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Cake Napoleon, step by step recipe with photos

  • vodka or brandy — 3 tbsp. l
  • egg — 2 pcs.
  • cold water — 150 ml
  • salt — on the tip of a knife
  • butter or margarine — 400 g
  • flour — 650 g
  • vinegar — 1 tbsp. l
  • eggs (yolks only) — 7 pcs.
  • butter fat content of 82.5% — 150-200 g
  • milk — 1.5 l
  • Vanilla sugar — 2 tbsp. l or 0.5 vanilla pod
  • flour — 100 g
  • sugar — 360 g

From the Editor: The author of the recipe laid it out for a long time and did not prescribe custard steps in cooking technology.

Therefore, either cook the custard according to your own recipe or, using the author’s ingredients, cook it according to the technology proposed by Elena Nekrasova.

Helen’s recipe is in the links to this Napoleon.

Cakes for cake conveniently baked on the back of the pan.

They can be prepared in advance and stored at room temperature in a dry place. To store the cake wrapped in parchment or cellophane.

Instead of a food film, you can cover the split form with foil.

In this case, oiling the form is not necessary.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Cake Napoleon leads its history from such a depth of centuries that its beginning is completely lost. Obviously.

Lemon custard — sour, not greasy, very pleasant sponge cake or cream.

Elena, tell me, could you predict that the dough would not be flaky just by reading the recipe?

With the right kneading, it will turn out very fragile and layered (not to be confused with puff pastry!), And the cake will be very worthy.

Unfortunately, what came of nothing to "To Napoleon" does not have!

The dough is not puff, we observe all proportions, the dough turned out to be very similar to the sand, but not puffy at all .. alas, let’s eat it ourselves, spread this shame on the table called "Napoleon", it is impossible: (((- alas. it’s a pity that this time the Deli let you down. it’s a pity the time and products spent.

Napoleonchik cooked strictly according to the recipe. as I have a bad habit, something to correct, so here is FULL DELIGHT! Thanks for the recipe, I recommend everyone. Happy New Year!

Great recipe. But I changed it a bit: don’t really like custard.

Cakes are smeared alternately with sour cream (sour cream min 25% fat + sugar + vanilla) and condensed milk. Layers with condensed milk still on top abundantly sprinkle with ground walnuts. And yes: >>>After coating with cream and maturation for impregnation, carefully cut off the irregularities from all sides.

Once again, a little smeared with cream ** sour cream ** top and walls and sprinkled with crumbs.

My God, the recipe of this Napoleon has been walking around the world for several years now, and look for the source in the GUEST-CLEAR! A real Napoleon is made of puff pastry according to GOST. BUT THIS TOO-NOTHING

A similar recipe from Napoleon took over from my mother. She advised me to take less water — only 1/4 cup, and then more eggs — 3-4 pcs. You can even without water.

I just beat the eggs.

I add a little water, citric acid at the tip of the knife, salt.

It is even better to take yolks instead of eggs.

With the fridge do not bother. And then what’s the point — first freeze, and then heat on a baking sheet. Cold dough is hard to roll.

Another caveat: when kneading dough, I tuck the edge all the time from one side to the center — there will be an additional foliation.

Cream: stopped on sour cream with vanilla. Suspend sour cream in a 4-layer gauze for the night for dripping moisture.

Then beat with icing sugar. I also don’t bother with a detachable form — I put and spread cakes on a glass, flat dish or plastic. After coating with cream and maturation for impregnation, carefully cut off the irregularities from all sides.

Once again, I dab the top and walls with a little cream and sprinkle it with crumbs. The cake is easily transferred to a permanent place.

You can slip for this thick paper, move the cake on paper, then pull it out.

In general, the recipe is good, thanks to the author for publishing.

the cake is delicious) and the recipe is h. cream can be found in the search engine)

I made the dough as a recipe, everything was perfectly baked and turned into 12 small cakes. The main custard cream was made according to the recipe on the website, besides this cream, I also made a can of boiled condensed milk + 160gr of oil and some crushed nuts. That’s just these two servings of cream exactly both went to 12 cakes.

And yet, if you only lubricate the custard, then the cake is as if moist strongly (if you don’t eat all at once!), And if you alternate cream and condensed milk and custard through the cake, it turns out great taste and the cake does not limp. try it, you should like it!

Please, tell me, please, how can one of the ingredients listed in the recipe make a cream?

Thank you in advance!

cool recipe, tried

Dear user! It is very ugly to copy other people’s recipes with photos.

Would then give at least a link to the source for decency! And the cake is very tasty!

The recipe is wonderful!

Preparing for the first time for this recipe, everything turned out very tasty!

And the recipe of brewed cream from the same site!

Good girl! The cake is wonderful, real Napoleon. Thank you so much!

I recommend it to everyone. Time is 2 hours. in the cold dough kept for 15 minutes (the first skin). The cream is cooked as usual custard

cooking time is indicated 1 hour, but only in the refrigerator the dough should lie so much. so how much time is really needed?

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