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Cheesecake without baking with Mascarpone cheese, strawberries and fruit, step by step recipe with photos

Cheesecake without baking with mascarpone cheese, strawberries and fruit

  • Chocolate Cookies — 300 g
  • Butter — 130 g
  • Mascarpone cheese — 500 g
  • Cream (22% fat) — 200 ml
  • Gelatin — 20 g
  • Icing sugar — 150 g
  • Strawberries — 4-5 pcs.
  • Kiwi — 1 pc.
  • Mandarin — 1 pc.
  • Jelly, for pouring fruit — 1 bag

Cheesecake without baking is prepared very quickly, the help will require only a REFRIGERATOR, which will help not only to prepare this delicate cake, but also to keep it fresh for a while.

Cheesecake, of course, sounds beautiful and fashionable, but in fact it is just a pie or cake, the main component.

In the mixture for the base, you can add zest) turns out fragrant)

I made this cheesecake, just decorated with one strawberry. It turned out something incredibly tasty and beautiful. Such a gentle cream, rich cake and melting jelly with strawberries.


And most importantly, what is being done is elementary.

Thanks for the recipe.

I cook, but instead of mascarpone with homemade curd!

It turns out super!

The top layer did not turn out, the jelly did not freeze.

Very tasty. Thank you for the recipe. Ps On kiwi jelly very stiffens)))

Good recipe. I use Philadelphia cheese, since it is salty and, accordingly, the cake is tastier due to the contrast of salty and sweet.

Cheesecake turns out to be fat, but I quickly got used to it and got into the taste, while men generally go crazy about this yummy!

An excellent recipe, only the kiwi jelly does not freeze! Just like on pineapples.

On each pack is written the same warning.

I am now only in the process of cooking, and it is written on my jar of masquerade that the liquid is 78%. it will be possible to eat.

The American origin of cheesecake can be questioned, but cheese "Philadelphia"which is most often used is indeed slightly less fatty than mascarpone (the classic fat content is 30% in dry matter versus 40% in mascarpone).

Thanks for the recipe. Very fast cook, which is good. )))) But very bold.

I do not advise from mascarpone, after all, this is Italian cheese, and the dish itself is of American origin. I would use other cheese.

Cream, butter. in principle, the child liked it, but I will not repeat it.

I liked the recipe! But sometimes I place a cheese, I add sour cream and a half jar of thickened. of milk

The recipe is excellent, it’s strange why take up the preparation of this cheesecake when it is initially known that mascarpone is included in the composition, of course, this is a calorie bomb.

But I do not eat it myself.

And I liked the recipe, a delicate and delicious cake.

As for the greedy family who spent 400 rubles on the cake.

You also do not know how to cook! Need to study))

Made this cheesecake a wonderful recipe!


It turned out very tasty. I also added cottage cheese (I replaced one mascarpone package) thanks for a very detailed and easy recipe !!

Very strange comment from the Guest. If your family is not accustomed to fatty foods, so why did you initially take on the preparation of this dessert. From the recipe, everything is immediately clear: a fat cake or not.

Weird people. And what would you say then, commenting on pastries using butter and cream, for example, from cream and the same butter :)))))

The whole family is not happy with this recipe! They bought food for 400 r and ate only one-fourth through force, threw out the rest!

Very fat white layer, because there is a fatty mascarpone, fat cream, powdered sugar, very cloying!

I do not recommend using this recipe.

really very cool recipe! I took half as many ingredients as there is only one mascarpone box in the fridge (250 g), and made two mini cheesecakes in small plug-in forms 12 inches in diameter — one to a colleague with a past birthday, the other for a sample — just right and it’s great that I made myself very tasty! really so simple! Thank you very much 🙂

And you can do the same with melted cheese

Thanks for the recipe.

Brilliantly simple and tasty.

I did it on my mom’s birthday — they ate it all for both cheeks.

Thank you for the wonderful recipe! Very easy to prepare and incredibly tasty.

Only gelatin I do not bring to a boil, since it burns very quickly with me, and I heat it in a water bath.

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