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Cheesecake Brownie, step by step recipe with photos

  • sugar — 150 g
  • flour — 150 g
  • dark chocolate — 150 g
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • butter — 125 g
  • sugar — 0.3 cups
  • cream cheese — 250 g
  • egg — 1 pc.
  • cream fat content 9% — 0.5 cup

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Cheesecake, of course, sounds beautiful and fashionable, but in fact it is just a pie or cake, the main component.

Cakes, pies, cakes with chocolate always serve as decoration of the dessert table. They are good for tea and.

At first glance, it is very easy to make pancakes and cheese cakes with chocolate, just add in.

Scorched birthday young man. It turned out — you will lick your fingers!

And the recipe is very simple. An hour managed

Brownie is my weakness. Love very much

very very tasty! the husband especially appreciated) the truth as it seemed to me, the dark filling turned out to be a bit hard for me .. how to make it softer?

Sugar — about 70 g, cream — 120-125 ml. Good for Americans — everyone knows that volume "cups" makes 240 ml, and all of us rush about — whether 200, or 250.

But it is in this part of the recipe that perfect accuracy is not needed.

For the top: sugar — 0.3 cups — how many grams ?? Cream fat content of 9% — 0,5 glasses is how many ml ?? glasses are different.

If cream cheese is not very fatty, I would not add cream, but add one yolk for stability.

Twice baked this cheesecake, it turned out very tasty, but the filling spread. Tell me, what did I do wrong?

Could this be because of Mascarpone cheese not 80% fat but lower?

I did not cook, but I would leave for an hour so that the cheese layer would have time to prepare in the cooling oven.

Then it would have cooled on a rack and put it in the fridge.

How much time cools before putting it in the fridge? I understand that everyone has different ovens, but still … who cooked, tell =)

Thanks for the reply about time.


Yummy. In the oven pie "spent" of time

3 hours and the top of white became the color of baked milk, so the question arose about the time: how much to cool in the oven.

According to the recipe, 10 minutes at 180 C without a creamy coating, 15 minutes — with the coating and in the oven turned off until it cools down.

This time depends on the isolation of your oven, maybe an hour, and maybe much longer.

How long should Cheesecake Brownie stand in the oven?


Alena.spirina, when you write the answers, do you read the recipe? In the second step, the very first sentence "beat egg with sugar".

Or are you talking about some other recipe, which has no eggs?

Thank you so much for the recipe! Scorched to the New Year’s table.

Everything works great if you follow the recipe.

Cream Cheese is a type cheese "Mascarpone". I used "Nature"

Good evening! If someone succeeds "lush and aerial brownie"then this is not a brownie, but a sponge cake. And brownies are always dense and look like chocolate fudge or a very dense cupcake.

Well, judge for yourself, why rise this test?

There are no scrambled eggs or baking powder in it.

Good evening, and everyone in this recipe is a lush and airy brownie? I did not get up?: (


In this recipe, cream is mainly needed to make the mascarpone more pliable. So easily replace them with milk (2-3 tablespoons).

Well, or even do just mascarpone.


Will it be tasty if you make this brownie without cream (only with mascarpone)?

The shape is approximately 25×30 cm.

And what size is it?

Baking powder is not needed exactly, neither in brownies, nor in cheesecake.

A baking powder in the dough is not needed ??

Wow, how easily and simply the two most delicious desserts were combined in the recipe — brownies and cheesecake)) I’m afraid to cook this, I can go to the hospital with overeating .. But I’m interested in the question, in the picture the brownies look just wetter, and a bit obstinate .. or I want too much =)

I answer vorosy instead of the editorial office -) Everything works great! Use mascarpone cheese. Do not cool the cake — immediately pour the mixture.

I do everything according to the recipe and the result is excellent.

Delicious incredible and looks like in the picture. Good luck! -)

I find it a little confusing. There is a cream cheese. But the cake is sweet, why does the cheese. In the recipe itself, nothing is written about the cheese. The cream is written. If you add cream all the same, then what, liquid or dry, or whipped?

Do I need to cool the cake before pouring the top?

Brownies are super-tasty, especially when they stand longer in the refrigerator.

I cooked 3 times when I cooked a double portion, ate for a long time, and on the third day they were just awesome.

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