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Cake Bird’s milk, step by step recipe with photos

  • vanilla sugar — 1 tsp.
  • sugar — 1 tbsp.
  • lubricating oil
  • flour — 1 tbsp.
  • egg — 4 pcs.
  • butter — 300 g
  • potato starch — 1 tbsp.
  • vanilla sugar — 3 tsp.
  • sugar — 2 tbsp.
  • gelatin granules — 40 g
  • egg — 10 pcs.
  • milk — 1 tbsp.

Sprinkle biscuit cakes for the cake with a small amount of any creamy liquor (“Beyliz”, “Talea Amaretto Cream”) and add 2–3 tbsp. l in cream — the taste will become more interesting.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Cakes, pies, cakes with chocolate always serve as decoration of the dessert table. They are good for tea and.

Cake Napoleon leads its history from such a depth of centuries that its beginning is completely lost. Obviously.

Cake Bird’s milk — one of the most favorite cakes of the Soviet era.

Eugenia, 200 ml — faceted.

Glass — 200 or 250 ml?

how many times she made a cake and only now it came to the conclusion that, perhaps, Anastasia is right, since the cake is cut horizontally, then it really should be "fluffy". and the baking sheet, it turns out, is not a baking sheet, and not too big a shape, so that there really was something to rise. I always poured into a usual baking sheet and cut a thin cake in two halves))

Anastasia, there should not be "buns", bird’s milk is always a thin cake

I didn’t get a lump, and in general it turned out to be very thin.

Although I can cook with cakes and pies I have never had any problems.

Mihaela, sorry, this is not possible at all (But in this case google translate does help a lot)

I love you, but I don’t understand russian.

It is possible that you can read these recipes in english. I can’t understand a single word :-(. Thank you!

I love bird’s milk, super sfotkan, och. appetizing.

An excellent cake, very nourishing, the cakes are always soaked with a little Beyliz, I put gelatin about 25-30 grams, that’s enough.

I do a water bath in a large skillet with a large diameter, it turns out much faster.

She has baked many times, always successfully. Good luck and you)

Chose this recipe.

I read komenty.

And he made 1 to one according to the recipe 🙂 Only not 7-10 minutes were baked, but about 20. Then the dough was reddened and dried.

Is normal! Not soaked with alcohol, but really beg. Grooved in a round detachable form with a diameter of 23 cm.

In it and poured later "bird’s milk" — cream. At the bottom of the half biscuit, then poured. Just under the top of the boards fit.

In the fridge a couple of hours froze, then put up a sponge cake.

Immediately would have fallen into the cream. In general, when there is time and inspiration, that’s it! 🙂

My favorite cake! tender souffle can not be compared with anything

I made the cake, I liked it, but I slightly change the technology of the cake — I beat the eggs with sugar in a water bath, so they are richer, and I sift the flour in batches into the mixture and gently knead it with a spatula so as not to lose fluffiness — so I get a thicker and more sweaty cake, it easier to split into two parts.

The cake was very tasty, made cream on agar, added 20 grams. (I was afraid to lay down less), melt it with sugar, and then add proteins to the downed one.

Everything is cool, the cake is very tasty, delicate.

I have three peasants in the house, they really liked the cake!

I did everything according to the recipe, but in the end I spoiled the proteins.

They are whipped, but not thickened! To make them thick, they must first be whipped without sugar.

But it’s too late! 🙁 So, for those who are just going to bake, take this moment into account.

Olga, especially for you published this text https://www.gastronom.ru/text/vzbivaem-yaichnye-belki-1005888.

I hope he will help you, and the cake will work out.

Loved the recipe, I want to try. But I never whipped squirrels before.

Describe in more detail: how long to beat, until solid peaks?

Lemon juice sweat or gradually as whipping?

I love these cakes!))

It is a pity that the photo can not be downloaded here ((((

The cake turned out great, did not even expect such a result. Only I took 2 times fewer ingredients, but baked 2 cakes separately, taking 1/2 ingredients per cake.

Gelatin was instant.

Cooked for 4 people and another half remained.

I advise everyone!

Girls whose cream has failed, I appeal to you: IN THIS CASE, IT IS POSSIBLE TO DIMINATE A LITTLE NUMBER OF LIQUIDS A LITTLE BIT OF MILK AND WATER, THIS IS NOT A CASE WHEN MORE THAN BETTER. And do not boil powdered gelatin, it will lose gelling properties. Just warm up, stirring constantly.

Good day to all and good mood.

I have long wanted to bake a cake, but today it happened.

The cake turned out great, the first time, friends said it was better than in the store. I made the glaze on sour cream, only added half the chocolate bar. Thanks for the recipe.

Any sponge cake (frothy cake) rises due to the air hammered into the eggs. Baking powder can work as an extra "lifting force", if the dough is butter or milk.

In this recipe, the biscuit is thin, slightly thicker than 1 cm in thickness.

Tell me, how does the biscuit rise, because the recipe does not indicate anything about soda or baking powder?

Or should the biscuit be thin?

I never cooked a cake "bird’s milk" and then I decided to try it; I had to bake the cake for the event to my baby.

Everything was done strictly according to the recipe, the only sugar put in two times less and gelatin, it turned out very tasty.

Everyone was delighted and asked for a recipe))). Thank you very much for the recipe.

I have been making bird’s milk according to this recipe for a long time, with such proportions a big cake is obtained, I almost always take half the ingredients. The cake is delicious, I really like it.

Take 40 grams in any form and deal with it as needed for this type: soak the plates in cold water, squeeze and dissolve in the hot syrup, granules or powder — let them swell in cold water and dissolve in it.

Or I did not understand your question?

Tell me, please, if the gelatin sheet is 20g (12 plates per 1 liter) + or instant in the form of fine powder 30g (1 sachet per 500ml) How in this case to prepare a souffle?

Gelatin granules do not sell here.

Below they write that the recipe is terrible. But this is not true! Most likely this "confectioner" violated the technology of preparation, and referred to this recipe. Personally, I tried various recipes for cakes. But I decided to do this for the first time. And you know what, I VERY LIKE.

In general, as long as you do not practice yourself, you will not be able to appreciate this cake. For everyone is his own.

For several years I have been using the exact same recipe (only instead of starch I use flour 1 tbsp.) You can make a variety of biscuits for poultry milk. But I always put two korzha down and between them a cream (custard or butter), add nuts to this cream prunes. And on top I’m pouring cream "bird’s milk" and another korzh.

At the final stage of cooking, you can add cocoa powder to bird’s milk — here’s a chocolate bird for you too. You can leave half the cream white with cocoa and spread on cakes in turn — it looks very original in the section.

And also such an addition — when I filled the cake with a bird, I put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. It freezes very quickly. I take it out, grease it with a little butter cream and put a little soaked last cake on top. I decorate every time in different ways, after decorating for 20 minutes. in the fridge and then you can help yourself.

All my crazy about this cake!

baked her husband on the DR, did everything strictly according to the recipe turned out awesome, everyone really liked it, a very good recipe.

HORRIBLE RECIPE! for a long time he was tuned in, was VERY EXPENSE. It turned out only the most sponge cake! Cream water with water. it can only Pour on a biscuit! PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE PICTURES!

Long chose a recipe to bake her husband for his birthday. I read the reviews. I wanted to do with condensed milk, but I ventured to take this recipe and did not make the wrong decision!

Cake scorched strictly according to the recipe, not deviating. Is that the gelatin was instant, which simplified the task.

When the yolks with sugar and starch were heated in a water bath, the mixture began to form lumps.

I tensed.

But then they are safely stirred. Cake barely got into shape!

So lush and with bubbles! And the biscuit is beautiful.

Only it is necessary to bake it not for 7-10 minutes, and not less than 15 at 180С. Take a look.

Thanks for the recipe!

He is very lucky.

I will still do it.

Cooked with store biscuits, out of these ingredients, two cakes with a diameter of about 25 centimeters. The taste was very pleasant, delicate and airy!

Yellowish in color due to yolks and butter. It took a lot less sugar, and it came out sweetly, given the impregnation of liqueur and glaze.

Next time I will put 1 cup of sugar.

There were no problems with gelatin, the cakes began to freeze in literally 10 minutes.

Robila all according to the recipe of Garno was given to Ptashina milk, tilka was impregnated Robila at the cake recipe

made your cake but something cream turned out very liquid probably I did something netak did.

cake is super! But I made the cream easier and faster (sour cream, sugar, gelatin) Bomb!

girls, very tasty cake, I’ve been making it for more than 20 years!

I did the first time to my little daughter for my birthday, everything turned out perfectly. The kids were delighted!

Yummy! Only vanilla sugar I took 2 times more and put 1.5 st. In proteins. Sahara. Very tasty and very simple!

Thanks for the recipe!

and proteins are not subjected to any heat treatment ?? I am wary of raw eggs (((

Yes, this is all dough, but since the size of the pan is not specified exactly, you have to navigate through the thickness of the dough.

In fact, if the dough layer is a little thicker or thinner, it’s okay, just adjust the baking time accordingly.

1cm is all the dough poured into the mold?

The recipe is simple, the cake turned out very tasty

Well, just amazingly delicious cake.

The cake turned out very tasty and tender. Made exactly according to the recipe.

September 9, I have a birthday, I will make this cake necessarily. My girlfriend loves him very much, this is a good recipe.

The recipe is super! today cooked a cake, it turned out well, sooo delicious !!

Thank you very much!! next time I want to try to replace gelatin with agar agar, maybe you know how much agar you need, because it is considered much stronger than gelatin? and I also want to clarify it always introduces into doubt when the proportions of flour, milk, etc. are indicated .. in glasses, is a glass 200 or 250 g ??

According to the drawing, the cake is super, I will try it with satisfaction, it only worries that there is a lot of sugar. I’m afraid it will be very sweet, maybe you can cut? or better?

Perfekt. Cool Recipe. The first time happened.

In Tajikistan, I distributed this recipe to all my acquaintances. All of them succeeded. Everyone was delighted. Great thanks.

did on your dr, all the guests are delighted! ordered another to do the same))) here I will work again. thanks for the recipe.

Super site!

Super cake. I have been baking this recipe for 2 years now — this cake has become my "branded".

And today I bake it for tomorrow’s birthday.

Thanks so much for the recipe!

Great cake!

And this is the classic recipe for bird’s milk, where does such confidence come from? The fact is that my mom is a professional confectioner who taught me a lot of things!

A lot of recipes, and with semolina, and with condensed milk, but the real one is this, with butter, proteins, yolks, etc.!

In general, thanks for the recipe, but I did not get through to my mom!

Excellent recipe, thanks, already prepared))

The cake turned out, (despite even some mistakes on my part).

Everyone really liked it! Thank you, but next time I will definitely drink cakes, otherwise they turned out to be dryish)))

I’m going to make this cake for a long time!

And I will do on agar agar, but I do not know how many grams of agar = 40 g of gelatin?

Help me please.

My daughter baked a cake according to your recipe, very satisfied, everyone was delighted. I got it the first time, although she is not a pastry chef, she advised me, my husband will have a birthday party on my day — we will try what we can and try to write a review. Thanks for the recipe.

great cake! surprisingly similar to the classic bird’s milk, did not expect to get such a similarity! It is prepared simply, the ingredients are available, the result exceeded expectations! the icing turned out to be rather thick and lay unevenly on the sides, it was not possible to smooth it, it is quite thick. and the stripes also do not know how to do it. I forgot to add bailys to the cream and drink them cakes, so I added it to the glaze, it became less thick, too thin she was too afraid to do. grocery store, you’re a miracle!

10 eggs is a factory recipe, but there is no condensed milk there. I have a cake from Soviet times, from the magazine "Worker"

How do I want to cook, but raw eggs in a cream scare me — I am terribly suspicious, I see Salmonella and other rubbish.

We have been making this cake with mom for many years, exactly according to this recipe. Always manages to glory!

Everyone who tries is delighted!

So many comments about the recipe changes. You don’t need to change anything, because there will be another cake, and this one is being discussed!

And he is worthy of praise, passed the test of time! And the icing turns out so cool, straight mirror, very tasty.

Another is not needed!

We have been making this cake with mom for many years, exactly according to this recipe. Always manages to glory!

Everyone who tries is delighted! So many comments about the recipe changes. You don’t need to change anything, because there will be another cake, and this one is being discussed!

And he is worthy of praise, passed the test of time!

the cake is very tasty, only cream can be reduced to half and add cognac or liqueur, and gelatin is felt.

No, you do not need to add baking powder.

please tell me in the biscuit you need to add baking powder thanks.

The cake turned out to be magical, baked 2 times and both successful. but the second time I put a little less sugar (because the prescription seemed to me very cloying). A SO RECIPE IS JUST EXCELLENT. one

You know, real bird milk is prepared on agar agar. I made a cake according to your recipe and made on agar. The difference is felt. With gelatin it is not bird milk

You know, real bird milk is prepared on agar agar. I made a cake according to your recipe and made on agar. The difference is felt. With gelatin it is not bird milk

Yesterday I made a cake, in the morning we had breakfast for them with the whole family! My husband and sonulka really liked it, they said it was better than shop souffles.

Sweet cake turned out, airy, sponge cake awesome!

In general, this festive cake for a big company, very satisfying. I advise everyone!)

I wanted to cook up this cake for two days and finally it happened! I love bird’s milk since my childhood, and I couldn’t even imagine that it can be cooked at home.

After reading the comments on the proportions, I decided to look at the recipes of the soufflé, as a result, all are prepared equally from 10 eggs, 300 g of butter, etc.

I did everything according to the recipe, except for oil, I put 200 grams.

I used a round shape with a diameter of 26 cm, the cake turned out to be higher than the edges, I can’t wait to freeze, but in appearance it looks sooooo delicious! As I will try, I will definitely share my impressions)

It has already been written here that it is not "bird’s milk", and outwardly similar interpretation, in Soviet times the cake with semolina porridge was popular, also called "bird’s milk", both cakes are quite tasty, they baked at one time both, but they should have been called differently, a real cake with a soufflé based on protein, butter, condensed milk, agar.

Everything turned out, in the recipe did not change anything, so as not to disturb the proportions. Of course the cake turned out huge, on the form 28 cm and higher edges)))

This is absolutely not Bird’s milk. Classical preparation is completely different, whipped proteins with sugar syrup and cream made from butter and milk are used to make souffles. The cake is also baked differently, not a biscuit.

The cake just turned out great! Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! It was made by the New Year, everyone was delighted. True, the biscuits were from the store, but of good quality. ) From the first time everything turned out!

delicious cake turned out

I have long wanted to learn to do, Bird’s milk.

I learned! According to the recommendations of other comments, a smaller number of eggs (7), sugar (1.5 times) and oils (2 times) immediately took.

Gelatin cooled to warm, the lozenges made 2 in turn, rather than cut. Layers: cake-cream-cake-cream.

You can, of course, try it without starch, as an experiment, although I put it for the first time.

And as a result, I really liked the cake.

For any company (he is a man by the way 18). Gentle, light taste and aroma.

They can be pampered beloved and. someone else 🙂 I approve of the recipe.

You can use!

I make this cake for more than 20 years. Gelatin take 30 grams — the soufflé is more tender.

Layers: biscuit — soufflé — biscuit — soufflé.

In the first layer of souffle I add kiwi, and the top can be decorated with fruit.

10 eggs, I think, a lot (scrambled eggs, but not soufflé). (a) Agar-agar (10 ml) + water (7–8 st. coasters) —we set up before swelling. (3-5 minutes).

Sugar (200-250 g) + water (150 ml) + agar-agar (ready) — on the stove, cook (3-5 minutes). b) Drain oil (150 g) + condensed milk (150 g) -beat well. c) 2 whites of protein (max. speed) + a) hot, pour in slowly. Beat until fully cooled (max. speed) and only after the mass + b) has cooled down (minimum speed of beating).

I baked this cake yesterday. And despite the fact that I did it for the first time. The cake was a success.

I did not follow the exact recipe, but, as always, I improvised as I cooked. I reduced the amount of sugar and butter, a total of 1/3.

I reduced the number of eggs, instead of 10 I took 8. In the end, my cake turned out to be very large. All the guests liked, because I made this cake especially for my grandmother.

She turned 85 years old. She also liked the cake. Next time I will try to make this cake, but with minor modifications.

Like the fact that instead of chocolate icing, I want to cover the cake with whipped cream, and make the sufa itself interesting and colorful.

You know, you made this cake, but my cream turned out to be liquid, why?

I make the icing, can of condensed milk 200g of butter (anchor) 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa.

Agar-agar is less than gelatin.

HUGE THANKS for the recipe.

The cake was amazing.

She treated her colleagues — received a bunch of compliments.

Thanks again for the recipe.

I would like to replace gelatin with agar-agar, but I do not know how much it is needed.

Maybe someone will tell?

The cake really turns out to be delicious, but in my opinion it’s a little fatty and sugar, definitely 2 times less! the next time I try to do with less oil!

Zdrastvuite nu 10 yaiz je mnogo dlya krema mogno pologit 2-3 ??

Very tasty cake.

Thanks for the recipe.

Thank you so much for such yummy.

All guests liked the cake!

I did everything according to the recipe, as well as imbued the cakes, I don’t have any liqueurs, I developed a little balm with some water and milk. it turned out just perfectly!

delicious cake

The recipe and consistency are correctly and correctly written, the recipe is about 30 years old, this cake is lovely, and you don’t need to invent it, you don’t have a biscuit, you have a lot of eggs, you just need to learn how to bake.

Say a 7-10 minutes for a biscuit is not enough

Tell me please, you did not specify how much protein you need to take for the cream, all 10 pieces?

So gelatin granules, or in powder — this is the most common gelatin.

Unusual — it is in the plates.

Can I use regular gelatin, in granules, unfortunately not? is the mass the same?

Our whole family loves Birdy, so I decided to pamper them with their home performance. Ahem below someone wrote that this cake is similar to the Enchantress, and I completely agree with that!

Tasty big Enchantress!

Made everything according to the recipe, is now in the fridge. I really want to try soon, but one thing is clear for sure, judging by the way it looks, it just has to be divinely delicious. )))))))) thanks for the recipe

Thanks for the recipe!

It turned out great.

Did almost exactly the recipe. Only I did not use starch and took a little smaller gelatin — 30 grams. But the souffle was perfectly frozen.

Used not rectangular, but round shape, with a diameter of 26 cm.

With this set of products, the cake turned out to be exactly the height of the rim.

The cake turned out.

I didn’t do anything with three cake layers. For eggs, I used 6 eggs, because the eggs were small. Baked each cake separately for 10 minutes. Gelatina used 30g. Excellent, everything froze. The cream turned out to be true, not white, but orange because of bright orange yolks and yellow butter. And it turned out like a cake "Enchantress"Chocolate went 200g. Mixed milk with bitter. Sprinkled almond petals on top and sides. Very tasty cake, just yummy fingers! I will do it more than once! I advise everyone!

The cake is very high-calorie and very good. Sufle is more like a custard filling. It is definitely necessary to put less of a lot of oil and sugar, so that the cake does not turn out sweet and sweet, then it will turn out to be something similar to Bird’s Milk!

I can not understand, someone writes that there is a lot of gelatin, others are good. So how much better is it to take gelatin? Maybe 30g? And I also want to try with three shortcakes.

Recently made this cake, really turned out great.

But delicious. But the soufflé didn’t seem to me very much like "bird’s milk", but the cakes turned out to be airy.

I soaked them with syrup and generally just yum-yum.

But when I began to pour glaze (and I probably had to wait a little for it to cool), the soufflé began to melt me ​​down and the glaze from the sides was filled with clumps, I had to fill these gaps with coconut crunchy. It seems to me that there you can make 3 cakes, and distribute the filling between them. I just want to try, it’s always interesting to experiment))))))))

I made it — VELD.

I also know this recipe from stagnant times, but I never decided to cook it.

For all my life I have not made a single jelly cake — I was afraid that it would not work.

It’s time to fix this thing.

At the weekend I will try to cook.

I, too, the first time turned out biscuit dry. That’s why I added the second time more milk, and not just milk, but with a short shelf life from minini, it turned out just like in the picture) And by the way, the souffle is really like from the store — in general, my appreciated)

Suffle turned out perfectly, as the store. But the biscuit is dry. Here you need some other recipe for the shortcake, something more luxuriant and softer, maybe even soak it with syrup.

A whole great recipe!

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