.

And it is very simple compared to other recipes for making the same cake.

Very tasty, very gentle!

And most importantly — simply and quickly. Thank you very much for the recipe, I will often cook! ))

Good recipe. It turned out a great cheesecake!

Very tasty, if after baking to put on it the berries from the jam and pour the jam itself. The only thing that should not be on the cake lay out too thick layer of the resulting mass, up to 3 cm is the most — it is better to bake!

I advise everyone!

Great recipe, all right. =)))))

The man, by the way, tried for you the visitors of the site — he was not too lazy to describe the recipe (very accessible), and you addressed him with such a negative (culinary orgy).

Thanks for the good recipe.

and I liked the recipe description. on the contrary, everything is very simple and well described, without any problems 🙂 and the recipe itself is good 🙂 it’s about as much as baking 🙂

everything is simple to the smallest detail, the recipe is clear and easy to prepare.

delusions less to write.

And then who suddenly really need, and then bacchanalilia confectionery.

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