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Cake Truffle, step by step recipe with photos

  • dark sugar — 300 g
  • dark chocolate (70% cocoa) — 140 g
  • eggs — 2 pcs.
  • cocoa powder — 1.5 Art. l
  • butter — 140 g
  • soda — 0.25 tsp.
  • instant coffee — 2 tsp.
  • Cream 35% fat — 3 tbsp. l
  • flour — 100 g
  • dark sugar — 1 tsp.
  • dark chocolate (70% cocoa) — 50 g
  • Cream 35% fat — 100 ml

Only a hand-made truffle is called a real one. Types of truffles are many, but their principle.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.



A CAKE MAY NOT BE RECEIVED if you do not have sufficient knowledge (and not ideas) about the temperature in the pastry case.

I mean, not only baking, but also the temperature of mixing products, their cooling or heating.

The cake turned out great.

Rich chocolate-truffle flavor. The cake was baked at 150 degrees for 1 hour.

This is not a chocolate sponge cake, the cake is a little wet, you need to cut it by letting it rest in the refrigerator (immediately after baking the cake is brittle, you will most likely get truffle chips). / 4 cream. The cake is not great, but the taste is rosy, thanks to the author for the recipe.

The cake is gorgeous, everything turned out. In the dough added a little more flour, a little less sugar.

Bake in a round shape with a diameter of 20 cm. Cooled, the next day cut without problems into 3 layers.

Crema cooked one and a half norms. He whipped perfectly.

Korzh slightly soaked with syrup. The icing is perfect. The guests were delighted!

Thanks for the recipe!

Very doubtful cake recipe. Nothing happened at all (although there are many years of experience in baking cakes and other things). Biscuit?

This is not a biscuit, to taste it do not understand that! I didn’t come out, I think, okay, I’ll break it as someone suggested in the comments, mix it with cream, but decided to try it first, it’s not edible in principle, it’s not a truffle.

Cream is a separate song, it is not whipped with chocolate in principle!

Taking into account that high-quality products were taken, such an experiment took off for a pretty penny.

Insanely sorry for the money and time spent!

Alex, you can’t replace the cream in this recipe for anything else.

Tell me, please, can I completely replace the cream with sour cream or yogurt?

The dough is quite brittle (little flour and eggs, a lot of liquid), so it is not surprising that it rises, and then drops to its original height.

If you decide to change the temperature regime and increase the baking time, do not take it for work, tell us about the result.

The cream on white chocolate turned out to be denser than on the dark one, right?

I think this was due to the lack of cocoa particles in chocolate and, accordingly, a large amount of cocoa butter.

The third time I made a cake 🙂 And what was the result?

Deliciously unique and very.

According to the cake.

Temperature 155, about 1 hour. After 30 minutes it rises just above the form (20 * 30 cm. Initially filled to 60% in height).

At this point, pierced with a match, inside the liquid.

After another 30 minutes, baked, but returns to the initial height. (previously baked without opening, so it could not fall because of the open oven).

Or it should be, but then cut into 2 parts, or can try the temperature of 145-140? and bake for 1.5 hours?

For chocolate cream, made as in the comments on 12/12/2014g. Immediately whip the cream, then slightly adding and whipping melted white chocolate.

The cream turned out thick, like a whipped butter.

Who will tell or correct me.

For chocolate cream idea. When I made a drunken cherry, I first whipped the cream, then poured the melted water. bath chocolate. It will be necessary here, too.

Cream is whipped easily, add a little chocolate and whip.

Will cream as needed.

Catherine, bravo! To find a way out of the annoying situation in the kitchen, unfortunately, not everyone knows how.

Now we need to analyze the reasons for the failure in a calm atmosphere, so that next time everything will work out as it should.

I’ve been going to make this cake for a long time and finally decided 🙂 Well, the first pancake came out lumpy. Korzh is dry, the cream is not whipped. She was ready to cry, but an idea struck her head.

I broke the cakes and dipped them in cream with chocolate. Top filled with icing and sprinkled with grated white chocolate.

It turned out incredibly tasty! If you have any problems, you can use my method) The cake turned out like a brownie 🙂

I liked the cake, the amount of cream increased — white chocolate 100g, cream 150g, and whipped cream separately, and then combined with chocolate, melted in a small amount of cream.

We still have to try to keep less in the oven, the cake really dries in 1.5 hours.

And thanks to the author of the recipe and komenty with good advice.

Thank you so much, the cake is excellent.

I baked children for my birthday, went out the first time, and my whole family is delighted.

Cake — a masterpiece.

True the most calories which can be 🙂 Printed out a recipe and a comments page in essence. My experience. Sugar took the usual.

Baked about 50 minutes. For 20 minutes rose 2 times, and began to fall.

The cabinet did not open, the temperature did not pull. Temperature 160, then made 150 (according to the recommendations of Alena Spirina). Oven Bosch, you can clearly adjust the temperature.

Total 30-40 minutes will try next time. Cut into 3 cakes, but the top two were crumbled. If the cake biscuit had not fallen, then it was possible to cut it into 3 pieces freely, and so it was necessary for two.

Cream whipped bad. Maybe because of the chocolate. Found white only porous.

More cream? Well, not sure, next time I’ll try less, this one did twice as much. Due to the liquid consistency "softened" cake

And I’ll try to use the cream whipping advice separately.

Glaze was not enough. Due to the porous surface.

Top cake was crushed.

Well, up to the ideal of three regular cake layers, cream like butter, and the look like in the picture we will strive 🙂 Cake is a masterpiece!

Bake in the bottom third of the oven.

The heating function is bottom + top, it is possible with blowing, then the temperature should be reduced by 10 C. Well, or bake in the mode on which you usually bake confectionery.

bake cake on the lower or middle height of the oven? and select the heating function only below or below and above? thank

Hardens a little.

And you beat it up to make a cream.

The usual course when working with ganache.

And if you put the cream in the fridge for an hour, the chocolate contained there will not harden?

Well, that’s ready to cake. I did not wait for the morning. so probably all crumbled. But cut even layers turned out.

Each layer on a separate plate folded and then laid out on the cream, in pieces. The cream is still custard made, very tasty. special thanks to the author for the recipe glaze. Delicate and very tasty. lays down beautifully and is easy to do.

And the taste of the cakes and texture is just amazing.

Never tried this.

Thanks again.

I think it should be delicious.

The cake has already baked. I don’t cool like a dry cookie. Probably it did not work out for some of them, because everyone’s ovens are different and bake differently.

I baked my 65 minutes and the temperature was the lowest. Everything worked out.

The main thing is to warm up first.

Cream going to make custard.

White chocolate is basically all of dubious quality we sell.

Delicious cake, everything turned out, the cream made twice as much. The cake was not dry a little soaked liquor crust. Relatives asked to cook it.

Guests appreciated.

Cake Class!

Sometimes, before taking up the preparation, it is useful to read the comments and clarify once again not quite clear points.

Then, perhaps, the author will not have to cry or choke.

Cake did not like !! Cake did not work at all, dear people, NEVER make this cake!

1,5 hour?! Yes, he withered and turned into a cookie!

A terrible recipe, the whole mood was gone, crying and sobbing because the products were translated in vain, I want to strangle the author for such a terrible recipe! I am furious!

The cake is delicious, but the cream (cream + chocolate) according to the method indicated in the recipe is not whipped (tried several times).

To make the cream, I took and mixed the chocolate in the indicated way with only a quarter of the cream. To give the chocolate a liquid consistency.

And then separately beat up the specified amount of cream, and after thickening, slowly added the mixture of chocolate with cream obtained earlier, continuing to beat.

So it turned out thick and lush cream.

Everything else is obtained exactly according to the recipe.

Good day! Fully agree with Alena Spirina. Made a cake several times.

Always get insanely delicious.

I did everything according to the recipe.

Good day! Honestly, I did not see the biscuit in this recipe!

According to my ideas, from these products and with this method should be quite dense brownie-type cake. He simply did not rise from anything: the eggs did not beat into the foam, 1/4 tsp. soda does not exactly raise that amount of sweet fat dough. Moreover, in 1.5 hours in the oven, even at 160, the biscuit dries out completely.

I would give no more than 30 minutes. And forget about cutting the cake in height!

Unless on 3 strips 10 cm wide and 20 length.

These are my thoughts.

Good afternoon, I decided to prepare a recipe on the occasion of my birthday, at first it seemed that there was nothing difficult: I bought products, I prepared everything, and a gradual process of preparation began. The oven is in my Bosch, I counted the instructions and recommendations at what level to bake cakes, in short, the result promised to be.

But in the end, the cake did not work! 1.5 hours and my cake has not risen, turned into hard chocolate cookies!

Although very tasty, but we then wanted to get a cake.

There are not so many products translated, but I would like to understand why it happened, I adore truffle cakes, but why this time it happened, I don’t understand ?!

And I, too, the cake did not work. and didn’t fit, and it didn’t even cut it. But I broke it and just poured it with cream. (The cream also didn’t beat). But the taste is very good. Bitter chocolate gives a special piquancy ..

Excellent cake! Cakes, however, soaked with syrup and brandy — we all love "wet" cakes. I liked it very much! Thanks Gastronomy for the recipe!

For the guest who left a comment on 04/17/2013 8:28:57 Where did you think that the cakes would be tough?

In addition, they are coated with a cream that soaks them, and the top cake is filled with icing.

Is it normal that the cakes are very hard? And how will the upper layer soften if it is not coated with anything?

Thank you very much for the cake! I did everything as in the recipe and the result pleased everyone.

Scorched already three times.

why on the photo white chocolate pours into the water and not into the cream?

Thank you so much for the answer.

For the Guest who left a comment on 02/21/2013 4:45:05 PM Yes, it is imperative to endure the night in the fridge.

Biscuit should dry well before assembly — it will then have a completely different taste and the cream or impregnation will absorb completely differently.

If you are in a hurry, leave it at room temperature for at least 4 hours.

And be sure to put a biscuit all night in the fridge.

Maybe a couple of hours is enough?

the cake is really sooo yummy!

Did 2 times. Korzh super, but the cream both times did not work. When I did the first time I thought I did something wrong. But when I did the second time with proven products I came to the conclusion that something was wrong in the recipe.

In fact, sugar is placed on the eye, (two palms joined) and plain, not brown. I did it twice, the creams were different and they added custard-chocolate, we got two cakes to taste, a mix. Cream and in truth need more, but the oven is the most important thing, who has what, and I have exactly 1.5 hours and the cakes are canceled. This is the best cake in my life, honestly.

I think you can always experiment with something to change, of course, if you understand what you are doing!

In general, not a cake, but a masterpiece of cooking — thank you so much for the recipe.

Did a few times, a good cake.

The cake turned out tough like chocolate.

The cream is not whipped, therefore the cream did not work.

I did everything right, but the result was a translation of the products.

Koroce, tort na samom dele oceni vkusniy. Krem polucaetsa gustoy esli ego vzbiti 3-4 minuti, no vot tolko malo.

U menya polucilisi 2 korja e krema eli xvatilo. Na 3 korja odnoznacno nado bolshe krema.

Da i na foto v retsepte bolshe krema cem na samom dele. Korj vipekala minut 40.

Ne znayu pocemu v retsepte napisano 1,5 casa.

Eto uje vigoreliy korj polucaetsa.

Korj rejetsa ne sovsem legko, t.c. budte ostorojni. A tak, dovolno vkusniy tort polucaetsa

I also could not manage to whip the cream — water with water.

That only tried ((Now I do so.

In a small amount of cream dissolve the white chocolate, and the rest I beat cold.

Gradually pour in the mixture with chocolate, continuing to beat. Then everything goes super!

One gourmet who eats exclusively in restaurants, chewed half of my cake in time! Great recipe))))

For Guest 07/19/15 15:04:58 AM 1. Try to buy better white chocolate.

2. Increase the amount of chocolate in the cream to 80 g, do not add water, or add 1 tbsp as a thickener. l flour (pre-stir it in a small amount of cold cream).

Tell me and what to do if the cream thick does not come out ??

The quality of the dough depends on the quality of the products: egg freshness, gluten in flour, oil. One flour wonders only for pancakes, the other for dumplings, but there is one from which you can cook everything, never fails.

For the Guest from 06/25/2012 8:28:58 PM Yes, it’s over, you can.

In this recipe, the kind of sugar is not prichinyalen.

Can I substitute brown sugar for white?

In our family, the cake has become just a hit.

And at work they did not believe that I cooked it myself, they said that I had bought it.

Mom baked grandson on the day. By the way, I gave her the recipe from here !!

The cake was just a holiday hit !!


I do not agree! the cake is very tasty and really reminds candy "Truffles". cake for those who love dark chocolate.

Baked on the DR, the guests were delighted!

Made a cake for this recipe.

Sorry, but nothing more tasteless in life is not eaten!

Girls, do not waste your time and products.

Made a cake for this recipe.

Sorry, but nothing more tasteless in life is not eaten!

Girls, do not waste your time and products.

The cake is very, very tasty! It turned out absolutely the same as in the photo! in the recipe everything is correct! only need cream 1.5 times more!

Nothing succeeded!

Hard cake. I think it’s about sugar.

Too much!

Very sorry products.

Made strictly by prescription.

Korzh was a bit zheskovat.

Maybe an hour and a half in the oven a lot?

For the guest who made a comment on 10.03.2012 12:51:57 Apparently, you didn’t mix the dough badly — otherwise the sugar would not crunch on the teeth.

a wonderful recipe, in bouts of laziness I do not make a cream, a very tasty dough!

Good afternoon, I tried yesterday to make a cake according to the recipe. Absolutely did not rise, after 40 minutes began to burn, as a result, sugar crunched on the teeth. Can you have a typo in the recipe? it says that flour needs 100 grams, and sugar 300. can it all be the other way around?

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