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Chkmeruli (garlic chicken in Georgian), step by step recipe with photos

  • 1 chicken (I have a weight of 1.5 kg)
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 12-14 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper (I still sprinkled with seasoning for poultry)

Source: Chkmeruli’s Georgian Home Cooking Book (Georgian garlic chicken) is a fairly simple recipe, with a set of products that are always at hand.

The garlic aroma and amazing taste of chicken will amaze even gourmets.

The dishes of Georgian cuisine fit into our menu so organically that we sometimes forget that their homeland is.

In order to cook the chicken as a whole, a chicken weighing 450 g and an enormous weight bird will do.

It would seem that it could be easier than to bake a chicken in the oven? It is enough to warm up the oven,.

As soon as the time for ceremonial feasts comes, I remember a lot of festive chicken dishes.

It is possible that this is not chkmeruli. But today she cooked according to this recipe and the chicken turned out to be unmatched!

Appreciated all!

What to change? It seems they have already figured out everything

Elena, hello, correct, please, the amount of garlic specified in your recipe.

Elena, please forgive me for excessive sharpness. In matters of cooking, I often skurpulёzna to arrogance, and chkmeruli just one of my favorite and signature dishes.

Of course, nothing needs to be deleted, just need to be fixed if there is such an opportunity.

I apologize for misleading you and looking badly at your notes.

She took the recipe from Diana http://diana-nagornaya.livejournal.com/38176.html, and she has an imprint that the source of this book, because I was firmly deposited, that she took from the book (I have it, yes)) ) Kulbit memory such turned out))) Garlic so much, because in the book the weight of the seed is 500-700 g, and I have 2 times more chickens, that’s why there are 2 times more garlic.

I think the amount of garlic does not cause any misunderstandings in this case on the fact of the weight of the chicken. I can just delete the recipe

Dear Elena, how do you not know?

If you took the recipe from this book, please reread it more closely. Chkmeruli — the recipe on page number 152. Chicken in the Tinatin Mzhavanadze recipe is fried in a pan under the yoke from both sides, poured with a sauce based on water, garlic and salt, and cooked under the lid or in the oven.

Not to mention the fact that in this recipe the amount of garlic is two times less than yours, in particular from 5 to 7 cloves depending on the size of the chicken. And this is the easiest, so to speak basic version of chkmeruli.

For more saturated "Georgian" taste in the sauce is often recommended to add green pepper, cilantro or tarragon.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it, because the recipe is taken from the book of the Deli Georgian home cooking, written by Tinatin Mzhavanadze. Nothing from myself did not put (((

Forgive me, please, but this dish has the same attitude to the chkmeruli as the famous Provencal chicken baked with 40 cloves of garlic 🙂 That is, a killer amount of garlic, which, by the way, is not required in the authentic chkmeruli.

In this recipe, the chicken is pre-pickled in Georgian (and this is very important!) Adzhika, first fried in a pan under the yoke, and then cut into portions and poured with pre-cooked garlic-milk sauce (some Georgians do not add milk, the sauce is made on water) a little time baked in the oven to soak in flavors. So, do not mislead the people please 🙂

This is nonsense, chkmeruli cooked in a skillet.

I confirm — 12 cloves of garlic and the dish is spoiled.

Only 14 and not a little less!

That was sarcasm?

There were only 11 cloves of garlic, I thought it was okay.

As a result, the dish is spoiled, thrown into the trash.

Remember, only 14 cloves!

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