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Capelin — product description on

Capella (Mallotus villosus) is a type of smelt, which is found in the Arctic, Atlantic (Atlantic capelin) and the Pacific (Pacific Ocean capelin, or uek).

Yours (Mallotus villosus) is a type of smelt, which is found in the Arctic, Atlantic (Atlantic capelin) and the Pacific (Pacific Ocean capelin, or perch). The Japanese are in great demand — they eat it at home and in restaurants.

The most popular in Japan is the Norwegian caviar capelin, which is found in the Norwegian fjords in the region of Salten and the Nur-Trönnelah county.

The average size of commercial capelin is from 11 to 19 cm, although generally the capelin can grow up to 22 cm and reach a weight of 650 g. The fish has quite small scales and miniature sharp teeth. The back of a capelin is usually greenish, and the body is silvery.

The males of fish on the sides have strips of scales, each of which is fleecy. To spawn to the coast, the capelin goes in giant flocks, followed by packs of slightly smaller size; these are predators that feed on cape (cod, albatrosses, gulls). In those places where the fish comes to spawn, the coast is covered with kilometer thick stripes of capelin thrown out by the surf.

The degree of fat content of this fish depends on the season: the autumn capelin is almost twice as fat as the spring.

Sometimes in Russian capelin is called a chaplain — this is a distorted English name Capelin. As capelin stocks begin to decline gradually, the cold war over catch quotas in its habitats is constantly going on between the two main countries that earn capelin. The arrival of capelin for spawning is a holiday for the population of the Barents and Okhotsk seas.

During this period, the fish loses caution and can be caught with simple nets and even buckets.

Capelin meat contains up to 23% easily digestible protein, a lot of calcium, it is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely good for health and help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Selena in this fish is about 10 times more than in meat, and he is responsible not only for our well-being, but also for our mood.

The capelin is rarely seen fresh on the counter. Basically, frozen, smoked, salted or pickled fish comes into the trade. Before smoking, capelin is pre-salted for a short while.

In the Far East, fish is also boiled and stewed.

Eating capelin and as a cold snack before main courses, and fried — as a main dish. Moreover, this fish does not even need to gut or carve into fillets: you can eat it entirely, with your head and tail.

Capelin is prepared very quickly, within a few minutes. It is very tasty to bake it in foil, wrapped in a single layer and put inside, to the fish, a couple of twigs of any not too strong spicy greens such as dill, parsley or fennel.

A bit of lemon zest or allspice are also welcome — all these ingredients go well with oily fish. Capelin roe is also a very popular snack, on the basis of caviar a lot of different pastes are made with the addition of mayonnaise and other not very healthy ingredients.

Fishmeal is made from capelin, and fishermen often use it for bait when fishing for cod.

A small elegant fish with small silvery scales was in the shadow of its more famous.

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