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Caries Products

According to statistics, in Russia more than half of children over 3 years old have caries. Among 12-year-olds, 96% have problem teeth!

There are several causes of caries: hereditary predisposition, poor ecology — for example, water with a lack of fluoride in the region. But almost all other important risks are reduced to malnutrition.

If there are few vitamins, microelements and nutrients in the body of the child, if harmful foods prevail in the diet with a shortage of beneficial (about them below), finally, if the food culture is not observed, caries is almost inevitable.

So what should be the power from caries?

They should be eaten daily, ideally after every meal. Firstly, they contain many vitamins. Secondly, if you gnaw a carrot or an apple after dinner, you can get rid of food remnants and plaque on the teeth.

Cucumbers, cabbage, pears and radishes are also good for cleaning enamel. You can eat raw and young broccoli: in addition to the fact that it is high in calcium, it has strong antibacterial properties and is especially useful with a tendency to periodontitis. Finally, nibbling hard fruits and vegetables is making a sort of "gymnastics" for teeth and gums.

After all, they, like everything else, need a load and a regular massage.

Cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, kefir, natural yogurt, various types of cheeses are an irreplaceable source of calcium.

Namely, it is necessary — and in large quantities! — to build the entire bone tissue, including dental.

It is one of the most accessible and universal suppliers of fluorine and phosphorus, without which calcium is simply not absorbed properly.

A lot of phosphorus in the liver, melted cheese, buckwheat and oatmeal., Legumes.

Cottage cheese and lean chicken — also not in last place.

Another very important element, without which calcium can participate in building strong teeth, is vitamin D. It is abundant in beef liver, we will add here nuts, garlic, eggs, seafood.

Spicy greens and leafy vegetables — celery, lettuce, chard, young beet tops and turnips — contain a huge amount of calcium.

And in the form that is absorbed by the body best. The only problem is that greens, unlike cottage cheese, are more difficult to stuff into the baby.

But if it works out, very well: antibacterial substances that are contained in greens do an excellent job with carious bacteria in the mouth.

Also a source of trace elements: calcium, potassium, magnesium and much more, which is useful for teeth in particular and for the organism as a whole.

They need to be careful, if there are them in large quantities, the acid in them can contribute to the destruction of teeth. But at the same time, the juice of many berries (for example, strawberries or cranberries) has a bactericidal effect, is rich in minerals and vitamins, and fights well with microorganisms in the mouth. .

They are very rich in vitamins, in particular, vitamin C, which helps reduce bleeding gums and reduces inflammation. In small quantities, lemon and lime help and whiten your teeth.

The main thing is not to get involved "sour": allow the acid to remove plaque, but do not allow to touch the bone tissue of the tooth itself.

Imagine, he is also in the list of useful products! But certainly — bitter, with a high content of cocoa beans and cocoa butter. There is not much sugar in such chocolate, so drinking a couple of slices does not threaten to destroy the delicate enamel of children’s teeth.

But cocoa butter will prevent bacteria from attaching to the surface of the tooth.

Like propolis, which is considered an excellent remedy for toothache, is one of the products of beekeeping. And if the baby is not allergic to them, then it should be used. Some dentists even recommend honey to treat sore gums, such as periodontal disease or stomatitis.

It is very good to chew natural honeycombs with a small amount of honey inside: the wax also helps to clean the enamel.

They, on the recommendation of traditional medicine, you can replace tooth powder or paste.

It is an excellent remedy for the treatment of bleeding gums, and also removes plaque and bad breath.

They are used to rinse the mouth. Very effective is a decoction sage, it relieves inflammations of the oral mucosa and stops the development of caries if you rinse your mouth regularly.

And if the tooth hurts, you can chew the leaf and attach it to the aching tooth: the pain will recede. Onion Husk — another amazing but effective "rinse".

The decoction has tanning properties and prevents the development of carious bacteria on the mucous membrane.

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