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Carrots are perhaps the most popular root vegetable after kartofells, and this is not accidental: it is tasty, healthy, it has all the vitamins and microelements necessary for a person

Carrot — perhaps the most popular root crop after potatoes, and this is not by chance: carrots contain all the vitamins and microelements that a person needs.

Usual bright orange carrot spread in Europe only in the XVII-XVIII centuries, before the Europeans ate mostly white and purple.

The red color of carrots depends on the presence of beta-carotene in it: the larger it is, the brighter and healthier the carrot is (by the way, no other vegetable or root crop is equal to the amount of beta-carotene carrot).

Many scientists are of the opinion that carrots as a species were born thousands of years ago in the territory of modern Afghanistan.

There still occurs wild carrot. After centuries of cultivation and breeding, carrots have reduced bitterness in taste, sweetness has increased, and the texture of the root crop has become less fibrous. The result was the same garden carrot that we know today.

And it happened quite late. About a thousand years ago, carrots were grown only because of her
leaves that are used the same way as parsley and dill, and seeds — as seasoning.

In Europe, they began to use the root as food only in the 8th – 10th centuries.

In the XII century, the roots of red and yellow in food were described in the works of Ibn Al-Awam, the Andalusian botanist.

A traditional orange carrot began to display in the Netherlands in the XVII century.

In the body, beta-carotene is converted into the necessary vitamin A, which improves vision, helps the body to cope with the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and has a beneficial effect on the skin.

But we must remember that it is absorbed exclusively with fats, so the carrot salads should be filled with vegetable oil or sour cream, and a little cream should be added to the carrot juice.

Carrot color has a big role. The brighter the color, the more carrot in carrots is extremely useful for the human body. However, when consuming raw carrots, only 3% of beta-carotene is absorbed.

And during heat treatment — up to 40%.

Traditional medicine recommends carrots as a mild laxative and remedy for beriberi.

In addition to carotene, carrots contain a large amount of antioxidants and various minerals.

The cosmetic industry uses root seeds to produce various extracts and essential oils for aromatherapy.

The current carrot can be divided into two main categories — “Eastern” and “Western”.

In Asia they grow «Eastern» carrots.

It has several branches on the root, which is yellow or purple. Holland — the birthplace «Western» carrots, it is mostly orange.

Although there are red, yellow and purple varieties.

True, carrot varieties are divided mainly in form, not in color, and each form has its own culinary function.

For example, Nantes carrots has the shape of a cylinder and is tasty raw or added to salad.

A small and well-fed variety cones Chantenay best suited for stewing, boiling soups or baking. Dunvers with its conical root and narrow
the part at the sharp end is usually used for baby food. But carrot juice is best of all comes from long smooth-bodied varieties, in which there is almost no core.

One of these juice varieties — nandrin.

Sort queen of autumn With its long, large and even root vegetables is considered universal, and it can be used in almost all culinary recipes.

Beginning in the 1980s in Europe and America, babies began to sell in supermarkets, or mini carrot.

However, this is not a special variety, but only cut and peeled cylinders of large carrots.

Carrots are eaten both raw and boiled, fried, steamed, baked. Also, the root is added to various soups and stews.

Carrots are used to make baby food and pet food.

In Western Europe, for example, they love julienne from carrots, as well as various sweet dessert dishes. In England, since the early 1800s, the famous carrot cake and carrot pudding have been prepared, which are popular on both sides of the Atlantic to this day. In India, carrots like to add to rice.

In the northern areas of the country prepare a delicious carrot dessert Gaajar Kaa halva, where carrots are boiled in milk with sugar until a thick sweet mass is obtained. After that, add nuts — and the truth is halva.

Russian Koreans salted or pickled finely chopped carrots with spices.

In Central Asia, almost no pilaf is complete without carrots, which should be no less than meat! Poorer segments of the population
used for pilaf coarse yellow carrots.

Make carrots from carrots and make jam.

There are non-alcoholic cocktails using carrot juice.

Carrots go well with other root vegetables, lamb, chicken, garlic, thyme, dill, nuts, brandy and honey.

In central Russia, the main carrot season begins in June and ends in September-October.

Choose medium-sized roots: the stronger the carrot, the more it can be nitrates.

Most healthy carrots — the brighter, the brighter the carrot, the more beta carotene it has.

Buy one hard carrot, without stains or cracks that appear when the vegetable is already starting to deteriorate.

Carrots are well stored in the refrigerator or in a dark and podsto in a plastic bag. If you need to keep it as long as possible, you can wash the roots, dip them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and dry

Before frosts, carrots can be stored in a box on the balcony, it is best to pour it with dry onion peel.

That will not allow the carrot to rot and quickly deteriorate.

A good carrot vegetable is grown without hassle, sold all year round and is inexpensively stored.

Carrot cakes and pies are considered «healthy» baking: in addition to carrots, they are often in them.

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