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Cheesecake with fruit, step by step recipe with photos

  • canned peaches — 1 can
  • sugar — 250 g
  • gelatin granules — 45 g
  • ready-made puff yeast dough — 250 g
  • Cream 35% fat — 500 ml
  • butter — 1 tbsp. l
  • egg (yolk) — 4 pieces
  • milk — 1 cup
  • frozen pitted cherries — 500 g
  • curd fat 9% — 500 g

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Not quite a suitable base of puff yeast dough in my opinion.

For the cottage cheese filling, I used cream of 20% about 300 ml and Mascarpone cream 250 g, everything was whipped and froze perfectly. Top can be decorated with other fruits, for example, canned apricots and pour ready orange jelly

Wonderful cake.

And thanks for the feedback — I had to double the amount of gelatin and add flour to the custard.

And everything turned out.

Thank you very much for the wonderful recipe! I’m not strong in cooking, but even I did it))))

Great cake. The only thing — had to increase the amount of gelatin by 2 times. But gelatin is a capricious product, its gelling properties are very different depending on the age of manufacture, manufacturer, etc.

In general, any recipe needs to be adjusted on the basis of those products, the cat. You usually buy in your city.

So there are no complaints about the recipe. Delicious summer cake.

I still decorated it with a layer of raspberry — a sight for sore eyes!

Katerinka Yes, of course, such a replacement is possible.

The main thing to consider is that the gelling properties of agar-agar are higher than those of gelatin, therefore (depending on the type of agar-agar), the amount can vary.

Hello. And agar-agar, in this recipe, you can replace gelatin?

The recipe is awesome and quite simple to cook. Thanks for the recipe !! Cooked yourself on dr.)

The cake is amazing.

I also prepared my husband for my birthday, the guests were stunned just when I brought it (cake).

She hid a small piece in the fridge for herself in the morning, otherwise they would have eaten it all up. Here are just yolks with milk and sugar that did not thicken in a water bath, she added a little flour.

And everything turned out. Posh. Now it’s strawberry season, you can add strawberries instead of cherries.

Recommend! Thanks for the recipe)))

The cake turned out delicious, beautiful and big (3.5 kg). Just like in the photo. Cooked for her husband’s birthday.

All guests loved it. After reading the comments, added a little more gelatin. It froze wonderful, nothing swam on the table.


I will cook more, experimenting with berries.

For Zhanna Unfortunately, milk cannot be whipped up like cream — namely, for this purpose, they are used here that bring air into the mass.

Is it possible to replace milk with cream?

there was little gelatin for the cake, the top layer in the refrigerator was still there, it was in the room about 10 minutes later and after the cake was left in the refrigerator for 24 hours, you definitely need more

Of course, the curd mass can be used, but be sure to adjust the amount of sugar at the same time — but it will turn out sugary.

A small amount of water in this case is 3-4 tablespoons, only to cover the gelatinous granules.

Is it possible to use fruit curd instead of cottage cheese?

And what does a small amount of water mean?

And what does a small amount of water mean?

The cake is just delicious! But I didn’t take cottage cheese, but curd mass, and instead of cream I took ready whipped cream 30%, quickly released it from the can, gently mixed it with the ingredients and into the form.

Unsuccessful recipe, custard cream did not thicken at all.

Money thrown out on food and that’s it !!

Cake is delicious!

It turned out even with pineapples, which were rejected in the comments. And in paragraph 3, it is better to take the milk immediately warmed up.

Stir this mass until thick with cold milk takes an incredibly long time!

For the guest who left a comment 05/26/2011 at 15:03:05 Do not worry, that’s enough :))


For Natalia, the film must be covered with the entire form.

And lining the food wrap on all shape or only on the sides?

The cake was delicious. Only lining with cling film should be very carefully.

My film was already than the form. When poured cherry, somewhere leaked.

Almost one cherry and very little jelly remained on the surface. And so very tasty, the guests liked it.

Thanks for the recipe!

Guest 12/30/2010: You can use any fruit, except kiwi and pineapple.

They are not seized by gelatin.

the cake is great.

Cake can be replaced with sand or martsepanovy (nuts, protein, sugar), but essentially it does not change!

Are there chocolate lovers ?!

But for lovers of fruit, this is a miracle. By the way, not as fruit as berries (currants, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)

The cake is very tasty, but the place of puff pastry I used biscuit cake, much softer and more delicious.

Cake awesome !!

I was cooking my son for DR, everyone really liked it !!

Thanks for the recipe 🙂 !!

She made the cake, took the recipe from the catalog of Magnit, accidentally caught and it turned out, simply, quickly and without hassle And very tasty. cherry is really sour, added sugar. I really liked it. I think that someone who criticizes does not like milk. that’s all)))

Can I use other fruits instead of frozen cherries? like apples or bananas?

Wash the taste and color of the cakes are different. The main thing is that it is very light! And you can experiment with it!

cooked exactly the recipe, I also did not like

I took the form with a diameter of 28 cm.

Tell me please, what is the diameter of the form used?

Is it possible to use shortbread dough cake instead of such a cake?

The cake was very tasty. In hot weather, the best recipe probably will not find!

Cake baked from the finished puff pastry, but it is possible without the cake! I made it for my daughter on my birthday! Cream took 10% and they are not whipped.

And everything turned out great!

The cake is not fat and not very sweet! And in the cherry jelly grapes added!

Cake "gone" with a bang.

The cake is fiercely divine! We (my bro & I) cooked it 2 times. Both times we did not add cream to it, because we could not beat them.

I do not know what it tastes with them, but without them — it is utterly gorgeous. Fair. First, we made a cake with a cake, and then — without it, and then many who have a prejudice to the flour products, it is not eaten.

For the first time, instead of a cherry, we had slices of fresh tangerines at the top. With them, however, there was a lot of trouble — to clean, but to remove the bones — not a lot of pleasure.

But it was delicious.

And in the second — we made jelly with bananas. Amazing.)

The cake is wonderful, followed the recipe, and everything worked out the first time. In jelly to decorate the cake, I added 300 g of frozen blueberries — this amount was enough.

I also made cherries — it seemed to me sourish, blueberries have a more subtle taste.

Cream, by the way, added 400 ml — enough.

"- How much sugar is needed for cherries?" Guest, to taste. Someone loves sweeter, someone sour

"my cake popped up".

Guest, I’m sorry, but what does it mean "surfaced"?

The cake is not tasty, as if everyone did not praise it.

It feels intrusive taste of the cream, I did not like it.

How much sugar is needed for cherries?

my cake popped up ((Tell me, please, why? ..I did everything exactly according to the recipe

I love this cake, I cooked my daughter for the first time on DR.

Gone on URA!

The cake turned out quickly, and most importantly delicious! and in fact — without unnecessary trouble! instead of cherry added fresh raspberries)) thanks for the recipe!

It is sooo tasty and non-greasy

tell me how much sugar in the cream and how much sprinkled cherries? thank !

Chic cake turned out. And most importantly, virtually no hassle. Easy and tasty.

And I would add more peaches or any other canned fruit.

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