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Cheesecakes — recipes with photos

Curd cheesecakes cooking is easy. The traditional recipe for cheesecakes: mix a pound of cottage cheese, one egg, a few tablespoons of flour (or semolina), two tablespoons of sugar, salt, knead well. Divide the dough for cheesecakes into balls, make pellets, roll them in flour and fry in butter.

Cheesecakes are ready!

If in curd cheese cakes add less flour, you get tender cheesecakes, a little more cheesecakes will be denser, each housewife adjusts the amount of flour to her taste.
By the way, if you slightly change the recipe for cheesecakes and roll the sausage out of the resulting dough (just more flour), cut it into small circles, roll in flour and throw for a few minutes into the boiling water, you will not get curd cheesecakes, but magic lazy dumplings.

Cheesecakes with oatmeal flakes.

Winter breakfasts can be especially warm and tasty! I propose to cook these beautiful.

Recipe for cheesecakes from the breakfast menu.

Easy and dietary version of cheesecakes.

Cheesecakes instead of croutons?

And what? tasty, satisfying, useful!

This recipe is ideal for those who watch their figure and want to be healthy and tasty.

Collection of Cheese Recipes

In the morning he began to make cheesecakes, but they again requested fornication. And there is no Fruht better for fornication than.

Collection of Cheese Recipes

— Aaaaaaa. — Oooooooh. — And what about the favorite "Valiooooo". — Oh, girls, and I’m without.

Classic cheesecakes, cooked at home, always tastier than in a restaurant or cafe. or even u.

Collection of Works Syrnikovyh Recipes (USSR).

From brioche only form. Who does not get cheesecakes there?

Run here.

Simplified version.

The Abkhaz adjika (only from pepper, without tomatoes), though not part of these savory cheesecakes,.

Cheesecakes, cooked in the oven, healthier than fried. Thanks to baking, you can still save time:.

Remember, Pushkin Balda asked for him to eat boiled spelled?

And he was a guy not a blunder. This.

Cottage cheese makers can become a seasonal dish if cooked with sweet pepper, and served as.

Photos here — http://irina-ctc.livejournal.com/110489.html

Cottage cheese casserole — ideal for a rich breakfast or easy dinner. Besides she.

Cheesecake, of course, sounds beautiful and fashionable, but in fact it is just a pie or cake, the main component.

At first glance, it is very easy to make pancakes and cheese cakes with chocolate, just add in.

Fresh cottage cheese goes well with many products: sugar, cocoa, tomatoes, salt, raisins,.

Thank you so much Zoe for the recipe for branded cheesecakes!

Incredibly tasty and tender! I baked in the oven after frying

toliko sdelala serniki po vawemy recepty..ocen ocen vkysnee !!

God, what all the good fellows, I suggest sprinkling cheesecakes with chopped almonds or fried sesame.

The tricks are. On the cheesecakes, you need to take the cottage cheese up to 9% fat. Secondly, in butter, cheesecakes are fried slightly to a golden crust, and brought to readiness in the oven.

Zoe, thanks for the recipe "from home"I will definitely try, because the cottage cheese from YOUR milk and your eggs is not a shop. And what is the home-made sour cream the townspeople do not imagine!

now try branded cheesecakes — I learned how to make them from a mother-in-law — 1 kg of home-made cottage cheese .10 eggs of flour somewhere a glass (if the curd is dry. that is less. we mix the salt with the eggs and add the flour. Mix a little vanilla. Lay out the dessert On a hot frying pan with butter, fry on both sides. Pour the finished cheese cakes with cream (1 liter cream or home-made whipped cream with 0.5 kg of sugar and vanillin at the tip of the knife) all stew over low heat for 5 minutes. When I treat these cheese cakes for the first time people ask -WHAT it was)))

Thank you all! I always read the commentary to the recapt and take into account the comments.

Every mistress has in "cushion" something their own, which makes the dish unique.

So why not take advantage of these subtleties, especially "donated".

I am for it!

Thank you so much for the recipes.

Surprise people, persistently shoving their recipes in the comments. Nobody will rewrite them from there anyway. Want to share a recipe — post it humanly, like a normal recipe.

And to look for recipes by comments — so this is what, all the comments to all recipes are shoveled ?!

A recipe can be found using a search engine.

You should not put sugar in cheesecakes. Sugar, or powdered sugar, you can sprinkle cheesecakes in a plate. You can also eat cheesecakes with jam or honey.

From the presence of sugar, and two tablespoons is a lot, cheesecakes stick during frying.

In addition, not everyone likes sweet.

Cheesecakes do not like soda and sugar (sugar makes them), but they love eggs then they will be lush and tender, and if you add vanilla sugar it is wonderfully fragrant.

Cheesecakes do not like soda and sugar (sugar makes them), but they love eggs then they will be lush and tender, and if you add vanilla sugar it is wonderfully fragrant.

My dear, you will never have delicious cheesecakes, if there is 1 egg per 500 g of cottage cheese, the rest is about the eyes and salt. Everything must be done strictly according to the recipe and then they melt in the mouth.

On a pack of 9% fat content of cottage cheese 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of sugar (less, who does not like sweets), as for bananas — I also add, except for them you can add dried apricots sliced ​​into slices.

Good luck. Enjoy your meal

Probably a guest from 08.06.2010. I meant 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, not flour!

If you replace the flour on starch, cheesecakes are obtained by air.

I cook cheese cakes according to the following recipe: 3 packs of curd 9 percent 1 egg 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons semolina Handful of raisins, pre-soaked for 2 hours I mix everything, make small cheese cakes, only then roll in flour, and fry in vegetable oil.

They are awesome! And not rubber, t to the flour is not inside, and do not fall apart, if properly fry! And do not get wet, because the egg is one.

In short, the consistency that is necessary.

Recipe for cheesecakes: get 100% (12 pieces) 2 packs of cottage cheese (400 g) 1 sliver of salt 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 eggs 4 tablespoons of flour with top Stir thoroughly and stir the cottage cheese with a fork, add salt, sugar and again everything mix, add eggs and mix everything until smooth, then add flour, again mix everything with a fork. Pour some flour on a plate, where we will dip the balls of dough and give them the shape of cheesecakes.

Heat the pan with vegetable oil, fry cheesecakes on both sides for about 5 minutes.

Serve with fresh sour cream or jam with strong tea. In total, the preparation of cheesecakes takes 15-20 minutes.


Manniki from Vasil Ivanych: 1. Ready dough-12logs of semolina are cooked until cooked in a liter of milk. Salt, sugar, vanilla. to taste. Hot dough spread on a sheet and hot roll out with a rocking chair. They make patties, dumplings, etc. 2. Filling: on Maslenu-thin curd is rolled in the form of a pie, dipped in a slightly beaten SPOKE (in cottage cheese and an egg with a fork and knife it is impossible!) and fry in a well heated pan with vegetable oil, so that the egg is fried. The strawberry spreads out on a sheet and is watered with 1 teaspoon of warmed butter. I’m not sure you have time to cook, they will sweep it all.

To mannniki with cottage cheese served sour cream, cream.

Tea brew the strongest. With another filling I will tell in the spring by Easter.

Gentlemen, I suggest you try a different kind of cheese cakes)) per pound of cottage cheese — put 2-3 eggs — envy of the curd structure, a couple of tablespoons of sugar (those who love sweets can be increased up to 5) — mix well. Then add 1! mix a tablespoon of flour and try to fry 1 cheesecake.

Cook olive oil in a frying pan (another vegetable can be used) and put the resulting mass in a table spoon, first spreading a little over the pan, but then grab the dough. If you succeeded in turning the cheesecake, continue frying the whole batch and enjoying it))). It is better to turn over with a thin plastic or silicone spatula.

If you can not turn over — add another spoonful of flour and try again. With the experience of 1-2 tablespoons of flour per pound of curd is more than enough. Such cheesecakes are very delicate since the flour is practically absent.

They are tasty both from the pan and cooled from the refrigerator. A prerequisite — the creative must be "by weight" not from the pack.

Bon appetite.

Never put syrniki eggs.

At 0.5 kg of flour add 2 tbsp. l sugar and 4 very full tablespoons of flour. If desired, you can add and vanilla sugar.

All you need to do a good handshake. Get very tasty cheesecakes

Aleksiy: It always seemed that they were burning in butter.

Thanks for the recipe, try it once!

Absolutely stupid recipe, prepared everything went into the trash, just in vain a lot of money was transferred to quality products, it is immediately clear that the author himself did not cook it!

This is not the first attempt to cook according to the recipes of this site — but now the last one is accurate!

Is it too much soda for so much cottage cheese?

Or did the author just make a mistake?

And why sour cream, it is better to eat cheesecakes with sour cream.

Pts good recipes! made cheesecakes, rolled them in flour and because I love sesame, then naturally and in sesame. taste is awesome. try it!

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