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Cake Anthill by Alexander Seleznev

Cake Anthill — a classic version for a festive tea party.

Maestro Alexander Seleznev is preparing specially for you!

Cake Anthill they often try to invent a beautiful legend: someone thinks that it originated from eastern chak-chuck, others make it akin to “Napoleon”, and still others assert that he is a descendant of what was invented in American Pennsylvania.meat grinder cake«. So the French have a cake made from profiteroles — it looks very similar to the Anthill, but, of course, they have a completely different taste.

And in England there is «prince william cake«(according to rumors, the prince himself cooks it well) — there the dry biscuit biscuit is mixed with the cream and a drop of rum or brandy is added.

There are many relatives of our Anthill in the world, however, I think that when we invented it, we still went our own way and didn’t look at anyone, because our Anthill is a child of Soviet poverty, when there were few products, no diversity. I wanted to do something like that!

Apparently, the recipe for this tasty and simple cake was born in our years in the sixties and seventies, but this generation of scanty years turned out to be so successful that it was not forgotten.

Probably, in each family they prepare their own version. Anthill — according to recipes of mothers and grandmothers.

Well, the one who is nostalgic for the poor student youth (or one who is just too lazy or busy), and now it can make a light version of this cake: buy shortbread biscuits, break it into small pieces, mix it with condensed milk — and that’s all, the dessert is ready.

Very good Anthill of waffles or oatmeal cookies.

Previously, for those who even reluctant to break cookies, corn sticks were sold — the Anthill could easily have been made from them.

But let’s not go very very easy way and prepare the Anthill according to the rules.

Moreover, this is a cake on the shoulder, even to the fact that in life I did not cook anything more complicated than fried eggs.

However, there are craftsmen in the world who can even spoil such an easy dish. If you dry the dough in the oven or put too much flour in it, it will be very tough, you will not crack it. And you can also overdo it in the process of forming the anthill itself, that is, giving the cake a traditional pyramidal shape: if you sculpt it too hard, knead and crush the mixture of crumbs and cream with excessive enthusiasm, then instead of an air dessert we will get something resembling a potato cake clay consistency.

And in Anthill there must be moves for the ants, otherwise what kind of an anthill is this?

Therefore, cookies and cream should be mixed gently and gently, and when forming a pyramid to act gently, put the mixture in layers (between which, if desired, you can lay out berries, nuts, candied fruits, zest and in general everything you want).

If a big company is expected to come to the table, do not strive to make a giant Anthill — in order for a half-meter-high cake not to fall apart, you will have to create a frame for it. Better make two sweet pyramids. However, why exactly the pyramids?

In fact, the Anthill can be of any kind. Somehow for New Year I cooked Anthill in the form of a Christmas tree — took the dough for «brushwood”, Cut triangles out of it, made several cuts on their bases and fried them in deep fat.

In boiling oil, all this is wonderfully spread out; then I put the resulting Christmas paws into a pyramid, gluing it with cream, poured white chocolate on top, decorated it with candied fruit and colorful chocolate balls — it turned out to be both festive and beautiful and unusual.

The classic is sandy-cream dough with condensed milk cream. Moreover, the condensed milk can be raw and boiled — from the boiled cake will be more caramel, and from raw — tender.

If you want to cook condensed milk on your own, do not forget to pour enough water into the pan and by all means make a hole in the lid of the can with condensed milk so that it does not explode.

And yet — do not delay the preparation of the Anthill at the last minute: in order to become perfect, this cake must stand in the fridge for the night. So if you want to submit it to the New Year’s table, cook it the day before.

However, on the 29th and even the 28th, it is also possible — in two or three days with the Anthill (in a refrigerator) nothing bad will happen.

So, to the point.


Melt 200 g of butter — do not bring to a boil, and wait for its transition to a liquid state.

It should make about a glass of oil.
2 Mix the butter with a half cup of granulated sugar, a glass of sour cream (20% fat), a pinch of salt, add ½ teaspoon of baking powder and the same amount of soda, boiled lemon juice or vinegar.

All thoroughly mixed.
3 Add 500 g (3,5 — 4 glasses) flour and stir the dough.

The dough should be thick!
four. Put the dough for half an hour in the fridge. Then scroll it in a meat grinder or three on a coarse grater.

Once again, not to knead the dough, try to make the meat grinder (or from grater) it immediately fell on a parchment lined with parchment.

Moreover, it was not a handful, but layers — that is, the baking sheet would have to be moved under the meat grinder.

Put all this in an oven preheated to 200 degrees and bake for 20 minutes.

Cooking cream — take a can of boiled condensed milk and mix it with a spatula with 200 g of butter at room temperature.

Gently, without excessive enthusiasm mix (spatula) cookies and cream, we give the product the desired form of an anthill.

At this point, you can stuff the cake with berries, nuts, candied fruits or something else tasty.

Getting to the decoration of the cake. Melt the white chocolate bar and pour our anthill.

Sprinkle with poppy seeds, stick with candied fruit, multi-colored dragee, the remaining crumbs of cookies and in general what we want.

We put the cake in the fridge and try to forget about it until tomorrow.

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