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Choosing the oven

The first question that arises when choosing an oven for your kitchen: gas or electric. In apartments and houses, where you can get from 2 to 4 kW of electricity for your kitchen without any problems, more and more housewives are opting for electric ovens.

They are much more practical and convenient, offer more diverse cooking programs and allow you to more accurately control them.

Gas ovens, despite the fact that they are cheaper to buy and more economical in their work, are used either by habit or where with electricity (with the necessary voltage and power) is very tight, or in places where it is much more expensive than gas.

A definite plus is that they can work from domestic gas cylinders, and if you want to surprise your friends with cakes in the middle of the field, then, of course, a gas oven is your choice.

Another important point: built-in oven or «solo».

A separate unit is probably more solid and, so to speak, more respectable. It is immediately obvious that the preparation of food in this house gives their due and not the last place.

And, of course, if you like to change the kitchen layout frequently, it will be easier with a “solo”.

Built-in appliances are more practical — at least you will need to wash fewer square centimeters of oven surfaces. It can be placed at any level convenient for you.

Yes, and places in the kitchen for «just sit» she leaves more.

Let’s move from form to content. Some of the most popular «stuff»: spit, retractable trolley and thermal probe. The latter is proposed to be inserted, for example, in a piece meat and monitor the temperature inside on the screen of the external display.

The cart is a baking sheet on rollers, and the spit rotating barbecue in the presence of heating coils below and above and the circulation of hot air inside, it is intended, probably, to completely turn the hostess’s head.

But jokes are jokes, and a modern oven is a complex, clever and useful thing, designed to make life as easy as possible.

Take the heating modes.

The most common are: lower heat, upper heat, grill, combined cooking, steaming, low heat cooking, etc.

Many models have a defrost function.

As for the intelligence of the most modern ovens, then to describe its capabilities can sometimes not be enough own. More than 100 automatic programs for cooking baking, of bread, meat, game, fish allow you to make a mistake in choosing the time and temperature. True, the programs are available only to ovens with an external display, on which they are first set, and then additional hints are displayed.

In the German oven Gaggenau BS 251-130 there are even “juice extraction” and “sponge preparation” modes. The Swiss combined steam cabinets Küppersbusch Combi-Steam SL, EKDG 6900 and others are ready to both bake and steam.

However, they are able to independently regulate the temperature of the inside of the product.

For even distribution of heat (convection) inside both expensive and medium-priced ovens there is a fan and often a ring heater. This makes it possible to bake dishes on several opponents at the same time and equally qualitatively.

Also, the convection mode is perfect for drying mushrooms and fruits, making meringue and marshmallows.

But the electronic humidity control in the oven can be found only in expensive models of the brand Miele.

The 21st century oven makers have much to be proud of in their technical design. So, for easy access, the opening angle of the door for models of the same Gaggenau is increased to 180 ° C, while it can open left, right or, like most models, down. For smooth closing, an automatic shock absorber can be installed, like in Miele H 5461, — this door will close tightly, but will not pinch your fingers.

Inside there is often bright and contractual halogen lighting from above and to the side.

Separately, it must be said about security. The “child protection” function is the ability to lock all the functions of the device with one button. The lock is released when pressed again within a few seconds.

The main thing is to know where to click. A special fan, driving cool air through special cavities around the perimeter of the oven, cools the case, the door and the electronics.

The door often has double or even triple glazing.

As an example: 3 glasses with crystal thermo-reflection in Electrolux and Siemens or 4 glasses with thermal insulation in Gaggenau BO 270-130.

Cooking, but you also need to wash the dishes.

And here manufacturers took care of our convenience. A hand with a damp cloth inside the oven is allowed, but this option is undesirable, because we have progress in the yard and in the kitchen.

Consider the automatic options.

Pyrolytic cleaning is considered the most effective. The temperature inside the plate rises almost to 3000 degrees.

With this heat, all the fat and any contamination turns into ashes, which are then easy to remove. The method is very effective, but expensive. First, only high-quality modern materials, tempered glass doors, reliable electronics and security systems that block the door and automatic during this hell can withstand such a temperature.

Secondly, a lot of electricity is spent during the process, which takes up to one and a half hours. Thirdly, all this is accompanied by smoke and smell, which special filters, catalysts and exhaust systems must catch and remove.

In Miele, for example, platinum is the active substance of the catalyst. This can not affect the price. Of course, such procedures are not carried out every day, but the system itself is quite expensive.

Oh, and do not forget to take out all the pans, if they «live» in the stove, and then there will be a lot of ashes.

Another, more «human» method is catalytic. The internal panels in the oven are covered with special fine-porous enamel, which has the property of absorbing fat and splitting it into carbon and water at a temperature of 200 to 300 degrees. That is, the whole process takes place directly during cooking.

Not very effective, but life makes it easier.

A rag has to be worn less often, and even then it’s mostly at the bottom of the oven, where fat is mostly drained. Usually, only the back and side walls of the oven are coated with catalytic enamel.

After 5 years, it loses its properties, so many manufacturers produce interchangeable panels.

All the leading manufacturers constantly work with the enamel of the brass stoves, improving and improving their absorbing, cleaning or, on the contrary, properties that completely reject pollution. Bosch has a oven with a new kind of interchangeable panels, developed using nanotechnology and called EcoClean.

Gorenje offers the Aqua Clean automatic de-pollution system, while Siemens offers ecoClean-coated panels and activeClean self-cleaning doors.

There is a choice, it remains to think and pay.

It is time to write legends about the design of modern ovens. In whatever style your kitchen is decorated — whether it be modern, retro or eclectic — you will surely find a suitable oven for the design.

Connoisseurs of the classics will not pass by the Italian brand Restart and the Double Chef — Nostalgie brand Ilve: doors in the color of brass, copper and anthracite, handles and semi-antique accessories.

At the same time the most modern technology inside.

The kitchen unit MCS-120 from ILVE (up to seven rings and two ovens) is made in country style.

If you like bright colors, you should pay attention to cherry Nardi Fea-5704, emerald green Ilve 600C-MP or blue Restart ELF005gVN.

The most universal models are Siemens HB, Ilve 600 C-MP and the like of stainless steel with frosted black glass.

An important role in the design is played by the backlight, which creates a peculiar accent: a blue, greenish or yellow-white luminous spot.

Siemens uses Soft Light technology: the backlight gradually intensifies after turning on the oven and slowly goes out after turning off. A simple, but no less stylish solution — mounted metal swivel
switches with ring illumination.

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