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Chokeberry, black chokeberry, chokeberry: recipes

Collection season chokeberry comes in September-October.

It’s time to collect it and prepare: from chokeberry prepare liqueurs, jam, jam, compote, jelly, marmalade, berries can be cleaned with sugar, dried or frozen.

You can prepare and juice of chokeberry. All this diversifies your menu, but not only.

Billet of blackfruit — an excellent contribution to health: from which only problems it does not help get rid of!

The secret is in its unique composition.

The whole complex of vitamins, which is contained in the black wolf — a complete alphabet! — listing doesn’t even make sense. Suffice it to say that it contains a huge amount of vitamin C, and also vitamin R. The latter is sometimes also called “vitamin C2”, because the complex of bioactive substances contained in it is able to partially compensate for the deficit of ascorbic acid in the body. That is, in fact, the black chokeberry is even more useful for immunity and general tone than blackcurrant or citrus fruits.

After all, vitamin P in it is 4 times more than in currants, and in 20 — than in oranges and apples!

In addition to these guardian immunity vitamins, arion contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, which support the health of our nervous system.

And vitamin E and beta carotene are indispensable in the fight against aging.

A Chernoplodka is not as sweet as other berries, and you don’t eat much of it, unlike strawberries, for example. Moreover, the sugars contained in it do not load the pancreas. Therefore, black chokeberry is not contraindicated for diabetics, on the contrary, recent studies prove that this autumn berry has a positive effect on the work of the entire endocrine system.

Regular intake of this berry (in almost any form) helps to lower blood sugar.

This is an indispensable element for the normal operation of our digestive tract. It regulates the process of digesting food, promotes the secretion of bile and improve digestion, normalizes appetite, improves the state of microflora. Pectin, like a brush, cleanses the intestines from the inside, including from harmful microorganisms, and from heavy metals (and there are enough of them in the body due to our unsuccessful ecology).

Blackberry berries and juice are recommended to be taken for gastritis — but only with a reduced secretory function, since the black april increases the acidity of the stomach.

And it stimulates the liver — it has been proven by scientists.

Chokeberry is often recommended for vascular disorders. This is because there is an ideally tuned complex of biologically active substances that strengthen the blood vessels.

And as a treatment, and for the prevention of hypertension and atherosclerosis, blackfruit juice is prescribed (can be mixed with other berry and fruit juices).

There are also a number of diseases associated with increased vascular permeability — for example, vasculitis, eczema, measles, scarlet fever.

In the course of the disease, and after it during the period of rehabilitation, the wolfberry will be indispensable.

Regular use of juice and black chokeberry berries strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves their elasticity and elasticity.

Another of its useful properties is the improvement of the blood composition. For example, it regulates coagulability, therefore it is good for bleeding of the most diverse origin (there is a lot of vitamin K in the black worm, which «thickens» blood).

It also helps to increase hemoglobin levels, but lowers the content of bad cholesterol.

There are chokeberry and contraindications.

It should not be eaten by those who suffer from gastritis with high acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and constipation.

Chronically low blood pressure (hypotension) and increased blood clotting (for example, a tendency to thrombophlebitis) are also among the contraindications.

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