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Classic biscuit, step by step recipe with photos

Biscuit more than any other type of pastry baking, requires careful selection of ingredients, following the order of their preparation and mixing, attention to the choice and preparation of the form, temperature.

This is the easiest recipe for classic sponge cake.

  • 160-180 g sugar
  • 140 g flour
  • 4 eggs
  • seeds of half vanilla pod
  • butter for lubrication
  • salt

The main rule when baking biscuits: do not open the oven door, otherwise the biscuit "will fall".

If possible, do not grease the sides of the mold with oil.

Biscuit rises on a dry side more easily, which means it will be more lush.

Custard — one of the most important pieces in the confectionery business. Custard Recipes.

Few people prepare two hundred pods of biscuit at home. Often, a maximum of four Korzh for one.

Biscuit, a light, tender dough, was invented by French pastry chefs and is essentially the basis for.

Biscuit — a delicate matter.

Everything is important here: the humidity, the creaminess and the aroma. How to cook .

Maestro Alexander Seleznev is convinced that the main mistake in the preparation of biscuit dough is.

It turned out great biscuit (cooked strictly according to the recipe), sugar, three-quarters of a glass. I bake biscuits often, but using this technology for the first time.

Biscuit holds the form without any additives. Thank you so much for the recipe.

This is a real biscuit!

A very bad recipe, I did everything according to comments.

Not the most correct recipe.

If ALL proteins are mixed with yolks and after adding flour — nothing happens. Add to the yolks THIRD of proteins, after the flour.

And then we mix the flour mass into the remaining two thirds of the proteins.

That’s when it turns out as it should. And then using all the proteins at once we burst the foam / bubbles, due to which the dough rises

Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

Very tasty it turns out!

I baked it, but like all biscuits from me — it took sugar crust: (I haven’t tried the taste yet 🙂

Thank you very much) it turned out very delicate and delicious biscuit) did everything according to the instructions)

It turned out a good biscuit. Thanks for the recipe.

Baked in silicone form. Well said butter and sprinkled on top of the decoy

Baked already two times. For the first time everything is strictly according to the instructions, the result is a sweetly sweet, not risen cake.

The second time I read the comments: sugar half a glass, a teaspoon of baking powder, the result is a super cake missed cream.

Thanks for the easy recipe!

Everything is very simple and tasty.

Wonderful recipe!

Little burnt. But the blame itself!

Do not do without baking powder.

Without it rises by 2 cm in the form of 26 cm, with — a thickness of 6 cm is out.

The easiest recipe and the best!

Biscuit turned out airy and very tasty.

Reduced the amount of sugar to 0.5 cups, and after baking soaked with sugar syrup with rum!

added baking powder and everything turned out) baked with a cherry) such a beauty turned out)))

I didn’t have a biscuit ((I can try to bake it in a slow cooker the next time, sorry very much, although I did everything strictly according to the instructions

Everything worked out! Baked sponge cake for the first time.

Sahara added two times less, because in the comments they write that it is very sweet.

The rest is all a prescription. Baked at tempo 180 in an electric oven with convection for 30 minutes. I do not have baking molds, so I used the bowl from the multicooker.

The diameter of the bowl is 20 cm.

The height of the biscuit 5 cm.

Propered evenly, turned out very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

Need to add baking powder

Great! I did it all!

Flour took two mugs of 200 ml, sugar added to proteins in a teaspoon, and separately hammered yolks with sugar. Sugar honestly did not count, but put on the eye, a little, because I do not like much sweet.

In flour added baking powder 1/4 tsp.


You are welcome! Take out the biscuit from the oven and from the mold

A very good recipe, preparing a biscuit for the first time, turned out! Be sure to add vanilla sugar, and then the sharp smell of protein is heard.

Sahara would also advise less, half a glass will be enough.

I advise everyone.

Great recipe!

Everything turned out just super. Form 26 cm, temperature 180, exactly 20 minutes. The oven is electric.

The height of the cake at the edges of 2.5 cm in the center rose to 5 cm. By the end, of course, the tip began to darken greatly, but not critical.

He took it out, cooled it, cut it in half, smeared it with custard, filled it with chocolate icing.

Classic "Enchantress" and even tastier 🙂 I bake cakes from school, soon 30 years from now. What is not baking?

Great recipe.

Thank you so much!

The recipe is super.

The way the biscuit is cut in half: cut along the entire edge of the cake with a knife, take a thread more tightly, lay around the entire cut and tie a knot.

Very tasty))))) add apples. The baby does not tear off. Thank you very much)))))

It turned out, added orange zest. baked at 180 degrees 40 minutes.

Thanks for the recipe.

And I add more nuts, half a glass, you will lick your fingers

Biscuit is very tasty, but very sweet and had to bake not 25 and 35 minutes

Thank you so much for the recipe.

For the first time in her life, she was preparing a biscuit for her birthday party, it turned out amazing the first time!

Beautiful, lush, fragrant! For the cake was preparing two pieces (in the end to get 4 decent layer thickness). The only thing that a little out of prescription made two points.

First, by whipping proteins in front of sugars, some lemon juice survived at the stage of liquid foam and whipped up to medium peaks.

And the second — yolks for a couple of seconds, whisk separately with a whisk and stir in with a spoon. Everything turned out great!

Thanks to the author.

Biscuit turned out to be excellent, although I slightly increased the number of ingredients due to the large shape (26 cm), baked exactly 25 minutes for 180s

So, who writes there, that hands are not growing from that place!

Maybe we will be more tactful and refrain from insults?

After reading rave reviews, I also decided to make a sponge cake.

Preparing really easy, got up and baked it right. And everything would be fine if it were not for one thing: the biscuit turned out to be cloyingly sweet. I could not eat it, but my sweet-hubby husband was in the moment.

I’ll try to cook with less sugar.

Thanks to the author!

Excellent and simple biscuit! Thank you so much for this lovely recipe.

Mistress low bow!

Biscuit chic, made easy, rises perfectly smoothly! Made the same recipe and chocolate, replacing 3 tablespoons of flour with the same amount of cocoa.

In the form of a diameter of 24 cm, the height of each biscuit is 4 cm. Many thanks to the author — now this is the most favorite cake recipe for cakes and pastries!

Cookies — highly recommend.

Thank you so much! I always use this recipe.

Gorgeous biscuit turned out (I have a round shape of 26 cm), thank you. And just in 25 minutes. got ready =)))))

the recipe is normal, it’s your hands that don’t grow from there. I always beat the eggs together and everything rises and cooks

Thank you very much for the recipe!

Everything worked out.

Lush, delicious !! Preparing for the first time))) very happy)))

I want to add that this time is not enough, I baked for about 35 minutes, I checked the readiness with a toothpick.

Biscuit amazing taste, delicate, airy! finally found a sensible recipe! thank!

A little screwed up. When I added flour, I didn’t mix it carefully, but whipped it.

I thought it would not work, but the biscuit turned out super and rose well.

Very tasty and easy to prepare, thanks a lot for the recipe.


Biscuit just a bomb.

Thank you so much.

Biscuit turned out. My form is 22 cm.

Cake in the middle — 6 cm, around the edges of about 4.5 cm. Although the dough tried to level with a spatula when pouring.

Put in a cold oven, put 200 degrees.

Rose very much.

Somewhere in 20 minutes I had to quickly open and put a sheet of foil on top, because the cake was already brown. Also slightly reduced the temperature.

Just baked somewhere 40-45 minutes. Biscuit baked well, turned out very delicate, pleasant yellow color, tastier and better shop.

When whipping proteins, I add a small pinch of salt.

Beat fast and well.


A simple mother’s recipe: 1 glass-kefir, 1 glass-sugar, 2 pieces-egg, 1 teaspoon-soda.

On this cake, we grew up and now I myself cook according to your recipes, my mother praises. Thank you!

Thank you)))) turned out. Hooray! Hooray!!

Yummy !! the main thing is easy and fast.

Thank you very much it turned out the first time, I always had a problem with biscuit and this recipe is super

Even the boys get this dish :)) Although it is not surprising, there is an opinion that men cook better (although here it is possible to argue).

It turned out the first time. even though I and the boy agree with Anya

Normal recipe. The main thing is to whip proteins and gently mix the other ingredients.

Carefully and leisurely minimally disturbing the bubbly air structure.

Well this is not any omelette.

Who does not work — do not write that the recipe is bad, just someone’s hands are not growing from that place) And the recipe is excellent! thank!

Very tasty and quick recipe, thank you so much for it. It always happens, I bake for 20-25 minutes in my oven. But I don’t have time to soak it in, it is eaten instantly =) But the tiramisu with him is simply divine =)

I bake like this: for 1 egg, one st. Spoonful of sugar and flour.

10 eggs, 10 tablespoons. Sahara, 10 st.l.muki.

I scream separately. First yolks (room temp.) +5 l of sugar + vanillin + At the request of cocoa or powdered coffee (granules do not dissolve poorly). All the time, the squirrels are in cold frying, then I whip up the squirrels, don’t immediately add sugar, after 2-3 minutes gradually for a little bit, don’t whip for a long time — they will settle down, then add vbb along the bed. whites in yolks, then flour, too, on the bed. In the hot oven — 160-180 gr. and definitely not 25 min. 40 -55 min.

Do not open the oven! If the door of the oven does not lock, wet the towel tightly and circle around. And during this time the stove (top.

Camphor.) It is better not to use. I define readiness by smell, like the smell of vanilla and baking.

Biscuit cools down on the mesh (if there is no special.

Adaptations can be from the microwave) without drafts. While cooling up 2 vzpuvayu butter, add 2 boiled condensed milk (we love a lot of cream) (you can still kofe) and the cream is ready! Tott sprinkled with tetty chocolate (freeze, it is easier rubbed) And do not forget proppku- syrup. I add brandy or vodka to strong coffee. Enjoy your meal !

Super! This is now my favorite sponge cake! ALWAYS turns out!

True, I don’t know at what temperature and how much I bake))) The stove is old, so it’s about the eye))) But it has never failed me!

Here, for example, for the most classic French biscuit "wife" not only are the eggs whipped, not dividing into white and yolk, they are also heated, and melted butter is added.

So let’s not do categorical and "the only true" statements, please.

This sponge cake is obtained only from separately whipped yolks and cold proteins, whipped into thick foam!

Otherwise — a dense, unbaked cake.

For this it is called "classical" and do not need to invent anything.

You can never separate the whites and yolks, just beat the eggs well first, about 10 minutes then with sugar for 10 minutes, then pour the flour slowly and stirring with a fork up and down, a lush and delicious biscuit cake will come

Thank you very much for the recipe!

Everything turned out fine. I used to whip everything separately, but now I will do that.

Now stands in the oven. I love to cook without tails. I am 12 years old.

Everybody, even friends, call me a little cook. The recipe is really good. Once again, a huge thank you!

Whoever fails, todaruki does not grow there, and he does not know how to cook!

Bad recipe do not cook it

"Head-on" can not.

Only if the microwave with a function "bakery products".

Can I have a microwave?

The recipe is great. Biscuit turns out delicious, high, but baking it min. 40, no less.

The recipe is great. Biscuit turns out delicious, high, but baking it min. 40, no less.

The recipe is great. Biscuit turns out delicious, high, but baking it min. 40, no less.

The recipe is good. Biscuit turned out delicious, but the oven is min.40-50.

Great recipe. I have been cooking this way for a long time, and my grandmother also taught.

But in 25 minutes it’s not exactly baked out.

200 degrees and 25 minutes — the worst advice!

160 -180 degrees, and 35-40 minutes better.

Biscuit turned out very well. No complaints about the recipe.


Yeah, the same thing, the tip burned down and the inside was raw.

Very tasty and easy! Everything turned out 🙂

great recipe! and for those who fail, just the hands are not from there!

Of all the tried and tested biscuit recipes, this one is the best.

It turns out more lush than with a separate whipping of proteins and yolks.

Normal recipe.

You can whisk separately, but still ruin.

Because the recipe is not correct!

It is necessary to whisk the yolks and whites separately.

If the biscuit rose normally, but did not bother, most likely, you simply undereflected it.

If it is too ruddy on top, but still wet inside, you need to cover the form with foil and continue baking.

Biscuit failed! The top just got ready, but not inside

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