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Cafe, Restaurant Leaves — address, menu, photos, reviews of visitors

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Dear guest we do not have any rolls at all

until today, I thought that any cafe or restaurant respecting and valuing its reputation would not stoop to this, and even on holidays. I have been ordering rolls with home delivery from a cafe for several years already and I know how long their products can be stored. but I was always amazed at their order. Firstly, when ordering 5 or 4 servings, 2 pairs of chopsticks are put, apparently there’s a problem with a cafe, secondly, the amount of soy sauce also leaves to be indifferent for 5 servings 3 small jars, and it’s normal for the cafe’s staff to pack ginger and jars with soy sauce in one container. Wasabi is generally a meager amount that you cannot see without tears. the question arises how should 5 adults share this and is it safe to eat now? but it finally angered me when I was ordering rolls for a new year to pamper my parents and sister and we almost ended up in the hospital with poisoning. when delivering the roll to the house, we were naively not even looking at what we were delivered and put in the fridge, but what horror awaited us when we got them. the rice was sour, fish of a strange kind, and such a feeling was soaked (maybe it was not the first freshness?). the next day I tried to understand the cafe how this could happen, to which I heard in response that it was I who had spoiled it myself and now I want to give away the stuff. and in general, that I keep it in the car, which is surprising to any person why to do it if I order home delivery. according to their logic in order to then go down and put in the car. now it becomes clear to me where the cafe staff keeps their products and products in the car)) bon appetit to everyone !!


Hamlo staff without registration, but about the drunken face of the manager Dmitry, I generally keep quiet.

Unfortunately, there are no more cafes nearby and you have to go to a business lunch at this. Separate greetings to the waiter Ivan (although he looks like a dzhamshuta) and apparently he was not taught to be healthy, to bring appliances and change ashtrays.

About how we "betrayed" discount cards for each of their wrongdoings (I accumulated them on the office of 30 pieces, ahaha) I will keep silent, and give them out for cold or rotten, wow. Well, I don’t think about the fact that I have to wait for an hour or so.

So dear waiters GUIDE. Please explain to your staff about elementary etiquette and politeness, I hope their brains will be enough to carry plugs. Thank you!

Hello! I did not visit the old cafe Leaves, but I visit light cafe with a guy and friends almost from the opening, and just go in to eat and celebrate my birthday, but decided to write a review just now! Cafe just excellent, class kitchen! none of my visits is complete without my favorite dish — Thai shrimp salad, for which I want to say a special thank you to the chef! and borscht — just yum! the situation is calm, very decent people go there, than this cafe and deserved our location! and the fact that it is not on a busy road pleases all the more! music is not intrusive, the staff at the level! for discounts is also another plus! in short, we all like it very much, and I advise everyone to visit at least once, I think that the second time will happen very soon))) the only thing is that you would have a brighter expression that no one would pass by! thank

Dear guests of the restaurant "Leaves" we have good news 🙂 Leaves moved to m.Tverskaya, 12/9 Spredonevsky Lane!

Opening is scheduled for September 20 this year! So we are waiting for you;) the menu will remain almost unchanged 🙂

Very very very sorry that such a wonderful cafe closed!

One beef tenderloin tornedo is worth something. important moments of my life were connected with this cafe.

I can not believe that it will not open = (((I would like to know whether there will be more projects from the owners of this cafe?

Unfortunately, the cafe will no longer open. We were very pleased to treat you with our dishes and enjoy the service) Thank you!)

it seems they were closed

Every visit gets worse and worse. Service of any. The waitress waited about 15 minutes to accept the order, but stood chatting at the counter. For some reason, the dishes became smaller, but on large plates. Previously, the waiters were attentive and the dishes were hot and tasty. In short, change the cooks and waiters. They don’t know how to work

Honestly, surprised by the negative reviews.

I went to "Leaves" on Saturday 24.12 on the coupon (50% on the Japanese menu).

And I want to say that this is the first institution that I visited on the coupon and 100% will come there again without a coupon. Maybe I was not so lucky with these coupons, but always, when I went on similar promotions, such places usually come across that you only think "Well at least at a discount".

Yes, and often comes across a biased attitude to visitors with coupons, one wonders: why then arrange a rally?

Ate with friends rolls. The Japanese menu is small, but everything is VERY TASTY! Tastier than the network of Japanese restaurants, which I was.

Desserts just awesome! Service at the highest level! The waiters are real professionals, they do everything quickly and clearly, very polite, nice guys!

Wonderful, cozy interior. It is a pity that for smokers, as always, the best places)) And non-smoking places are very few. This is the only thing I would fix.

Prices are low, especially for the institution of such a level!

So go, do not even think! I will definitely come there again, try the European menu))

Excellent place. I go there with my wife for several months in the evenings. The service is excellent, the waiters are friendly and well-groomed, the food is on par, the music is excellent, I advise everyone to this restaurant

Were with the husband on November 12 (Saturday) in the evening at 22.30. We went just like that, passed by.

The kitchen closed at 23 o’clock. and we quickly ordered two meat dishes and pasta. On the second floor it is impossible to breathe — smoky, all the smoke rises to the top, sat on the first. No smoking area.

Music — "swotting" with neon flashers, darkness, food is not visible on the plates at all.

Candle waitress did not light, do not care. The people are few, no one dances, but for some reason the music plays loudly, you have to raise your voice to talk.

Did not understand the format of the institution. Sofas, hookah, imply relaxation, orchids on the tables, a good table setting, a good stylish design — but why does such music hammer on the brain and the neon light flashes?

Maybe it is only in the evening that a specially trained DJ checks the nerves of visitors for strength? They asked if there was a daily menu with business lunch prices. the waitress said no, the prices are the same.

Well, prices are average, separately for meat, separately for garnish. In short, quickly swallowed without pleasure the food and got out.

No more desire to come.

the restaurant has become worthy .. a good lockishin and the kitchen is affordable. in quality — very decent. music-calm, flowers, glasses and other moments — provide an opportunity for a comfortable rest.

I advise everyone. Please think of a non-smoking area and children, and everything is fine.

Very presentable place with low prices, like a hostess — Nastya, smiling and positive girl!

Service and cuisine on a solid 4. The optimal place for romantic meetings, dishes on the coals are served in order to spend time in order to come to this restaurant.

The leaves have recently become my favorite place. Kitchen, interior, music and service are excellent.

Prices are below average, which is important to me. Products — quality and prepare professionally!

My respect!

The leaves are my favorite place, I go for several years — I work nearby. Very convenient — the subway is nearby and I can park the car without any problems. About the kitchen — varied and tasty.

I liked the meat on the grill.

Tasty tea. The waiters work quickly and positively.

Very romantic place. I advise everyone !!

the restaurant is good, delicious food. True, the black guy made me a hookah a long time, and he poorly understands Russian, but when I told the administrator about it I began to fly like a fly. and a compliment from the chef brought for the slow work of the hookah. I liked coming

I work nearby and constantly go to the leaves. Accidentally went to your site and read the negative reviews Honestly, in complete disbelief.

The restaurant has really changed for the better — from the cafe it became a romantic restaurant, the kitchen is excellent, ate dishes cooked on a lively fire — above all praise, and compare prices — I ordered a ribey for 550 rubles. the same quality as in expensive meat restaurants, but they serve this dish for 1500 r .. Feel the difference?

Desserts — awesome!

On Saturday, I was with my girlfriend in the Leaves restaurant. the interior has changed dramatically, it has become romantic and expensive, great live orchids on the tables, meat and fish on the coals — above all praise. Rarely, where in the center, except for Azerbaijani cafes or super expensive meat restaurants, one can find dishes on charcoal and cooked so cool. DJ plays the right music.

I will definitely come again!

Friends, I was in the summer of 2010 and I saw sofas made of dermantine, and even torn apart .. It was yesterday — cool atmosphere, fresh flowers, candles, cool music.

Are you crazy when you write that the institution has deteriorated. Or is it an order? Then it is clear..

The kitchen is cool!

Dear Serge! I believe that a restaurant is not a model agency, people go to relax, and not to look at the waiters! I go to the leaves for more than 5 years, yes, a lot has changed, but the girls are very funny and polite.

It was also a big shock for me when I saw the girl at the next table trying on "boots"but thanks to Luda, Anya, Dasha, Danila, I still visit this place.

Does the management read reviews at all or do they not care? We are in shock. Were recently in our favorite Leaves.

True not been there for a long time. Not only did the interior with all the dishes not change for the better (apparently, the management thinks about itself, and not about the guests), it also changed the staff. Where are the managers who knew their work and supervised the staff ??

Where are the waiters, who served the guests with smiles and worked like robots, fulfilling the slightest request?

Scored girls with volumes "mother for 50"who cannot squeeze between the tables, with stone and evil faces (it seems that we always stop them from eating and talking at the bar), scored inadequate guys who either laugh or do not hear the guests’ requests. Sale corner — this is generally nonsense. They made a shop.

Previously, managers always followed the work of the staff, and now not slender ladies run up the stairs, eat in the hall, laugh with the waiters, who in turn work worse and worse. Gentlemen, managers and directors take action! Your establishment is getting worse and worse.

There is no cohesion of the team and no one directs them at all. There were beautiful girls with smiles and boys who simply fascinated with their charm. And now??

About the bar, I generally keep quiet.

In cocktails at least alcohol (and they themselves have seen how managers and waiters at the bar counter drink).

One thing pleases though — the kitchen is still normal.

Although Caesar has changed and hotter became worse.

There is something to think about.

If you reserve a table in advance, you can sit and eat perfectly, the kitchen is very tasty, but for some reason they removed the most delicious salads (Thai and from tomatoes) from the menu, I loved them so much, there is no bar card and they cleaned the wines.

Return everything back or expand the menu, everything was delicious with you, we are looking forward to returning, the service is 5+, the place is excellent, a little messed up with the menu, and everything is very nice!

This cafe was great a year ago. was better than 100% and 1%

I do not understand the speakers who are not satisfied with something.

I received a hookah, tea and dessert for half the cost of the menu and as a gift I made boots from the partner of the restaurant. cool, what is discontent, I do not understand. Do you want to sit at exorbitant prices, buy a hookah, which costs 30 rubles, and pay 1500 rubles for it? want to be suckers

Then you are not in the leaves, but in other places .. Success

Comrades. But you have to change something.

God, how cool this cafe was six months ago. Loved going there with friends!

We live and work nearby.

Often came in the week to drink coffee with desserts, eat salads (Alexander, Caesar is really awesome, right).

And the weekend was just great!

Sit in pleasant company in a slightly muffled atmosphere, drink wine and eat delicious meat. It’s just some kind of a fairy tale .. It was very cozy and at home.

But lately something incomprehensible has started to happen. Managers and managers are constantly changing. Just start to get used to one, others come.

But about the visitors, too, some strange thing. Previously, a girl and I recognized many visitors by sight, but now practically no one is left.

Constantly people hanging out with some coupons. — it’s a solid freeloader!

Where is that level, in the end, the status that has persisted over the past years? And these crazy ugi. they are presented as if it were a miracle of Italian design! Yes, even if so! — This is a restaurant, not a flea market.

Come here to eat.

And half the dishes on the menu simply can not offer — NO PRODUCTS! What kind of nonsense? — is it a restaurant or a beer? So on the pub no longer pulls!

Today they came to drink coffee, waited 30 minutes for it — there is not a single bartender! — This is, in my opinion, the finish!

Dear host owners! Please kindly change something!

Drive to hell with the manager! director!

Get organized!

It’s a shame to see how such a great institution, located in the very center, rolls the devil knows where!

I really love this cafe.

Associated with her best memories (there I made my favorite proposal).

The prices are moderate, the cuisine is excellent, the staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Everything was fine until such time as these crazy stocks with coupons appeared in Leaves. Now there is no place forever, hookahs of disgusting quality (mine, in my opinion, is not washed at all), and they have to wait for more than an hour. The waiters are in epileptic seizures from the requests of the current "guests" (he personally heard one lady screaming at the whole hall that she wasn’t given any knitted socks or something like that).

Although in fact she was not refused to be issued by this product, it was simply not the size of her. Has it really become so bad that now clothes have also appeared on the menu ?! Generally in Moscow, the trouble with restaurants because of the fucking pieces of paper.

Normal cafes are either already closed or at the closing stage.

Is it really beneficial to the owners? I remember the 80s, when everything was in stores by coupon.

Queues of abnormal freeloaders are killing all the best that was in the leaves.

Administration, wake up. You have since "Familiar faces" everything was fine And the kitchen, and service.

And over the past year, everything has changed for a much worse way. And it was last week, and miracles happen with the kitchen. My favorite cream soup looked like some kind of garbage, once the juicy sea plateau now tastes like rubber, and the cocktails, apparently, were made by a man who had never worked in bars.

And last but not least. PLEASE change, forgive, Lord, an alien who proudly calls himself an administrator. Not only is his speech impaired (indistinctly and quickly chattering), in addition, he apparently considers himself at least Great, since he allows himself to be quite rude to talk with guests (or does he bring you money from home?).

Appearance of "admin" also inappropriate. If the previous guys worked in brand and stylish clothes, then Cherkizon Leaves are not in person.

Sincerely, Mikhail.

Fully agree with the written review! I also got a coupon for the promotion “50% discount for Hookah, tea and sweets in the restaurant "Leaves" + a gift for autumn — knitted Uggs from the company "ItalBelobuv"»First, in general about the service. I booked a table on the day after the start of the promotion for 3 people (the desired table was clearly marked).

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were given a table for two in the corner. When I asked that I had booked another table and for three, I was told that «Everything is booked, I will have to fit here.»

We waited for the menu for 20 minutes, we took the order within an hour!

Hookah we also saw an hour later, after swearing with the waiters!

At the same time I want to note that the hall was absolutely empty, 3 tables (including ours) were occupied, the waiters simply communicated with each other, without paying any attention to us. Now about knitted ugg! When we arrived, it was said that the ugg boots were not brought from the warehouse and there would be customer calls in the coming days.

Due to the fact that the uggs should give me a receipt later, I received from the administrator (in the attachment of the letter).

However, the call did not follow! After 2 days, I started calling myself every day, but I was told all the time that the ugg boots of my size were not brought.

At the same time they took the phone again and promised to call back.

Today I called once again and received the answer that there were uggs of size 37 and 38, but they were already distributed to visitors. At the same time, I emphasize once again that I called every day and all the time I was told that they were not available! How is this possible?!

I asked this question to the administrator, but I was told that they would not call anyone, and in general these are my problems … If I need, I can pick up uggs of size 39-41 … In this way, my friends and I were spoiled not only for the evening August 25, but in general for the past 2 weeks I have been frankly sent with all my attempts to get the same uggs … With this I want to note that this service has nothing to do with coupons and discounts.

Before that, it was already once in a cafe — there was the same disgusting service and boorish attitude!

Then they decided that it was impossible to judge about a cafe by one waiter.

Now I understand that in this cafe is the norm of things! In general, the recommendation for all — NEVER GO TO THIS CAFE. Attitude towards visitors is frankly boorish … Only negative impressions left!

I hope that it will soon be ruined and something worthy will be revealed at this place.

The location is convenient.

I bought a discount on a coupon site for visiting a cafe; leaves were given a hookah, tea and sweets for the coupon, and uggs were knitted as a gift. In the conditions it was written, one coupon-one uggi. I bought two coupons for myself and a friend. , they gave us two coupons; they brought us two teapots, two plates of fruit, but the hookah, thank God, only one. But then the administrator said that they would give us only one ugg, because it is a prerequisite if we take it all (although in the coupon about it says nothing) .and the waiter didn’t even burn at the beginning and didn’t yasnil conditions of the action again. with the service, too, the troubles were constantly ignored. We waited for the menu for 20 minutes. and brought not a waiter at all, but a guy who simply removes the dishes from the table. And this is despite the fact that the hall was half empty. in all other respects it was the same thing. Let us take of the apostate, he tells us:"now" and defiantly goes to the other table. I am not picky at all in the cafe. But from such a disgrace I even decided to write a review for the first time in my life. And yet — ugg-no-knit-like stockings with a sole — terribly uncomfortable .. in the evening was spoiled

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the kitchen of this establishment, as it wasn’t possible to try. I bought a coupon on one of the sites, according to which I could order wings and beer at this restaurant. The action began on July 20th. pre-ordered the table, having discussed with the girl this is the moment. They said: of course, come. Well, I came.

In the end, they told me that they had mixed up, that they now have another action, a 15% discount on sushi. And on my coupon you can come only on July 23.

Like 23, if you posted information, what from July 20? They deliberately went to the fraud, hoping that once they arrived, they would order something.

I did not expect such impudence and deception.

Yesterday were in "Leaves"In general, the place has a decent, interesting interior, few people (which pleases), the service is excellent. From the minus-poor Japanese menu and alcoholic cocktails (improper preparation and one ice). I hope in the near future the range will increase and cocktails will learn to do .. with pleasure will be back)

for Alexander — contact tel. 972-2332 Aleksey

I took foie cheese for 390 rubles with raspberries and blackberries — super, such a dish in less than 1000 rubles you will not find, and there are a lot of such dishes in a hurry … well done! I advise everyone

In Leaves A very cool cafe. It sometimes reminds me of a club. A very tasty menu, the design of dishes.

The waitress Zarina is very attentive. I advise everyone.

Wandered by chance on Friday night in the cafe Leaves.

I went to Shanti, but did not reserve a table and in the end everything was packed. Came out and accidentally noticed glimpses of the leaves, we decided to look with a friend. The first thing that caught my eye was a complete, total absence of visitors.

First thought — "the night from Friday to Saturday, a fat place, the very center of Moscow, a step away from the garden, and no one’s people. what’s the catch, maybe the food is disgusting, or the staff?" Curiosity took over, first landed at a table on the first floor, but the music was playing very loudly and we decided to move to the top.

The interior is great!

Busy on the strength of the tables 4-5 and at the same time the waiter had to wait a very long time. The waiter just do 1 for all 2 floors was 🙂 I tried Caesar and Carbonara, great! The most awesome Caesar I’ve ever tried in the last year.

But what about the visitors? Where is everyone? The sound is normal, but the music played disgusting, some immoral processing of the hits of the 80s.

In the style of rural discos 🙂 When there were almost no people left at the institution, the DJ started to put on more interesting music, but for whom?

For myself? Light effects are very cheap, for this interior you need something more serious! Put a couple of decent scanners and a couple of three good heads, well, a simple fog-generator, everything will change at once! 🙂 And of course, the night is a time of fun, parties, etc.

Find an art director or promo group at the worst, put dj-sets on Fridays and Saturdays and you will have people every night and day.

And about the menu. the food is excellent, but you need to work with the bar list, there would be more choice of cocktails. We wanted champagne, the menu had 2 options, 1 Soviet and 1 normal, and so normal was not available 🙂 Ready to make some interesting suggestions, if interested, write utebya [koshka] naborode.ru

Rested in a cafe with friends, were pleased with the time spent. A very democratic cafe in the city center, the menu from the chef, which they offer in addition to the main one was very impressed, all the dishes are very nicely decorated and tasty.

The service is unobtrusive, very attentive waiters. It was always clean on the table, and the main thing was food and drink))) Management also left a pleasant impression. During our departure, everyone asked about the time we spent in the cafe: if everything was in order and if there were any wishes or comments!

A trifle, but so nice, sincere attention and politeness!

I think my friends and I will meet there again.

My husband and I celebrated the anniversary date!

Satisfied, pleasant staff, beautiful music, cool under the air conditioning. The bill also left a good impression on 8 people 5.5 tons.

I didn’t like it. The waiters are very polite, but they bring all the dishes at the same time, while you are eating the salad, the hotter is already cooling down. .

Celebrated the birthday of synva 5 years!

Everything was very cool! Thanks to the waitress Elena and the manager Victoria everything was wonderful!

Rested with friends, quietly comfortable, but no more, a cafe in the center where you can run to eat. Quickly delicious nourishing!

The menu is modest, sushi rolls are so-so, there are too few cocktails.

If you hang out, it’s not here!

Friends recommended where to eat and drink in front of the club, went in — liked it.

Tasty, non-stressful service, but at 23:00 they asked for an exit!

Was on Saturday evening — no one!

What is a crisis?

Or holiday season?

Previously, on Saturday we could not book a table after five in the evening. I want to note that the food and quality of service at the same level — solid 4+.

It has long been not in the leaves. Previously, without a reserve, it was difficult to find a table, and now on Wednesday evening there were many empty seats. I will now arrange a meeting. Very tasty not expensive friendly staff, do not be ashamed to invite guests. Once they brought a salad with a hair (it happens! The human factor) the manager came out of the situation very well — he didn’t leave me without attention until the end of the evening — the memories of the trouble disappeared very quickly.

Thank you very much I recommend you to my friends.

A surprisingly pleasant place during lunch and dinner.

I am pleased to meet here with friends and business partners.

Very comfortable, the service is excellent, fast, polite, friendly. Delicious Japanese menu, very tasty tea)

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