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Cane Unrefined Sugar

Until recently, Marina Pankova knew only two types of brown cane sugar — sand and lumpy.

And the other day, in a bench of Indian spices, she acquired a small plastic trough filled with dense brown substance of unrefined cane sugar.

— This is Indian honey? — I asked the girl behind the counter.
— No, she smiled. — Same «Saharaj»!

That is boiled sugar cane juice.

The real Indian sugar gur!
— Oh, that’s how it is! — I pretended not to be surprised at all. — Well then give me a box!

Gur sugar is made, as it was 3,000 years ago, by ordinary evaporation of cane juice over a slow fire, thanks to which all the vitamins and minerals with which it is initially rich are preserved. The cane for the production of this sugar is selected the freshest, because after a short time, the juice of the cut cane begins to taste bitter.

The process takes several hours — until all the water has evaporated.

For reference: white refined sugar passes from 10 to 17 levels of chemical cleaning of sugar cane juice or sugar beet, which is heated to accelerate technological processes up to 600-700 ° C.

In addition, in the production of white sugar, phosphoric acid, bleaching agents and other cleaning preparations are used, which literally kill vitamins and minerals in it.

However, headlong to run to the store for the usual cane sugar, which is much more expensive than refined sugar, perhaps not worth it.

The technology of industrial production of brown sugar, which has recently become very popular, actually differs little from the technology of making white, with the only difference being that it often retains some of the molasses, which gives color to sugar.

«Saharaj» soft enough, even slightly wet sugar. The fact is that a solid crystalline consistency acquires any kind of sugar only during chemical processing, which is not used in the production of sugar by gur.

Therefore, the sugar is obtained completely natural, natural, brown color.

Sugar is a significant amount of zinc, manganese, selenium, calcium and phosphorus.

It is no coincidence that sugargur“For many centuries it has been glorified by Ayurveda — the ancient system of Indian medicine, for its numerous medicinal and immune-strengthening properties.

It is believed that with elevated pressure, anemia, and menstrual dysfunction, take a teaspoonful of Saharaja every day.

According to ancient teachings, the gur fights spasms very well — it relaxes the muscles and improves the general blood circulation.

And here is the way the Indians have tested for centuries to relieve cough: a teaspoon of “Saharaja” should be diluted in a glass of warm water, add a little black pepper and drink in small sips.

In my opinion, “Saharaj” has a rather piercing smell.

Perhaps that is the way reed juice, which I have never smelled. In color and texture, sugar resembles honey.

But its taste is also very unusual — sharp, with a touch of propolis.

I tasted Saharaju with green tea, “out of place”. Sugar is very sweet, just a small spoon is enough.

But even I could not finish it until the end.

Personally, I still choose the option of tea with ordinary honey.

«Saharadzha» — cane unrefined sugar gur, country of origin India, manufacturer — Russia, 400 g, 85 rub.

Marina Pankova:
“My parents really wanted a boy to be born to them — Anton. Anton Pavlovich. And I turned out, that is a girl.

The name was not prepared for me. Therefore, they called me at random Marina, which, as it turned out later, means “sea”. Maybe that’s why I love to swim so much.

Only not in the sea, but on the blue path, in the pool. Be sure to open.

If I do not swim a couple of kilometers a day, I break out like an old cupboard.

Sometime in the late autumn, in the team “Walruses of the USSR” I even swam across the lake Issyk-Kul 42 km long

The “walruses” themselves floundered in the water at a temperature of 7 degrees, and I swam behind them, on a steamer, where I wrote a report about the tempering amateurs for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In general, I always liked to watch how people know how to create a beautiful world around them.

For a long time I talked about this in my author’s headings in a magazine about design and interiors with the funny name “Stool”. I also love to eat tasty food, especially what someone else cooked, not me. But my favorite dish is not necessary to cook. Oysters are good in themselves.

I can easily eat a couple dozen.

But I still had a connection with the “world of Anton Pavlovich”. Friends often call me MaPa.

So Chekhov addressed his beloved younger sister Maria Pavlovna. ”

First trialbut:

Topinambur Jam

Marina Pankova bought a can of domestic jam made from Jerusalem artichoke with peaches, tasted and did not disappoint her taste!

Recently in the store at the counter.

See below.

Chocolate with thyme

Chocolate is a well-known remedy for depression.

No wonder, even a hundred years ago, Marina Tsvetaeva recommended: “Treat sadness with chocolate and laugh in the face of passersby!” See below.

Butter and vegetable oil

I love butter and since childhood I eat it in large quantities — well, what can you do if you want?

But the thought that even my favorite butter.

See below.

Honey with pieces of maral antlers

Marina Pankova has never been to Altai.

But when she saw honey in the Moscow store with pieces of maral antlers from Gorny Altai, she could not refrain from buying.

See below.

Cacao butter

Marina Pankova friend donated cocoa butter. Well, the soul rushed to heaven!

My friend, a big lover of gastronomic experiments.

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Gluten Free Rice Spaghetti

Marina Pankova, through a long search, found gluten-free spaghetti and carried them to her mother — her mother does not want to eat pasta with gluten.

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Chile Olive Oil

Marina Pankova, yielding to romantic memories, bought olive oil from Chile. Yes, now in Russian stores there is such a thing!

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