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Chocolate roll without flour

Each hostess in the stock has a recipe for a sweet dish from the series "when guests are on the doorstep".

This may be a cupcake, cake or dessert, but very rarely — a cake.

And all because the cake involves and the dough, and cream, and the time for soaking the first second.

My favorite choice in this situation is a chocolate roll with whipped cream.

I know for sure that it takes only an hour to prepare it from the moment when I decide to cook it, until the moment when the first slice can be cut.

Well, the maximum hour is fifteen, if the mixer has to get from the mezzanine.

The list of products is also not long, and there is nothing exotic in it.

Chocolate, eggs, sugar, a little brandy or rum, a spoon of coffee — can be instant — and heavy cream. All this is usually in the refrigerator or in the buffet.

And even the scales will not be needed — a rare occasion for baking!

What do you need:
on a baking tray measuring 45×35 cm with low sides

7 eggs
150 g of chocolate with a cocoa content of 55-75%
2 tbsp. spoons of finely ground or instant coffee
2 tbsp. spoons of sugar
2 tbsp. spoons of brandy or rum or coffee liqueur

For cream:
500 ml cream with a fat content of at least 30%
2-3 art. spoons (or to taste) fine sugar or powdered sugar
1-2 tsp of vanilla liqueur or vanilla sugar or brandy / rum / liqueur

What to do:
1. Cover baking sheet with baking paper. Heat oven to 180 C.

2. Break the chocolate into pieces or cut with a knife-knife, transfer to a heat-resistant bowl, add coffee and melt on the steam bath or in the microwave (30 seconds at maximum power, stir, 30 more seconds. Repeat if necessary).

If the chocolate is melted on a steam bath, make sure that not a drop of water gets into the chocolate — it can curl up.

Once the chocolate is melted, remove the bowl from the bath.

3. Divide the eggs into whites and yolks.

Add the yolks to the melted chocolate, add the brandy. Beat whites with sugar until resistant peaks.

Put about a third of the proteins into the chocolate mixture, mix with a silicone sock.

Add the remaining proteins and mix so that the mass becomes uniform chocolate, but does not lose airiness.

4. Put the dough on a baking sheet, smooth it.

Put in the oven for 15-18 minutes.
Readiness is defined as follows: the dough will be covered with a film, but will “breathe”, i.e. seem unprotected.

However, if you lift the edge of the paper, it will move away from it.

5. Remove the baking sheet from the oven, drag the paper with the baked cake onto the wire rack, cover with paper towels and moisten them with water, sprinkle with a spray bottle (or soak with cold water disposable wipes made of nonwoven fabric, wring out and put on the cake).

6. While the cake is cooling, whip the cream with sugar and vanilla tincture.

7. Remove the napkins from the cake, put it on the table.

Grease with about half of the cream and, lifting the edge of the paper, roll up the roll.

Korzh can crack a little, do not pay attention!

8. Grease the surface of the roll with the remaining whipped cream and place on a long dish or decorative board.

Serve immediately, but you can put in the refrigerator until the desired moment.

And even if "something goes wrong", guests will not be left without dessert! If the cake is overcooked so that it is not rolled up, cut it into three strips and fold them one by one, sandwiched with cream — there will be a rectangular cake.

If the cake is under-treated (hurried to get it, anything can happen), arrange it in glasses, add frozen cherry or black currant, or peeled orange slices and decorate with whipped cream.

And no one would even think that something else was intended!

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