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Charlotte with apples from Alexander Seleznev

The kitchen is half overwhelmed with apples, so you will not pass, the smell is fantastic, mom, tacking among the apple mountains, is spinning at the stove — baking charlotte … This has been every autumn in my childhood.

The most probably the easiest, fastest, and most accessible way to enjoy the excess apples with pleasure is the classic charlotte.

And it seems that this simple recipe has always existed, but this is not quite so.

Charlotte, rather, «charlotte”, Named after the English Queen Charlotte, the patroness of apple orchards, appeared in the XVIII century, but only then it didn’t look like our charlotte, but rather resembled bread pudding with apples. Well, now in France and in England they bake a cakeCharlotte«- a form of biscuit sticks, filled with delicate apple mousse and whipped cream.

And how it all turned into our charlotte is not very clear.

Almost everyone can bake a charlotte. And if this anyone is not too willing to handle the recipe, charlotte will surely work out for him.

Of course, you can spoil such a simple dish — say, if you take a few eggs, charlotte It will be too dry, but for this you need to try very hard.

This type of apple pie encourages experimentation, and it’s not for nothing that two identical charlottes do not exist, for every cook puts something of himself into it.

Someone adds 50 grams of vodka or brandy — alcohol loosens the dough and increases the shelf life of pastries: you should eat a regular charlotte in two days, and a charlotte can be stored for a week.

Some pour some yogurt into the dough (low fat, natural, no additives) or kefir — the taste becomes softer.

Someone adds melted butter, and then the dough turns out a bit like a cupcake.

Honey, maple syrup, lemon or orange peel, pine nuts — in charlotte they are also relevant.

Some prefer to fill the charlotte not with apples, but with apricots, peaches, plums — I somehow baked a charlotte with tangerines for the New Year.

It turned out very tasty.

However, if you want to be original, you can somehow try to add to your charlotte a little half cooked potato — it is the potato that is included in the recipe of Neapolitan apple pie. I recently cooked it — in addition to apples, I poured potato cubes and many, many pine nuts into the dough.

And, you know, it turned out, though unusual, but very tasty.

The classic charlotte is so simple and affordable that many people treat it with some disdain and do not consider it worthy to be a decoration of a festive table. Well, and from the charlotte you can easily make a dish of gourmet cuisine, tasty and beautiful and unusual. To do this, for example, thinly roll out the shortbread dough and bake it for 15 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

It will turn out such a pancake, which we smear with raspberry jam on top, sprinkle with biscuit crumbs or crushed cookies, top with a bunch of we throw sliced ​​apples, slightly sprinkled with lemon juice, and pour it all with yogurt biscuit dough.

We put in the oven heated to 180 degrees — and in forty minutes we get something exquisite, with a crispy backing and airy, well-steamed apples.

But all this is a variation on the theme of the same immortal charlotte.

The one that my mom used to bake, which I learned to bake as a child, the one that from time to time I nostalgically repeat now.

Charlotte with apples from Alexander Seleznev

one. We take 5 eggs and a glass of sugar.

Previously, my mother put it all closer to the battery, but you can briefly put in a water bath — so that the sugar melted faster and that it was easier to beat.

I do not advise warming on the stove — eggs can boil unnoticed.

We beat eggs well with sugar — in my childhood we did it with a fork, but now, of course, with a mixer.

Mix it all with a glass of sifted flour, add a teaspoon of soda, which we quench with lemon juice, kefir or vinegar.

5 apples, better sour — Antonovka, for example, cut first into quarters, and then diced, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with cinnamon, if you want, add raisins.

Pour the apples in the dough, mix, put in the form (we had a wonderful black cast iron skillet, everything was so delicious in it) and bake in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

And here the most difficult begins: of course, I want to eat charlotte right now, hot and fragrant. But this can not be done!

Charlotte, to become perfect, must stand 8 hours.

However, I understand that it is hardly possible, where can we get so much patience?

Therefore, enjoy your meal!

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