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Cherry Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes, incredibly popular in our country in recent years.

They cost more than usual, but their amazing taste more than justifies the difference in price.

Cherry is used in those dishes where whole tomatoes are needed.

Especially good they look in the salad and snacks.

If you want to make the salad more satisfying, boil quail eggs for it and serve it with a spoon.

This recipe will make you feel the aromas of Salina Island, where Signora Marina has created her own.

Roaster with pork in a creamy mushroom sauce — a dish for a large company. Pork and two-three.

Watermelon, served with cream cheese, today, few people will surprise. But it is worth adding granite to it.

If you have no time at all, this soup can be cooked from canned beans. But out of dry.

Buddha’s cup is a dish in which you can put everything your heart desires. Shit, to.

Carpaccio can be made from any kind of vegetables, and ginger-citrus is great for many of them.

For baking usually choose juicy vegetables — peppers, potatoes, onions, eggplants. zucchini. Such vegetables in.

In such recipes, stuffed zucchini with cheese and cherry tomatoes, it is better to use.

Thanks to the gentle cream dressing, this salad will be a hit on any occasion.

Strachatatella with cherry and basil — the original version of the open filling for pancakes. Combination

Very tasty lamb tag. If you do not have special dishes, then you can cook in.

Languages ​​lamb — the real delicacy. Oriental delicacy restaurant chef.

Caesar salad is easy to prepare and looks great on any table. But his taste will be in.

This classic salad is cooked simply and quickly, which is what makes it beautiful. And he has verified.

This "steak" from cauliflower only the name is related to real meat. And

Watermelon with foie gras and camembert is an unusual and at the same time the perfect combination of flavors. .

Dorado a la kartcho is the favorite way to cook sunny fish from Denis Konev, the chef.

What is the beauty of this particular salad?

We answer. Not just individual leaves, but a whole head of lettuce.

This salad can not be called ordinary, as we collected it from arugula, chanterelles, cherry tomatoes.

If you add the usual vegetable salad canned beans, it immediately turns into useful.

I love unsweetened pastries.

Red spinach pie is incredibly delicious! Spinach is a great filling.

Elegant and beautiful summer soup.

And delicious, of course. Ingredients for topping may be different, Ilya.

Dorado or dorada is one of the most popular fish in the Mediterranean cuisine. You can cook it.

Pasta with grilled vegetables is an excellent option for both lunch and dinner. Olga Rodionova,.

The original salad that will decorate the festive table at Shrovetide. It can be cooked.

We offer you to prepare not just sandwiches, but to make them in English manner — with homemade ones.

These heart-shaped shrimp kebabs will be a wonderful edible gift for your loved ones!

Very easy to prepare, with the original combination of products, a salad with broccoli, tomatoes.

We all love pasta, especially when it is cooked quickly and simply. Such linguine adore everything in mine.

Fish in "crazy water" (from it. — pesce in acqua pazza) — tasty, fragrant and.

For this dish, you can use any nuts that you prefer. Take cherry tomatoes elastic.

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