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Celery soup, step by step recipe with photos

  • celery root — 60 g
  • salt
  • grated nutmeg — pinch
  • vegetable broth — 1 l
  • garlic — 1 clove
  • cream 12% fat — 60 ml
  • baby spinach — 500 g
  • onion — 1 pc

Vegetarian soups are in the kitchens of many nations (gazpacho, tarator, miso), are also known.

I often cook a similar soup, a variety is created by adding: or cream, as in a recipe; or grated cheese in portions; or the same portion of sausage shaybochkas that are in the fridge at that time. But how do they write in comments about stalked celery — would not advise!

It hurts the root of the stalk differ in taste.

I can not imagine how this can be eaten. This soup even looks inedible))))))))))

Recently I stumbled upon one article where this is what is written MYTH.

Cucumbers, celery and parsley, of course, very useful products.

But they still contain calories (albeit a bit).

Of course, the body spends a certain amount of energy on their splitting and assimilation, but not more than what they bring. Metabolism is needed to save energy and strength for life.

And you can spend calories in the gym. so I now doubt the benefits of losing weight. True, I already have a real confusion in my head by the spring began)

Thanks for the recipe. I’ll try today, in the garden just celery ripened .. But I do not like soups with cream and fried.

Instead of cream, sour cream, instead of frying — stewing ..

I cook such celery root soup, with any cabbage, carrots, onions, you can pumpkin, or what to eat, just not potatoes, I add different seasonings for a change. At the end of a clove of garlic minced, and remove.

Without spinach.

Very tasty, add a small piece of butter and a bit of cream (or milk) directly into the plate.

I eat instead of dinner, very satisfying, I don’t want to eat at all later.

And slender. )))) Lose weight.

Vegetable Soup 1. Cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower, white and red cabbage), bell pepper, pumpkin pulp, zucchini, celery, tomato, onion (only potatoes are forbidden) chop, or grate on a large grater, or cook in a combine, not too finely so that there is something to work on the teeth and the stomach, but do not cook for long. 2. Fill with water, just to cover the vegetables.

Boil, depending on the type of vegetables, 10-15 minutes after boiling.

3. In a saucepan or (if you cook 2-3 times), add your favorite seasonings to taste other than salt in a postponed portion, you can eat after 5 minutes. Of course, cook from vegetables, which at that time were in the fridge, changing the composition of vegetables and seasonings, you will always have a tasty and healthy soup that will not get bored and help you lose weight,

Celery CHERESHKOVY. Soup can be seasoned curry, I love very much, and homemade never refuse.

A mother in law just said, awesome delicious soup.

Soup for an amateur .. I love celery and often cook from it.

Yes, and in its raw form.

Yes, the calorie content is too big for such products, but instead of cream you can add the Parisian cow and it will be sour and salty and less caloric))

By the way, growing spinach is very easy and quick, even on a tiny garden bed.

It is easy to buy and soak the seeds, and then just water well and after 2-3 weeks you have first-class spinach. If there is a greenhouse or a warm balcony — you can grow spinach all year round.

all this is of course good, only cream strains and fresh spinach; where can I buy such a miracle? I think so only in Moscow, we have here in Belgorod, this product has never been seen in a single grocery store. So we walk thick ((( .

Guest 10/27/2011 13:34:31, you are absolutely right, there are very few calories in this soup, and an error has crept into the information, now we have corrected it.

Thanks for the comment!

I liked the recipe very much, but I can not understand where did so many calories come from for a portion?

I also liked the soup)) easy, healthy and perfect for losing weight)) I also put stem celery by the way

Very, very tasty and easy to prepare soup.

All prescription-only celery took stem.

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