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Cheese cream soup, step by step recipe with photos

Cheese cream soup is usually served with croutons or croutons. You can buy them, but rather do it yourself.

For example, as described in this recipe.

  • onion — 2 pcs
  • potato — 3 pcs
  • 100 g of celery root
  • butter — 2 tbsp.
  • dry white wine — 100 ml
  • water — 1-1.2 liters
  • 400 g melted cheese
  • salt, freshly ground black pepper
  • nutmeg
  • 4–6 slices of white bread
  • olive oil — 4 tbsp.
  • 1 tbsp. l chopped dill

A cream soup is a thick soup made from pureed vegetables, cereals, meat, poultry, or fish. Soup

You can make excellent cream soups from asparagus — tasty, nourishing, but at the same time -.

The most famous processed cheese, undoubtedly, is “Friendship”. It seems that he was.

Great soup, instead of celery she put carrots and wine is also not necessary, even it will be so insanely delicious!) Croutons can be made in a toaster and spread butter on top, if they are cold, you can warm it up in a microwave oven with butter, the main thing is to melt the butter and soak croutons.

On the bill of cheese, read what you buy, because "processed cheese" And the like figs dissolve, need precisely processed cheese.

Cool, I have problems, I can not eat solid food, only mashed potatoes, this soup is just for me)

Wipe the thick through a sieve or, if there is, through a special mill for vegetables.

Then dilute with the remaining liquid.

And if there is no blender, how can it be replaced?

I grate celery root on a large grater in all the soup mashed potatoes and onions for me celery and onions are the basis of the puree soups.

the soup is just superb. the wife was very pleased. thanks for the recipe))

Husband wanted cheese soup in a restaurant. Made strictly according to your recipe.

Sorry, but it is absolutely not tasty.

The soup turned out delicious, and I really liked the girl))) now it will be possible to try chicken broth too !! And instead of celery, put the carrots, and it turned out quite, only now there was no melted cheese in the beginning, we had to add the usual one, but nothing happened to it :(, it was worth adding melted and. # MIRACLE.

Thank you for the recipe_.

Today I will try to cook !! thanks for the recipe !!

Olga-what are you doing here at all?

Chic soup, thanks for the recipe! If celery does not like it, replace it with any greens acceptable for you!

Olga, do you like at least one recipe on our site?

Everything "fu" Yes "nah"You will not please!



NOW ..

Very appetizing soup spa-si-bo.

Well, why not.

As well as parsley or parsnip root.

and the celery root can be replaced with a stem?

On a large grater is even possible.

But you can and just finely chop.

The recipe is interesting!

I do not understand one thing, how can you rub melted cheese?

very much)) thanks

For AlyonaTro Wine in this case is not a necessary ingredient.

After you fry the vegetables, pour in water or broth immediately, skipping the step with the wine.

The main thing is that the liquid was hot.

tell me whether you can replace the wine and whether it is necessary there.

I liked it very much, celery sets the main note. Family dinner was a success.

Take in your collection of recipes.


please tell me what consistency should the soup work out? but it seems to me watery (((

delicious. on your site that would not cook all the culinary masterpiece.

So that you do not ask unnecessary and unnecessary questions, it is necessary to lay out the recipe in detail, many things on the site are not clear, many recipes have been thoughtlessly exposed! interest disappears to cook anything !!

Very tasty soup turned out!

I roasted vegetables in refined sunflower oil and replaced some of the water with homemade chicken broth.

Thank you for the delicious soup, and the girl was surprised and ate himself))) To make the cheese better rubbed on a grater in the freezer, you need to hold it, it will be more convenient;)

And how much is this soup stored if in the fridge?

Yes, very tasty and very satisfying, my husband was delighted!

And wine needs half a glass.

For Catherine Flour is not necessary to add to the soup.

It is necessary to roll onion rings, and then fry them.

And flour at what point to add?

Tell me please, what is the role of the ingredient wine?

Guest 01/27/2011 20:38:39 PM: Please note that the recipe book is only active when you are logged in. Log in and everything will be ok (in the right corner under the top banner you will see that you are not logged in now, here’s a comment on behalf of the Guest published 🙂

cooked soup, turned out very tasty and satisfying. she made a prescription, the only thing that did not have enough time and effort — this was for bread, fried with onions and dill, but it also went well with the usual loaf. thanks for the recipe

By the way, my recipe book is also not active, although I specifically registered for it. Tell me what you can do

Olka)): most likely you were not logged in, the recipe book is automatically created when you register a user.

I will contact you by mail.

Registered on your site because I found interesting recipes and most importantly they can be collected in "your recipe book", but when I went to the recipe itself on the right field"add to your recipe book" turned out to be not active .. Tell me on which tab it lives "own recipe book"?

The most good recipe of all that I read)))

I tried to do with butter as my home does not like olive oil. and water on the eyes, so it was not thick and liquid. I like it very much

yulenka_chernaya: why not — try. the taste of ordinary vegetable oil will be, if you like it, this is the main thing 🙂

Can I use ordinary vegetable instead of olive oil?

The guest, the book of recipes will automatically become available to you after registration on our site.

tell me how to make your own recipe book. in which to put the recipes you liked ..

Made a soup.

Everyone liked it, I took the cheese melted, and added 1 liter of water (here the number is simply not indicated).

Very tasty, if you add a little smoked meat (ideal — hunting sausages).

The most delicious soup is obtained from Viola and Amber.

Everything else greatly changes the taste and aroma of the final dish.

nekuhonnaya — better to take the simplest melted cheese.

Ideal to take the so-called "processed cheese for soup"written on the label.

Can you please tell me how much water you need?

Thank. This is the only soup that I can eat))))

more than once she cooked the soup according to this recipe and everything went out divinely delicious 🙂

I’m just learning to cook and I would like to know how much water I need? The recipe is not written (

the lean version in my family did not go 🙂 made chicken broth, vegetables peeled off separately with spices, potatoes in large cubes. Remove from the stove when the potatoes are al dente and let nourish the aroma of spices for 10-15 minutes.

The soup was beautifully married with black bread croutons with garlic and pickled cucumbers.

Cheese \ melted with mushrooms for soup \.

Tell me which cream cheese is better to take. i just think that "Urban" or "Orbit" will give an unpleasant odor.

Already faced with this.

Wine needs about half a cup, but in principle, enough for 2 tablespoons.

Thanks for the question!

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