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Celery — product description at

Celery — This is a tuber, petiole, and greens.

Celery has a distinctive tart flavor and a spicy, sweet-bitter taste.

Celery — This is a tuber, and petiole, and greens, and seeds.

Celery has a distinctive tart flavor and a spicy, sweet-bitter taste.

Celery is eaten not only for the sake of taste: the useful properties of celery are incalculable.

Let us name at least some of them: celery is able to slow down the aging process; its greens are used to treat nervous disorders; skipping it through a meat grinder and mixing in equal parts with melted butter, you can get a miraculous ointment that heals any wounds, ulcers, burns and inflammations.

No matter how hard it is to believe, but just a teaspoon of fresh celery juice makes it easy to endure the heat all day long.

In addition, it is scientifically proven that the systematic use of fresh celery, grated with apples, enhances potency.

Stalked celery grown for juicy stems-stalks. It can be green and white, but these are not different varieties: the plant will acquire white color if it is tucked away by filling it with earth.

The taste of white celery is more tender and not so bitter as that of green, and it lasts longer, therefore it is valued much more. Green and white celery stalks are more juicy and tender than, say, parsley, They are most often used in salads, and the leaves — as spicy greens.

Celery combines equally well with vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, mushrooms, suitable for fatty soups from goose or ducks.

Its exquisite spicy aroma emphasizes the taste of dishes from beans, eggplant, cabbage, carrots and potato.

Celery Root — fragrant and tender root crop. It is added to soups, pickles and stews.

Freshly grated, it is especially useful in combination with grated raw apples (one to three ratio), carrots and spicy greens.

And boiled celery root resembles to taste potatoes.

Leaf celery (or chick celery) — a plant with medium-sized leaves and a spicy scent.

The leaves are sometimes finely cut and used to decorate dishes, but more often they are added to a salad, soup or sauce.

In cooking, also used celery seeds — This is an interesting spice. Do, for example, celery salt — a mixture of crushed celery seeds with salt.

For these purposes, you can use dried crushed celery root.

Stalked celery perfect for salads; it can be served on the table, cut into large chunks, — along with sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers.

It is used for soups, sauces, broths.

Celery Root They are eaten both raw and cooked and stewed. It is good for stuffing, pickling and cooking side dishes, it goes well with other vegetables and meat.

From it you can make a cream soup and cream soup.

Leaf celery good in salad.

As a spicy green it looks great in almost any dish — even in scrambled eggs, even in soup.

Celery Seeds widely used as a spice for soups and main dishes.

Celery Ground Season (petiolate and leaf) — June-July.

Good ground celery root is obtained only by autumn.

Greenhouse celery of all kinds is grown all year round.

Celery root is sold without petioles, petiolate, usually without root.

All types of celery have a very bright, spicy flavor.

Celery roots and stalks must be strong; leaf and stalked celery should be a delicate light green color.

To stalked celery it was well preserved, it is dipped with the bases of the stems into cold salted water.

Otherwise, he quickly fades in the fridge.

Leaf celery good to buy with the roots, in the pot — in this form it is stored longer.

If in the famous fairy tale about the tops and roots of the heroes had to share celery, no one would.

Root, radish celery — fragrant and tender root crop. It is added to soups, pickles and.

For the preparation of salads with celery suitable stalked, root and leaf celery. They .

Celery is an excellent ingredient for soups. Celery has a tart flavor and spicy, sweetish.

Root vegetables include potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, celery, radishes, and parsley.

Young vegetables abound with those very vitamins and trace elements, from the lack of which our body.

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