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Chef Dmitry Shurshakov opened a new restaurant Beefsteak

Chef Dmitry Shurshakov opened a new restaurant Beefsteak

A restaurant Steak opened in a luxurious mansion of the XVIII century, which once belonged to one of the Orlov brothers. The ceilings of the first halls are decorated with copies of the Sistine Chapel frescoes.

In the last room, the white stretch silk ceiling repeats the decoration of the rich houses of that time.

Dmitry Shurshakov, the ideological inspirer of the restaurant, initially dreamed of a monoconception, in which only dishes of minced meat would appear: all sorts of steaks and soups with meatballs.

Perhaps this idea will also find its embodiment in some small place in a smart place.

The chic halls of the Moscow mansion have a thought-out tasting of an extensive menu.

Quotes from the menu

  • Beef steak — 680 rub.
  • Shawarma with crab, cabbage and tomatoes — 740 rubles.
  • Cappuccino of mushrooms with nut flavor — 280 rub.
  • Stewed lamb with turnip and horseradish — 780 rubles.
  • Mini tuna burgers — 590 rubles.
  • Jelly from green tea with apple and strawberry — 250 rub.
  • Classical restaurant wine list: 170 positions from all significant wine regions of the world. Price for a glass — from 450 rubles., Bottles — from 1900 rubles.
  • The average bill is 2500 rubles.

However, there are quite a lot of minced meat and fish in it. In snacks it is a variety of tartars: beef, cold, smoked or warm; tuna cream with peas and avocado cream; from sea bass with salmon roe. The chef demonstrates his own reading.Caesar”- this is a salad of grilled beef, in the dressing of which capers and anchovies are replaced with horseradish and sprats.

In a cocktail of shrimp «Good mary»Combines shrimp paper and bolognese prawn sauce with tomatoes.

From the soups, choose the one with beef meatballs. The chef puts the potatoes, meatballs in a plate, rubs fresh horseradish, adds mustard, and then the waiter floods it all with steep

Dmitry says that «steak is natural, that is, a piece, or chopped. Unlike burgers, chopped steak is nothing but meat.

Is that only a bow, and that is not always«. Just such, with onions, is present in the menu in the section of hot dishes. Chef seasoning it with demi-glace sauce and mushrooms, served with mashed potatoes, fried onions and leeks.

Fish lovers can order a delicate steak of pink salmon.

Desserts, according to Dmitry Shurshakov, he tried to make clear.

We would call them copyright, original and elegant — creme brulee made from celery, sesame pancotta, tea jelly, homemade pineapple ice cream.

Dmitry Shurshakov
The first place of work of Dmitry Shurshakov was a cafe Vein hotels International. In 1998, a seven-year-old cook became the chef of an Italian restaurant San marco, then club Baskerville. From 2002 to 2004 he worked in La Sosta, Miramonti l’Altro (2 stars Michelin) and other restaurants in the city of Brescia (Italy).

In 2005, Dmitry became the chief of restaurants at a network of wine boutiques. Grand cru. Now he heads the kitchen Gulls, Dreams, Cheesecakes and Beefsteaks.

In 2011 Gull hit the hundred best restaurants in the world according to the prestigious British rating The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

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