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Chicory: the benefits and harm, useful properties, recipes, coffee from chicory

Chicory: the benefits and harm, useful properties, recipes, coffee from chicory

Coffee from chicory — the horror of childhood, a cheap drink that people drank for poverty and because of the scarcity of the assortment of Soviet stores, well, like carrot tea in the war.

And now it’s the other way around: many are really carried away chicory, by free will.

Chicory It has long been known as a coffee substitute. But again: if before it was drunk mainly because there was no normal coffee in our stores, now it is drunk with pleasure and for love.

From the section of diabetic and dietary coffee products from chicory migrated to the shelves with a «status» range.

Selection of drinks based on chicory is great, and for the sake of improving and enriching the taste, manufacturers produce soluble chicory with various additives — sea buckthorn, lingonberries, blueberries, cinnamon, dogrose.

There is packaged chicory — it can be brewed like tea, but there is chicory ground.

Polina Vlasova, Bild Editor gastronom.ru: “I drink chicory because there is no caffeine in it.

And along with cream and sugar to taste, it resembles coffee or cocoa, which I like, but because of the poor tolerance of caffeine I cannot drink. ”

Elena Ilyina, Head of the company’s naming department Lexica: “I used to drink chicory before, because everyone around was talking about the benefits of a drink.

I even tried to give it to a child. But the coffee from chicory did not take root, it does not have such a richness of taste as that of coffee, it does not invigorate and does not create a sincere atmosphere.

When they began to make coffee from chicory with different additives, I diminished my confidence in it and, having sacrificed benefit, I returned to natural coffee. ”

First of all, coffee from chicory made from dried roots chicory ordinary (not to be confused with salad chicory — this is a different species, and its culinary use is quite another). Chicory — wild-growing plant with pale blue flowers. To your taste chicory resembles coffee, but it does not contain caffeine.

therefore chicory Drink those who are contraindicated coffee — someone from coffee increases the pressure.

Ekaterina Gurova, project coordinator gastronom.ru: “I like the taste of chicory. They write that it invigorates and helps with many diseases.

Therefore, I drink in order to find this vigor and recover from all diseases.

And they write that it contains vitamins and trace elements, which are shown in my illness. «

Plant chicory — a storehouse of usefulness. The roots chicory contain chicorin, inulin, choline, proteins, fats, pectin, vitamins C, B1, E, fat, gum, essential oil, gum, tannins, mineral salts and a large number of trace elements.

To some extent, and coffee from chicory can be considered as a healing drink.

Natalya Balynina, Editor section «Health» site gastronom.ru: “The chicory contains a polysaccharide inulin — based on it produces preparations of complex action.

Among the declared effects is the normalization of intestinal microflora: inulin is able to increase the amount of lacto-and bifidobacteria necessary for healthy digestion, that is, it is a prebiotic.

In addition, inulin supplements are recommended as absorbents for the course of detoxification of the body. ”

Sometimes they say about harm to chicory.

The fact is that if you use it excessively and every day — over time you can get excessively swollen vessels.

In addition, do not forget about chicory drinking time. In the morning in small doses it will be a tonic and invigorating agent.

And in the evening, chicory can help calm the nervous system over-excited during the day.

In Europe chicory drinks popular for a long time, there chopped roasted root chicory is added to coffee. Children cook chicory drink with milk or cream. Estonia is preparing egg coffee and put chicory in fruit tea.

And in Latvia they cook cold drinkto from the chicory root with the addition of honey, lemon and apple juice.

Chicory good to drink with milk, as it improves the absorption of milk four times.

However, this is not all. Ground chicory can be added to baked goods, especially in cupcake dough.

A few teaspoons chicory It is necessary to dilute in a small amount of water or milk, and it is better to sift together with flour, or add to the oil-egg mixture.

Ground chicory will give baking a nutty flavor..

Marianna Orlinkova, deputy chief editor of the magazine Gastronom: “Once I saw, like all, instant coffee.

When a beloved man told me: "What do you drink this stuff? Let me make you some normal coffee."- I always refused. Because "normal" Real coffee — in cezve or espresso — I wanted at another time.

And from instant coffee, I got hot black bitterness, which for some reason is needed by my body.

I have never added sugar or milk to it.

And a couple of years ago in our pontic supermarkets appeared nice and not too expensive French jars — chicory. A beautiful jar is half the job for sale. I bought, tried.

Perfectly dissolving drink with a pleasant aroma — nothing to do with coffee, well, fine. Hot. The black.


No more instant coffee any more. ”

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