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Cakes as art

Anna Krasouskaya baked her first designer cake at six years old. And after a while, Gastronom magazine inspired Anya to become a professional. Today she is one of the best confectioners in St. Petersburg and creates amazing designer cakes.

Here is the story of her success.

Its the first author’s I baked a cake at six let, relying on the perfect idea of ​​the confectionery art.

It was all that was needed, but it turned out to be sour and similar to bread.

It was at that moment that I learned the first lesson: you need to cook according to the recipe.

Already at the age of 11 I used to cook cakes according to family recipes.

At my disposal were the time-tested honey cake made from a dozen of the thinnest cakes and a biscuit cake with chocolate icing and walnuts.

It was quite enough for the holidays and tea parties.

In the meantime, my family grew, my career went uphill, and the stresses became more and more.

I began to look for something that would distract me from my routine and remembered my childhood hobby.

But two recipes were not enough, and here came to the rescue "Gastronom".

Of course, it was not the first culinary magazine that fell into my hands, but the simplicity and effectiveness of the recipes in "Grocery store" I was so impressed that I became his most devoted fan.

I was inspired by the fact that even complex dishes always turned out and the excitement to reach new heights appeared.

I decided to become a professional and entered one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world. Le cordon bleu. Now I have my own shop, and I calmly invent confectionery recipes of any complexity.

But I still keep two huge boxes of magazines "Gastronom" in case you want to cook something unusual from the main courses.

For me, cakes are first of all creativity.

In 2015, I came up with an interesting project Fashion Cakes. These are six cakes created on the basis of the collections of Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Ulyana Sergeenko, Elie Saab, Ralf&Russo.

I decided to convey the beauty and harmony of the dresses with the help of edible materials: sweet paste, caramel crystals, beads and painting with food colors.

All cakes are united by the basic idea: in our life, art penetrates into the most unexpected areas of activity, and trends smoothly flow from one area to another.

Thanks to the talented people who supported Fashion Cakes — photographer Lola Dzhuraeva, artist Elena Manoli, designers of the shooting Olga Dzugayeva and Maria Puzikova.

Cake based on dresses from the collection of Ulyana Sergeenko, which was presented at a closed show of the Paris High Fashion Week.

Cake decorated with texture chicken.

All elements, including feathers, are made from sweet paste.

Couture collection Ralph & Russo was presented during the fashion week at the Grand Palais Paris.

The cake is decorated with delicate pink frills of sugar mastic.

The daughter of the legendary Anna Wintour Bee Schaffer at the Oscar award ceremony appeared in a dress from the new Dolce collection&Gabbana. The cake is decorated with sugar roses and three-dimensional mastic ornament.

The crown and legs are made of sweet paste.

In the spring-summer collection of Elie Saab, the floristic theme fashionable this season is supported by embroidery and applications.

To create a cake using the finest petals of sugar mastic, hand painted with food colors.

For the haute couture 2015 collection from Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld created a garden of futuristic flowers in pink, blue, red and yellow shades.

Non-standard proportions of the dress are observed in the cake, and in the decor there are more than a hundred flowers created by hand from sugar mastic.

In the new collection of Christian Dior based on the 50s, there are many variations on the theme of short dresses with voluminous embroidery.

The cake is decorated with sugar crystals, edible gold and caramel.

Anna Krasovskaya — graduate of the world famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.

In 2015, she headed the rating of Top-12 confectioners in St. Petersburg and became a medalist at the XIII All-Russian Culinary Championship.

Specializes in exclusive cakes with author’s tastes.

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