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Cake House in chocolate, step by step recipe with photos

On New Year’s Eve, make dinner easy — and not in the name of a thin waist, but so that the guests are still a little hungry when you serve such a terrific cake.

  • fresh egg whites — 8 pcs
  • Almond — 150 g raw
  • cocoa powder — 2 tbsp.
  • powdered sugar for serving — 2 glasses
  • flour — 100 g
  • butter — 300 g
  • fresh egg whites — 6 pcs
  • chocolate (60% cocoa) — 400 g
  • egg (yolk) — 4 pieces
  • powdered sugar for serving — 2 tbsp.

This is not the easiest cake — but it’s worth trying for the New Year. You will ease your task if you do it in stages.

First cook the cake layers.

They can be stored in a dry place for two days, and it does not affect their taste.

Then make chocolate decorations. They must stand in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, otherwise the chocolate will be fragile, and even better — 24 hours.

If you don’t manage to buy ready-made icing before the holidays, you can make it yourself, it’s easy.

You just need to mix the proteins with powdered sugar in the ratio of 120 grams of powder to 1 protein and add a few crystals of citric acid.

If you need a thicker icing for decoration, add more powder.

In addition, the icing in this recipe can be replaced with white chocolate — it is even better for fastening the roof.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Very beautiful house turned out!

What a delicious cake, thank you very much for the recipe!

Well, what a beauty turned out!

Here is the main IDEA.

Check yourself!

After all, you can bake an ordinary biscuit "mask" having prepared two colors, this time! Second You can decorate it yourself to your liking.

Soak and procrastinate. Recipes of creams, glazes, etc. The Internet is full, besides, there is a reason to call Granny or Mom, ask this or that family secret of a traditional family cake!

And embed it in this idea))) THANKS FOR THE STATED IDEA!

I bore it for a long time, because the gingerbread houses were not very inspiring.

Happy holiday.

Guest 12/29/2010 3:02:17 PM: Classic royal icing is done like this.: it is necessary to beat with a mixer 1 fresh egg white and 250 g of powdered sugar, adding powder in small portions; then add 1 tsp. lemon juice, beat. At the end add a pinch of wheat flour and mix very thoroughly.

The consistency of this glaze can be adjusted by adding either lemon juice or powdered sugar.

how to cook the icing?

I tried to bake a house! The idea is great, but the recipe is a little inaccurate.

I added more flour to the dough because it turns out quite liquid.

Flour more +200 g. Unfortunately, I did not get 12 recipes of this size according to your recipe. I made them smaller.

The easiest way is not to draw squares on parchment, but to pour the dough over the baking sheet, and then cut this layer into 4 pieces. Yes, by the way, it is not necessary to cover the baking sheet with parchment. enough to lubricate his salting. or plums. oil and sprinkle lightly with flour)))) I used to bake less than what was said, about 15 minutes.

That is quite enough.
Now about the cream. It is very tasty, but too much. enough 200 grams of chocolate. oil is also less than 2 times.

The rest everything worked out, though I decorated it completely with icing, and I painted the shingles with the cream that remained.

The same cream was drawn and the windows on the house.
I really liked the recipe, it would be nice to write the proportions more accurately)))) Thanks to the site.

in this recipe obviously something did not say, some kind of secret. cream. jewelry turned out perfect! but the dough stuck to the paper and became very fragile right there.

Dashylia009: the dough for the cake can be divided in half and in one of the parts add cocoa (2 tablespoons).

Please tell me why the cakes are different colors.

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