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Cider and Calvados in Moscow restaurants

Cider doing in many countries in Europe and North America.

The best known cider is from Of france (Normandy, Brittany, Basque Country) and Of spain (Asturias, Basque Country). There are also farms and companies producing cider in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, the USA and even in Russia.

By the way, in the German-speaking countries, cider is known under the names of «upfelwein» and «bridge».

There are several types of cider, in different countries they are denoted differently.

Types of cider in France. By sugar content: sweet cider (cidre doux, up to 3% vol.), semi-sweet cider (cidre demi-sec, 3-5% vol.), dry cider (cidre sec, not less than 5% vol.) According to the «sparkling» (carbon dioxide content) ciders are not divided into fizzy cider (cidre petillant — carbon dioxide content is not more than 2.5 atm.) And sparkling cider (cidre mousse, cidre bouche — the carbon dioxide content is more than 2.5 atm.), And the sparkling cider is bottled in a champagne type.

There is also a fortified apple cider — pomme (Pommeau).

Pear cider is also produced. poiret (poiré, in English — perry, perry).

Types of cider in Spain. «Quiet» (Sidra Natural Tradicional) poured into small bottles like beer. Fizzy Cider (Sidra Espumosa) bottled like «champagne».

Filtered cider (Sidra de Nueva Expression) bottled wine type.

It should also be mentioned Canadian ice cider (ice cidre), which is made from frozen apples by a technology close to the method of production of eiswein.

Calvados (French apple brandy) is produced only in the French department of Auge.

The drink is produced by double distillation of cider.

Young Calvados, for example Fine — with an exposure time of less than two years, they retain the bright aroma and taste of fresh apples, and their color is light, golden yellow. V.S.O.P. — Calvados, aged for at least four years, — a dark golden color, subtle nuances of oak join to the invigorating fruit notes.

Mature Calvados (HO — with an aging time of at least 10 years, 15 and 20-year-olds) are unusually beautiful — they are already amber, sometimes even light ruby, and in their rich bouquet they catch various tones: baked apple and vanilla, coffee and spices, chocolate and roasted almonds.

In other parts of France and in other countries, strong apple alcohol carries other names — French ov de cidre (eaux-de-vie de cidre), o de vie de pom (eau-de-vie de pomme), the american Applejack (applejack), Slovak apple tree (jablkovice), Bulgarian yablkova (view raki) etc.

Innings. Sweet cider drink with various pastries, pancakes, pancakes, dry combined with game, cheeses and seafood. Young calvados it is customary to drink as an aperitif, digestive or in between meals.

With appetizers and especially main dishes, Calvados is not accepted. It is good in itself and is in harmony only with cheeses, especially with Norman soft: a delicate Camembert, a sharp livaro, a fragrant Pon L’Evek. Calvados Aged drink, as a rule, after a meal, in any case not in one gulp, only in small sips.

However, strong apple drinks «simpler» (apple schnapps or raki) can be drunk in one gulp.

So, what offer us restaurants in Moscow?

Cider "St.Anton" bubbly aged "Extra Brut" (750 ml) — 1200 rubles.
Cider "St.Anton" apple natural dry unfiltered (150 ml) — 90 rub.
Cider "St.Anton" natural semi-sweet apple carbonated (500 ml) — 180 rub.
Cider "St.Anton" natural semi-carbonated "Ruby" (500 ml) — 185 rubles.
Cider "St.Anton" natural semi-sweet carbonated unpasteurized "Honey Color" (500 ml) — 200 rubles.
Cider "St.Anton" natural semi-carbonated "Pear" (500 ml) — 220 rubles.
Cider semi-dry filtered natural carbonated (500 ml) — 230 rubles.
Natural iced natural cider (500 ml) — 400 rub.
Hot cider with calvados with cider liqueur (200 ml) — 280 rub.

Cider "St.

Anton" (semi-sweet with black currant) (330 ml) — 180 rub.

Cider Pear.

Le Per Jules Poiret de Saint-Dezir-de-Lieziers (750 ml) — 2400 rub.

Apple cider.

Le Per Jules Boucher de Saint Dezir de Lisieux (750 ml) — 2600 rub.

Calvados “Reserve des Seigneurs”, Chateau du Breuil Pays d’Auge AOC, 41% vol, Normandy, France (Calvados “Reserve de Seigneur”, Chateau Du Bray, Normandy, France) (50 ml) — 800 rub.
Calvados Fine, Chateau du Breuil, Pays d’Auge A.O.C., 40% vol, Normandy, France (Calvados Fin, Chateau du Bray, Normandy, France) (50 ml) — 400 rub.

Cider Mayador (Asturias, Spain) (330 ml) — 220 rubles.
Calvados Marquis dʻAgsesso XO 10 years (50 ml) — 530 rubles.
Calvados Domain Familial L. Dupont 1985 (50 ml) — 680 rubles.
Calvados "Venerable" Roger Gult 20 years (50 ml) — 950 rubles.

Calvados Pere Magloire Fine (50 ml) — 400 rub.
Calvados Pere Magloire X.O. (50 ml) — 810 rubles.

Calvados Marquis d’Aguesseau VSOP (50 ml) — 390 rubles.

Aspall Cyder draft cider, Great Britain (330/500 ml) — 200/250 rub.
Bottle cider Aspall Cyder, UK (500 ml) — 250 rubles.

Calvados Marquis d’Aguesseau XO 20 y.o. (Calvados Marquis d’Agusso XO 20 years) (50 ml) — 1800 rubles.
Calvados "Venerable" Roger Groult (Calvados "Venerable" Roger Gruhl (50 ml) — 980 rub.
Calvados Coeur de Lion Selection (Calvados Ker de Lion Seleccion) (50 ml) — 370 rubles.

Calvados Daron Fain.

Pei d’Ozh (50 ml) — 940 rub.
Calvados Daron H.O.

Pei d’ozh (50 ml) — 1100 rub.
Calvados Lemorton 1984 (50 ml) — 1200 rub.
Calvados Lemorton 1964 (50 ml) — 2250 rubles.
Calvados Pey d’ozh «Duen d’Azh» 40 years (50 ml) — 1840 rubles.

Calvados Per Magular V.S.O.P. (50 ml) — 290 rubles.

Calvados Per Magloire Fain (50 ml) — 390 rubles.
Calvados Per Magloire VSOP (50 ml) — 450 rub.
Calvados Per Magloire XO (50 ml) — 750 rub.

Calvados Les Pere Jules 3 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 450 rub.
Calvados Lecompte 5 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 550 rub.
Calvados Chateau du Breuil 8 Ans.

Reserve de la Chatelaine.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 600 rub.
Calvados Lecompte 12 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 780 rubles.
Calvados Lecompte 15 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 1100 rubles.
Calvados Venerable Roger Groult 20 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 1160 rubles.
Calvados Chateau du Breuil XO.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 1250 rub.
Calvados Lecompte 20 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 2050 rubles.
Calvados Lemorton 1970 Millesime.

Domfrontais (50 ml) — 2100 rub.
Calvados Boulard 1981 Millesime.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 2040 rubles.
Calvados Chateau du Breuil 15 Ans. Pays d’Auge.

Frouzen Apple (50 ml) — 2150 rub.
Calvados Lemorton 1964 Millesime.

Domfrontais (50 ml) — 2250 rub.
Calvados Chateau du Breuil Royal 35 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 2450 rub.
Calvados Lemorton Rarete 60 Ans.

Domfrontais (50 ml) — 3950 rub.
Calvados Reserve Ancestrale.

Roger Groult 50 Ans.

Pays d’Auge (50 ml) — 4550 rub.

Cider Kerisak sweet (150 ml) — 140 rubles.
Cider Kerisak Brut (150 ml) — 140 rub.
Cider Kerisak Brut traditional (150 ml) — 140 rubles.
Cider Soul de Longevill Agril Rouge, Antoinette, Cru Grou OE (150 ml) — 170 rub.
Calvados Pierre Maglois (50 ml) — 280 rub.

Apple cider (Brut) (0.3 l) — 230 rubles.

Apple Cider OAK Conditioned (0.5 L) — 250 rub.
Apple cider Stowford Press (1 l) — 450 rub.

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