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Circassian chickens, step by step recipe with photos

Please note that only marinade is seasoned in this dish, and ready-made chickens are no longer salted and not peppered.

Regarding the use of onions from the marinade there are different positions.

Some believe that there is nothing to throw away the product, and put onions along with the chickens in a saucepan stew.

Others say that the bow has done its job — and why do we need it then?

One way or another, the Circassian chickens turn out to be savory and fragrant, just the right way to serve at the festive table.

  • 2 chicken weighing 500-600 g each
  • 700-800 ml of cream with fat content from 20 to 30%
  • 2 medium onions
  • 200 ml of vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp hot red pepper flakes or 1 fresh chilli pepper
  • Salt

The cream during cooking should not be seething, only occasionally gurgling.

To do this, make the minimum fire, if it does not help — use a divider for a gas stove or a rolled electric ring for twisted foil.

Chicken meat — the most dietary. In addition, chicken fillet is a source of easily digestible.

Stuffed chicken and grilled chicken, chicken with almonds and c. Are perfect for the New Year’s table.

Crispy chicken wings — fried or barbecue — a great beer snack. If you are.

Eugene, hello, I promised an authentic national recipe for this dish.

Made by

Watch "Hedlibzhe, or chicken in cream sauce in the Circassian style (in Adygei, in Kabardian)".

I would appreciate any feedback / comments / criticism. Sincerely, Kasym

Kasim, the editors and authors of our books are not always the same people.

We can not know everything, so in order not to write bad books we hire those who consider themselves specialists.

We are waiting for your recipe.

Thank you, Eugene, for the correct answer. You send me to the source of the recipe, but it is listed as "Deli Books: Caucasian Home Cooking", that is, you yourself are — "Gastronom"therefore I do not see the logic in such a source.

I don’t know where your author grew up, but certainly not in the Circassian (Adyghe) medium, in which this dish is something like borsch for Russian cuisine or bacon for Ukrainian.

To give you an authentic recipe — for me it is now a matter of principle.

It will be necessary only to make a quality photo. Sincerely, Kasym

Dear Kasym! If you look at the source of the recipe, you will see that it is from the book. The book has an author, but in this case there were several of them, each of them is an expert in his own kitchen.

This recipe seemed to us to be quite authentic, nothing far-fetched, quite a popular approach, so I did not cause any doubts. Perhaps, where our author grew up, they prepared in this way.

But if you know another version of this dish, or its history, we are happy to read your recipe.

Dear editors! Who gave you this recipe ?! I am not a conservative by my culinary essence and, of course, with both hands FOR! creativity in the kitchen, but then write "Circassian Chicken — Fusion Version" or "Chicken a la Circassian in modern interpretation" So it will be correct and fair in relation to the old national dish.

In addition to the ingredients, this Circassian chicken recipe has nothing to do with this. Judging by their composition, you wanted to serve the Caucasian, not the Turkish version of the dish with this name. The Caucasian version in the language of the carrier, that is, in the Circassian (Adyghe) language is called: ged-libzha — chicken in sauce.

Sauce on the basis of sour cream (cream) type bechamel, if it will be so clearer.

Not to be unsubstantiated I will post here the other day the recipe of this dish according to a genuinely authentic recipe.

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