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Chickens tobacco step by step recipe with photos

Chicken tobacco — a dish of Georgian cuisine does not require a long preliminary preparation, it is quite easy to prepare and do not have to be served with a side dish.

In addition, thanks to a special cooking method, the meat of the chickens becomes very tender.

  • chick
  • butter — 2 tbsp.
  • garlic — 4 cloves
  • 8 black peppercorns
  • lemon
  • salt

How to cook chicken wings depends on whether you are cooking at home or outdoors, whether it is.

Kharcho (Georgian ხარჩო) is a Georgian meat dish, with an average density between soup and stew, p.

You can read a lot of tips and advice on how to cook chicken lula, and suffer full.

Chicken tobacco — not quite the correct name of this beloved Georgian dish. .

How to cook chicken breast so that it remains juicy, soft, fragrant, and not overdried as.

Every housewife knows how to cook chicken pate. But what is hidden under this name is well known.

All anything, only this recipe chicken taPaka.

Light, please do not post direct links to other sources.

you can still cook it, also very tasty.

No one of you was ready for the tobacco chicken campaign. answer somebody when he gets reddened and roasted how to turn him over. go for it. or whatever you eat meat. hunger is not an aunt.

I read all these recipes, including Georgian ones, and it became depressing. Where are our great chefs — veterans who know what chicken is? "tapak"!

No chickens!

The main condition for the subject of frying is necessarily the male chicken (cockerel) that has not reached puberty! Everything else — the lyrics.

Fried in a pan "tapes" or in a similar variant (a frying pan with a load in a frying pan with a chicken), Does not turn over, is fried only from the back, in this variant it remains juicy. No hammering, especially pickling with pepper, garlic and lemon.

This completely discourages the taste of the bird. Fry only in butter or ghee, slightly rubbing with salt for no more than 15-20 minutes. Garlic sauce in a deep bowl, sliced ​​lemon, ground pepper, greens, pita — served on the table separately, to taste.

And further. Woodcocks or grouse in sour cream is a classic!

But white sauce or sour cream to the chicken. And the main thing. NEVER a person who respects his stomach will not cook meat or poultry in vegetable oil, because it is a preparation of poison. Vegetable oil only for salads, sauces and frying fish.

Even seafood is cooked on cream or ghee.

But is it interesting from which side to start frying — from the back, or from the inside?

My wife fries back, I — on the contrary. constantly arguing.

In fact, chicken is a tobacco, and it is more correct to say “tapak” is an authentic Georgian dish. For its preparation you need a small chicken-chicken, weighing 600-800g and special dishes — a tapak pan, with a heavy flat lid of two or three kilograms of weight. Before the hot chicken, be sure to rub it with salt and seasoning, sometimes pickled in vinegar or lemon juice, then fry.

Kurchonok turns out to be very fragrant, zazharistym, with a garlic-spicy taste, it is for this piquancy that you fell in love with it. This dish is Georgian, so it should be served accordingly with adjika, garlic sauce, plenty of greens and fresh vegetables.

Here I bought the chickens and decided to cook them according to this recipe! I hope that it will be delicious.

It is not very clear where in the chicken there is a lot of fat, but if there is, drain a part when turning it over.

But not in the sink, please!

Dear experts. Cooked many times in a special pan. There is one incomprehensible moment.

After 10–15 minutes frying appears in the pan, a lot of fat.

What to do with it, merge or leave?

Chicken enough to salt and popcrchit (black pepper), do not add garlic under any circumstances. But for the chicken it is necessary to prepare the sauce: 1 \ 2 tomato paste, 1 \ 2 sour cream, crush the garlic there (do not regret it) and who loves a little more red pepper, mix everything. Eat slices of meat.

Try it, you will not drag it away.

If a delicious chicken, it turns out very tasty — the pure taste of a natural product!

The main thing is the quality of the original product!

da korochka hrustit. da kak ranshe. no blyudo kakoeto primitivnoe po vkusu. navernoe dificit i otsutstvie raznoobrazijs v sovetskoe vremja delali ego vkusnee)))

Cooked everything according to the recipe (except for lemon, it did not add it at all), it turned out very tasty with an appetizing crispy crust!

Thanks for the recipe.

As for lemon juice, I would advise you not to sprinkle them at the end, but apply lemon juice at the time of rubbing with garlic, pepper and salt.

I will explain. when we use lemon juice before heat treatment, then as a result, chicken meat turns out much juicier. But if after, then to a greater extent it gives the chicken spice)))

I don’t believe that you can make real tobacco without a special frying pan with a press. There are no such pans on sale now.

We do in the Soviet.

Guest December 31, 2010: Further comments explain everything correctly. The crust depends on the fire.

We must first fry at the maximum.

how to make a crust crisp?

We adore chickens of tobacco, garlic, with a crisp.

It is important to fry well, do not rush to turn!

I fry not for 15, but for 20 minutes on each side.

And it’s good not only to rub garlic, but also to stuff it.

Rubbed still burned for the most part.

The author forgot to say about the level of fire on the stove, the fire should be a little more than the average (somewhere 70%). Heat the oil until smoke appears (so the chicken will not stick to the frying pan and the skin will remain whole) and not unimportantly about oppression. I put 8-12kg roasted better.

I did everything according to the recipe, the chickens turned out to be damp. I put it in the oven, but the crust is no longer crunchy ((

It should be tasty and without lemon juice, and lemon juice can be added to tomato sauce. The beauty of the Chickens — tobacco fried crust and in its own juice, which is preserved under the crust.


Somehow it usually happened. I do not understand what the charm of tobacco chickens

Everything turned out, only you have to be careful with lemon juice)

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