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Casserole zucchini, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • 1 kg of zucchini
  • 2 onions
  • 6 eggs
  • 250 ml sour cream
  • 100 g grated parmesan
  • 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil
  • a bunch of fresh mint
  • salt, pepper to taste

Zucchini is boiled, fried, baked and cooked on the grill. Zucchini can be made pancakes, meatballs, caviar. .

Delicious work! very nice summer recipe! thanks!

Tatiana, is everything ok with your oven? For 1 hour, everything in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, should have been thoroughly baked.

Young squash prepare quickly!

Used the usual cheese and dried mint. Cubes cut 1 * 1 cm. Squash raw, even in the oven spent 1 hour.

The shape is 2 cm high, why I didn’t bake it — I don’t know.

Next time I will put out the taverns in a skillet.

This time I save the dish and the carcass of the already prepared mass.

I make your casserole for the second year as zucchini and zucchini appear).

And from zucchini and zucchini.

All the ingredients on the spot mint is something in this casserole! And the family of all the recipes love this one most of all! Thank you very much, I share your recipe via the link for the second year too and is very grateful to you. Sorry for the photos here do not spread;))

Then it’s for an omelet.

But if you talk like that, then all the dishes in which the ingredients are bound by eggs look like scrambled eggs.

Everything is nothing, but very similar to ordinary scrambled eggs.

Today cooked and mint spoiled everything. sorry products translated. Immediately in the trash bucket flew away this zapikanka

Why did it happen?

Full and different varieties.

Eh. that mint was translated in Russia.

And my daughter recommended the recipe.

True, I forgot to put the pepper))) Well, very tasty. Bravo-bravo.

Snack in your arsenal !! Even the husband said-"unexpected but tasty"

Good recipe. It is tasty with mint, it emphasizes the taste of zucchini in a special way.

I did with zucchini, cut into cubes of 1 cm and smaller, fully prepared in 25 minutes.

I agree that nothing in this recipe needs to be changed, everything is very balanced, the baking time for me also coincided with that indicated in the recipe.

In my opinion, an excellent alternative to the already roasted (and more harmful) fried circles in butter and pancakes!

Thanks for the recipe! The dish is very good, but 35 minutes is not enough for cooking.

Squash raw! It would be necessary to increase the cooking time to 1.5 hours — just before the state "jelly" (now I cook without cheese and sour cream, pouring in mayonnaise) or pre-fry zucchini with onions until half cooked.

Then, of course, cool a little and fill.

And the taste is just a song. True, my song with parsley and dill. )))))) I feel how cool it will scatter instantly. 🙂

Unfortunately, as Cheese, I could not observe everything: instead of Parmesan cheese — plain grated cheese.

Instead of mint — parsley. But on my own I added a spoon of mayonnaise for a delicate taste, aroma (the husband loves mayonnaise) — and for good reason!

By the way, about jelly zucchini.

I somehow did not work out. Squashes are soft, tasty, but definitely not jelly.


Do not worry, the recipe was executed exactly.

There was mint and parmesan. It turned out great.

Mint does not need to replace anything. Gentle cubes of zucchini like jelly. And mint so gently and gently cools zucchini jelly.

Melting taste. And a light parmigiana.

I regret that I did little.

Thank you for a wonderful light dinner!

I read the comments, almost everyone writes what they have done, only without mint, it turned out delicious 🙂 I remember the anecdote: "Dear editors!

Recipe for a salad with tarragon and anchovies and eel stuffed with artichokes with a sauce based on "Beaujolais" Harvest 1903, published in the heading "Grandma Antoinette’s Culinary Secrets", our whole family really liked. True, almost all the components I replaced with potatoes, but instead "Beaujolais" used vinegar GOST R 52101-2003, but still — thanks a lot!" 🙂

If the eggs replace the 6th st.l. oatmeal (flakes), steamed 12 tbsp. boiling water, the recipe will become lacto-vegetarian.

Regular flakes need a little boil with a large amount of water.

Tasty casserole!

I put the usual cheese and parsley instead of mint.

very tasty recipe. simple and without problems. did without mint, because I do not like her, a friend appreciated))

Even worse, sweet for the recipe.

True, she was roaming without m’yati, not small by hand. All I recommend!

very simple and tasty))) Thanks for the recipe.

I didn’t have any mint, so I did it without her, but next time I will try, of course, the original recipe.

And I — and with onions (only green), and mint, and more — cottage cheese. Great meal, both husband and child eat

Very tasty, I do, but without onions and mint.

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