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Cafe, Restaurant Sim-Sim in Belyaevo (closed) — address, menu, photo, reviews of visitors

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I visit this restaurant for the third time. The first two times was as a guest. Loved it.

On August 9, he himself ordered an event for 10 people. I will not torment the reader, I will say only one thing — everything was just super. Everything is clear, on time, tasty.

The price matches the quality. Prices are considered moderate. Served two waiter, I beg the administration is obligatory to thank them.

I will definitely recommend to friends, Naturally I will visit whenever possible. I recommend to visit, you will be satisfied.

I really visitor, I can even leave my phone. 8-926-553-8799 Yours faithfully Valery Pavlovich

A few years went to this cafe! We live nearby.

I liked everything!

But the boorish attitude of the guard Tamerlane horrified! Thank you for everything. We were well at your place when the guard showed his face!

Unfortunately, we will not come to you again.

cool restaurant musicians super and very beautiful administrator name Tagi pomoymu.

I ordered a banquet in this restaurant. Painted all the menus, counted the amount and recorded in the pre-order form. After that, I started deleting from the blank position.

They crossed out, and the amount was recalculated orally. Left advance.

Awful not like the portions did not correspond to what we stipulated with them. They promised that the salad plate would be for 3-4 people, in fact there was a stick!

And so with all three salads! In fact there was only a portion!

Although there were three plates for each salad, as they said, only here in each plate there were three portions, and one.

If you count on 20 people, then this is a hoax of at least 4,000 rubles for 1 salad! And for three salads, 12,000. After that, they tried to foist the service a second time, which was already counted in the previous bill. There were some excuses — you look at what you had, it was all on the table, it was delicious for you, everything was enough, etc.

It makes no difference to me that you included it in the account NOW, I know what I agreed with you on. And why did you not put a pig roasted on the table and did not include him in the bill, he would have been on the table!

When I stood and swore with the manager (initially I thought one, but in the end I swore with the other, a cunning move)))) the officers stood nearby and soooo loudly snorted, showing their good breeding with all their snort. In general, there is no more foot!

If you care about your nerves, I do not recommend.

Not a bad institution, kitchen, decor with taste, but disappointed razvodilovo.

Money is not big, but the fact is not pleasant. So: We ordered a table, while choosing what to order from the menu, treated ourselves to fruit on the table. I honestly thought that the fruit dessert for each guest of this institution (not a bad idea).

But everything turned out to be trivial. This plate costs 1000 rub, but if there was any information on that on the table. We invited the manager (maybe the head of the hall), he replied: no need to offend. we have a decent institution. . If the administration believes that the loss of a client costs 1000 rubles. and this is good. good luck "Sim Sim"

If you are looking for an alternative to fast food, then a cafe (namely, a cafe) is suitable for a sim-sim, and not by all, since the absence of elementary standards for etiquette of the staff spoils the impression of the proposed "food". Roll down to the level of McDonald’s. It’s a pity.

And further. if something is upset on you due to carelessness and you ruin a suit, and you also dare to point this out to administrators, then beware — you will see things like: "What kind of client is that with an invoice amount of 3 thousand rubles, in general it is necessary to prohibit such to go". I made a conclusion for myself: I don’t intend to put up with rudeness for my money (no matter, 3 thousand or 30 thousand), there are many other places in Moscow where they cook no less tasty, and the upbringing and behavior of the staff is at the proper level.

We had a wonderful time in the summer at a wedding of friends, in July, it was very cool! Tasty, thoughtful and cozy!

We are now on weekends on the 1st floor.

We listen to music, have fun, the musicians sing very beautifully!

Thanks for the holiday! And by the way, special thanks to the administrator, Angela! Our friends were pleased with their wedding.

Especially liked the Shah-plov!

We also want our wedding in SimSime!

If you decide to hold a banquet in this cafe, never deal with the administrator of the banquet room Angela. More incompetent, unscrupulous, ill-mannered and trying to dissolve a person has not yet met.

Inability to cope with their work, overconfidence, inability to listen to a client, trying by hook or by crook to dissolve everything that is possible.

Cute smiling in the face does not have any sincere interest in the event and its work in general. Not able to not only competently organize the work of its staff, but also to simply apologize in a human way by disrupting one or another part of the event. Given that the kitchen is very good and the interior is pleasant, thanks to this lady the most unpleasant impressions.

The work of the above person — the shame of the institution.

I like very much to visit Sim, delicious cuisine, always smiling and attentive Administrator (Zaur), we have been going family to this institution for more than a year, something that has changed in service, I also noticed.

Yesterday, 26.012012 was at a banquet with friends, everything was wonderful, the food was amazing, the service too, BUT the holiday was spoiled by one guest who started shooting at the floor, the guards worked on the minus, not once did this person come to our table, it is clear that he was in an alcoholic condition, further struck me when this man in the hall kicked a girl, the guards did not help her with anything, they tried to bring this man out .. It is amazing how the manager acted when this girl tried to find out something from him — full ignore by the MANAGER- I have not seen this in any institution.

Shame on the Manager, minus Sim Shem who entrusted his institution to such a person. (while it all happened, it evaporated, although it had to solve everything, and not leave the whole problem to the waiters and guards) We will not visit this establishment any more, and when and for nothing.

It is terrible to rest in such a place gentlemen.

Choose a carefully resting place.

Today i. 01/25/2012, I and my spouse came to dinner in a cafe "Sim-Sim", because for the past 5 years we periodically go to this institution.

Before the new year, we knew that the leadership had changed, but today we were very shocked. We were refused to accept a five-thousand-ruble bill, just because a 0.5-mm slice was cut off.

And they offered (I remind you that the time was 23.40) to exchange the bill in the nearest bank. It is good that we had a lot of money. Did not like this attitude.

And I also want to draw the attention of people who visited this institution for the first time. DO NOT CLOSE ACCOUNT ahead of time, otherwise attention from waiters after payment will not wait, which is also not very pleasant.

Nightmare! Booked a banquet hall for the wedding. Before me they recorded other people for the same date, but they did not leave the prepayment and they told me that there was no prepayment, they would accept my banquet .. I have 50 guests, and that wedding has 60.

They crossed out. I signed documents with them, made a menu and so on. Closer to the event, they called me from a sim and said, sorry, we cannot accept you, as it turns out there was a reservation before you and an error occurred. I said that there was no prepayment (I myself saw this journal entry, stood next to the administrator) .

They stand their ground.

As I understood the difference is that that wedding has 10 people more. Therefore, we were turned off when those people decided to play their wedding there. When I arrived to take the money I was forced to wait 40 minutes and then spent at the table covered in cigarette butts.

Not even sorry. nothing at all, as if this auction is normal! Think 10 times before holding a wedding there, they can throw at the last moment if they are offered more money.

The result is that tomorrow the coordinator, photographer, video filming, decoration with balloons, flowers, invited guests will have to be re-coordinated!

Conclusion is greedy and corrupt people, they are not afraid of anything, no respect, and so on. Thank you for giving the money.

Low bow!

CAFE Sim-Sim supper.

I live 5 minutes walk from this restaurant, in the summer we go there at least once a week: barbecues are unmatched, the quality is excellent at an absolutely reasonable price. sometimes we go in the winter, on holidays, but kebabs are good all the same in the summer.

Lyula and shashlik of sturgeon and salmon are also good. We drink beer: there is no variety, but Krushovitsa is always fresh. In general, I like this place (about my preferences: I used to go to Bavarius — now I don’t taste good there, I like the Goodman restaurant and beer cell "Manx and nanks")

In this cafe ate several times over 2 years.

Not particularly enthusiastic. I note the excellent taste and quality of meat dishes on charcoal, traditional tea with Caucasian sweets, as well as the opportunity to retire to separate houses for a small company, where you can stay even in winter.

But it seems a little expensive.

Distance from the center and the crisis did not affect the decline in prices.

And the beer … so-so.

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