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The word «chocolate» comes from the Aztec «chocolatl», which means «bitter water».

This bitter water — the prototype of European hot chocolate — was made by the Aztecs from cocoa beans, and they, in turn, were removed from the fruits of the cocoa tree.

The word «chocolate«Comes from the Aztec»chocolatl«, What means «bitter water«.

This very bitter water — the prototype of European hot chocolate — was made by the Aztecs from cocoa beans.

The source of chocolate is the cocoa tree.

It grows exclusively near the equator (not further than 20 ° north or south latitude) — in Ghana, Malaysia, Brazil, and the small African country Côte d’Ivoire has become the largest supplier of cocoa beans to the world market.

There are three types of wood: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. Trees cryollo — rare and whimsical, their beans are the most expensive, with a subtle rich aroma, they make delicious chocolate varieties.

Trees forastero — the most common, it is from them that make the sweets that we eat every day.

Trinitario — A hybrid of criollo and forastero, it does not grow too well and did not receive much distribution in the world.

The fruits of the cocoa tree look elegant, look like a melon with pointed ends, ribbed, bright — from pale yellow to red-lilac and dark orange color (however, chocolate is obtained from colored fruits of low quality, the best chocolate is extracted from green fruits).

Inside the fetus — cocoa beans, 30-40 purple grains without the slightest smell of chocolate. To make a kilo of chocolate, you need an average of five hundred beans.

From each tree, no more than fifty fruits are harvested per year, often manually, and it remains only to be surprised that chocolate is so cheap.

Fruits are cut from branches with special knives attached to long sticks, cut, take out the pulp along with the beans and shift in this form into baskets. There, covered with leaves, the beans will stay for several days.

In wet, hot climates, the flesh quickly disappears, and the beans are fermented.

Fresh grains not only have no chocolate smell, they also taste rather nasty, very bitter and “knit”. Fermentation in a miraculous natural-chemical way transforms them.

Then the beans are cleaned of pulp, dried in the sun, packed and shipped overseas.

At a chocolate factory, beans are peeled, fried (it is during the roasting process that they acquire chocolate flavor) and crushed. As a result, heating is released cocoa oil, and after crushing — cocoa powder (the basis of a wonderful drink).

Oil and powder are thoroughly mixed: the better this is done, the tastier the chocolate.

Depending on what is added to this mixture, it turns out a certain sort of chocolate.

If only vanilla (vanilla) and a little bit of sugar, it will be bitter chocolate — the content of cocoa beans in it is usually more than 60%. If you add sugar and milk, milk (25-32% cocoa).

But in the white chocolate cocoa powder is not at all — only butter.

Initially, the Europeans knew chocolate exclusively as a rather bitter drink made from ground cocoa beans.

In the 17th century, vanilla and sugar were not added to it, and chocolate immediately became the most popular delicacy.

In 1662, the Vatican officially proclaimed that the sweet liquid can be consumed during fasting, which made the whole of Europe happy.

The revolutionary changes in the chocolate industry occurred in the XIX century. It was then that milk chocolate, chocolate with nuts was invented and, most importantly, a chocolate bar that can be stored for several months at a low temperature (up to 10 ° C).

And in the cold — even more.

At the North Pole, tiles dropped by travelers from the team of Edward Toll lay in permafrost for sixty years and did not deteriorate at all. Those who found them are still alive …

Many people believe that the more cocoa beans in chocolate, the better it is.

This is not quite the case.

A good chocolate should have a lot of cocoa butter.

Fragrant and delicate cocoa butter is very expensive — and it is often replaced with other, much cheaper vegetable fats, which at best have neither taste nor smell (and the resulting surrogate is also called chocolate).

You can be almost sure if someone has heard the name of the ancient god Quetzalcoatl, he knows and.

Chocolate ice cream is a wonderful dessert. It is easy to cook at home, if available.

Of course, you can eat cookies and chocolate separately, but, as they say, the pleasure is doubly.

Chocolate muffins are a win-win for homemade tea. Cooking is pretty easy.

The expression “handmade” in relation to chocolates seems inexpressibly sublime,.

Melted chocolate in a water bath is a good basis for fondue or cream. This is the most.

Chocolate fondue is a relatively young dish. It first appeared in the United States in 1966, but already.

How depressing it was in Europe more than five hundred years ago! The inhabitants of the Old World had no idea about.

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