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Cafe Jean-Jacques — address, menu, photos, reviews of visitors

Cafe Jean jacques on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is the Moscow version of a classic French bistro, which means that democracy is the most valued here.

Light, pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices are the main components of the institution’s policy.

Cafe interior Jean jacques aged in burgundy tones.

Showcase cabinets filled with bottles, mirrors, small tables with paper tablecloths, light chairs create a very unobtrusive and very «French» atmosphere.

But modern conveniences are not forgotten here: each table is equipped with a socket for a laptop.

French melodies are played in the cafe as background, live music is played in the evenings (piano and accordion).

For authentic French cuisine in Jean-Jacquet responsible chef Buessi Kunshef, who complemented the traditional dishes with his authorial imagination. For a snack, it is interesting to try “Grape Snails in a Creamy Garlic Sauce” or “Frog Legs with Aioli Sauce”. Soups are very popular: the real «Normandy onion soup» or «Bouillabais a la Jean-Jacques».

On the hot side you can order the “Rack of lamb with fragrant herbs” or “Fish Brand” (fish baked with mashed potatoes).

Lovers of sweet will not leave indifferent the company eclairs or “Pear in red wine with wild berry sauce”.

An excellent accompaniment to the French meal will be red, white or rosé wine, real French cider (sweet, semi-sweet, pear and apple) or strong calvados.

AT Jean-Jacquet there is also a children’s menu on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, children’s parties are organized. Cafe works around the clock.

From 9.00 to 12.00 on weekdays (on weekends — until 14.00) breakfasts are served, and from 12.00 to 16.00 on weekdays — a business lunch (30% discount on a part of the main menu).

If you notice an error or inaccuracy, please let us know.

To celebrate New Year can be not only at home. Of course, under the Christmas tree, on the native couch, with a plate of Russian salad.

Maslenitsa — 2014 in Moscow restaurants. All Maslenitsa week in Moscow restaurants.

From April 15 to May 15, a festival will be held in all Jean-Jacques cafes in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

See also: Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 in restaurants in Moscow Recently, in the capital’s steel restaurants.

Visited the company given, if I may say so, "a restaurant". It all started well, the waiters are polite, respond quickly.

An incident happened: I decided to try an oyster, I ordered 1 pc.

They have a mini pool, where anyone can choose their own oysters and they will immediately be served on the table. I did not choose, I tried the first time, brought an oyster, complete with a lemon and some smelly sauce. The waiter recommended the sauce not to eat, it discourages smell and taste.

Why then it was served, it is not clear)) After I ate the food, I noticed that INSECTS on the plate. The waiter quickly took this plate, with whom she conferred behind the scenes and gave me some vague explanation of what happens and this "fine". I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m sure that this is normal.

There was no desire to swear, but I don’t feel like attending this establishment anymore.

Awful kitchen. They used to love this place, but now it is very spoiled. We ordered two salads, could not even eat half.

Even the coffee was disgusting. More than any Jean Jacques or foot.

Sorry, it was a good place.

We went with a colleague for lunch at this cafe: Food: Borsch — firstly a strong taste of vinegar, secondly some kind of fresh meat, cut into even! cubes (there’s a separate story here — I’ll write a review at the end). "French" baguette — the first time I ate a baguette without a crisp. for the rest, if it still makes sense, the baguette is delicious. Vegetables "grill" — vegetables, yes, no grill. a little fried and "bathed" In oil. "Seafood" there is something there — there are no complaints, except for the assortment of seafood included in the dish.

But in general, very worthy. A colleague ordered cod in breading, but neither the sauce nor the banal lemon was served to her — I had to eat in "yum": (Account: from 12 to 16 in this cafe is valid "Lunch menu", but they will calculate you by the basic — that is, twice as much.

For a reasonable question, "why"In other matters, the waiter retired and corrected the error, with a few "but": Toasts — that is, toasted bread, which is on the menu in the bread section, is not considered bread.

If when ordering from "lunchtime" the menu you are given a side dish to the hot for free, then the main menu is not relevant — a trifle, but disgusting.

And the most enchanting — BORSHCH — remember about even pieces of meat in vinegar "borscht"?

So, as the manager explained to us, they have two types of borsch: 1. from "lunch menu" borscht "for rogue" (author’s note), in which instead of meat is CHICKEN. good lord

CHICKEN in Borsch)), but in the 2 nd kind of borsch there is already beef (the main menu is everything.

Naturally more expensive). From all this, another conclusion — if the pieces of meat had smooth edges — it means that they were cooked in advance and cut, which means "borscht" cooked without meat. a curtain

A typical situation for Russian business in the service sector, oriented on the average client.

It is obvious that a lot of efforts were made by the owner to make everything good: an attractive interior, a decent kitchen, an atmosphere. But as always, everything is ruined at the level of managers and staff. We celebrated on April 30 the birthday of a spouse in a restaurant on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

What you liked — see above. What did not like: 1. The manager was not able to tell exactly how to organize the table: by quantity and a reasonable set of snacks.

If I had not had the experience of holding such events, then I could not choose anything; 2. When serving at the table a lot of gross errors.

For example, you order a glass of wine. The waiter himself realized who the wine was over and who needs to put this glass. But to guess pick up dirty — it already did not work.

Etc., etc. 3. But the main thing — fraud with the account. Not a lot is not enough for 5,000 of 24,000 (this is what has been revealed).

Maybe it was not revealed if they did not indicate that I alone drank 1.5 liters of vodka.

While actually ordered 250 ml.!

The waiter promised to sort it out, I also asked for clarification about the juice. " Everything is clear with juice"- hurried to answer the waiter. But in the end, the vodka was brought in line, the juice was reduced by 3 times, and we were told that we had nothing to say that a bottle of wine was added to the takeaway snacks, which was also attributed to the bill. And the main thing is not to think about how much they could attribute to difficult-to-check portions of cuts, folded on one plate, salads, etc.

4. The girl asked for a piece of cake (a huge cake, which was made at the rate of 9 people, stupidly cut into 6 huge pieces — according to the number of guests) to bring with me — I wanted to treat the child at home. They promised us nice smiles. And then it turned out that he had already been thrown out by mistake.

4. Initially agreed on the number of candles (my wife was always important).

They put the symbolic 10-15. Without warning and without explaining anything. 5. And finally, when I was planning a banquet, I relied on 12 people.

Then the manager told me that starting with 10 people, tips included in the bill. I agreed.

For 2 days I warned that there will be 8 people.

In fact there were 6 people.

Tips included in the bill. Argue with that did not.

I myself always give generous tips. But with such service, attitude to the guests and most importantly a frank attempt to rob.

Although it is clear why include immediately!

Watch out for Jean-Jacques! People who know a lot about restaurants will be offended by this pathetic parody of a French cafe.

Uninformed people will be misled. The restaurant workers, I appeal to you, you feed people, not parrots.

There are no such portions in France (and not only in France). Go yourself — make sure. In French restaurants, there are, for example, two types of salads.

A small portion goes as a snack. And actually the salad, i.e. luxurious, pleasing to the eye plate, generously filled with fresh crunchy content. And so, in the French small "antre" Approximately four Jean-Jacques dishes, proudly referred to as salad in their menu, are placed.

By the way, the price of such a salad in Paris in a very decent restaurant, on the island of St. Louis (1st district, just behind Notre Dame) is 6 euros. And in Jean-Jacques, what turns out to be 4 times more expensive, given the portion size?

And in general, it seems that the cooks of this restaurant do not train in the art of making food, but in the art of scattering microscopic contents on a plate so that it does not look so obscene as if it were dumped in a single piece. Now about maintenance. Our waitress forgot that we ordered a salad with chicken liver and brought just greens.

But happily agreeing to correct his mistake and inquiring whether we would like to add olives and cheese to the salad, withdrew with the plate to the kitchen. After a certain time, the plate appeared again, already filled with chicken liver.

When we received the bill, we were surprised to find that all the ingredients of the salad were prescribed separately in it, namely: — green salad — 270 rubles — grilled liver — 110 rubles — goat cheese — 250 rubles — olives — 70 rubles Total 700 rubles for a portion of salad.

Will there be a bit much, gentlemen from Jean-Jacques? In general, it is clear that I will not go there anymore, and I wish you

I used to go to Jean-Jacques, on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, but after today’s incident, the road to this eatery is closed for me! Once upon a time it was not necessary, a very dubious institution!

The idea is not bad, initially the menu was made reasonably, but as usual, in Russia, the idea was bogged down — NOT high culture staff, waiters who pretend to be psychologists — trying "to win" visitor force of conviction in the quality of the product, while slipping the full get on — for example, after drinking a cocktail of mint, ordered with ginger, I just poured water into the same glass, did not add ginger and the waiter tried to convince improvisation bartender. Complete disappointment.

Cooking, to put it mildly, not clean — eat and worry — will the stomach ache after dinner or not? BELMEN KELMASHKIN ALEXANDER AND A RESTAURANT MANAGING A Cheap Look Of A Vulgar Blonde, With Bright Lips, Gummed Eyelashes And Obviously Not Considering His Work, MARUSYAK OXANA VLADIMIROVNA COVER "your team" — I ordered a prosseco glass, I saw with my own eyes that I poured NOT A RESPECTIVE of a dark green bottle, the drink was with the aftertaste of spirit, characteristic of cheap champagne (I thanked them for not having the taste of yeast) I ordered a second glass, without finishing the first one, asked for pouring in my presence, they got a transparent bottle, as a result, the taste naturally differs. Although it should be noted that the procurement from them cheap, sweet kompotik.

From the nobility of drinks some names.

I will tell you, people, how we went to the cafe «Jean-Jacques.»

Here we went and sat modestly.

And a little stunned by the size of the tables. -Stags for gnomes? Then one point is a bottle of «compliment».

Compliment from the institution is just a delight. Great, Oh, yes! — tap water.

An interesting beginning, yes, the cafe did not disappoint. -We have some water to treat. -We will often come to drink and drink water. They took the menu, ordered drunk water, waited for food. They brought us all salads.

The view is certainly not rich. Serves like a cat and such simplicity …. And in the menu, after all, how beautiful: “liver with raspberry sauce”.

Started to play peepers, I look at the edge of the plate … … After all, there are fingerprints there … Well, guys.

Where are the gloves.

Next is a cheese platter … Right now there will be a shootout. Cheese dried up a long time ago, it went bad, it died.

We call the administrator, the cafe curator. We offer to evaluate this cheese to use. The girl appears, bites, wonders: -Is this cheese so bad?

And then a deep sigh. “Okay, I’m taking the dish, they won’t count it to you.”

And then … .. then the chicken. He dried up from the cradle. And homemade wine, where it is purchased. Jackets, down jacket, jacket … We left.

Goodbye, Jean-Jacques.

Feet in hand and run to boots creaked.

My husband and I were in Jean-Jacquet on Nikitskaya. It was just a spoiled lunch!

I ordered spinach, which was not washed and the sand creaked on my teeth ((((A glass of wine was not brought (reminded several times).

Very disappointed ((((more than a foot there and do not recommend it to anyone.

Cafe Jean Jacques.

The menu was asked for 20 minutes, asked to replace the tablecloth (Now I understand why there is a paper cloth and pencils), and I had to go myself.

The person at the next table just carried a cup of coffee for 15 minutes. Caesar with chicken transformed into a Caesar with oysters.

Crackers in Caesar probably must be soaked before use.

Worse eatery already 3 years have not seen.

Cafe Jean Jacques ((((even no words.

25 minutes waited for the menu (((and this is when the room is empty (((but this is nonsense compared with the substitution of fish (((and warm juice.

about the cafe. Of course I really wanted to spend the evening on Friday after a work day in a yut cafe. not the first time in this cafe. therefore, she went with friends from past experience with pleasure, and some of my friends were there for the first time.

I was very disappointed. Not only do not call during the day — book a table. OK. came in the evening, we were seated. No one brought the menu ((((I had to sit by myself. Nobody comes up. After some time we were asked to change seats, as if our table was booked.

The table that they gave us did not fit us — I was just for a smaller number of people (((((((lost an hour and a half and left. I’m shocked. We don’t come to this cafe anymore. Huge please pay attention to the organization and customer service).

Went to a cafe in China Town. Quite a strange attitude towards non-smokers — all places are in the entrance room. You sit, and periodically people walk past you in street clothes and with dirty bags at the level of your food.

Chestnut soup do not advise taking. It was disappointed — some sour slurry of brick color.

The attitude of the waiters was pleasant — in spite of the fact that there were a lot of people, they did everything quickly and politely.

We went this summer from work for 2 months to the nearest Jean-Jacques facility at Kitaygorodskaya Passage, both for a business lunch and for breakfasts and dinners. In general, the first impression was positive, but it was very quickly spoiled, to the extent that we simply go there without a foot.

The first negative was when the two of them wanted to sit at a table by the window for 6 people with a sofa, in an absolutely empty room at lunchtime, they said that we were suddenly going to have a big company, there would be no place to plant.

The second time we were offended by submitting rotten salmon in a salad for a business lunch, moreover, our claim was blatantly stated that this stinky rotten fish is actually fresh, but since we are so naughty, we will change the dish for another, and no "excuse me". Once again they came for breakfast — they spent 15 minutes in an empty room, saying hello at the entrance with all the staff (i.e., we were not unnoticed), and no one came to us, when asked why they said that you were passing us in the hall, which we still do not serve in the morning (apparently did not wake up).

To all this, the constant stopping of the waiters was added, when the first dish of the lunch business (!) Was carried 55 minutes from the moment of ordering (add waiting time until the order is accepted — 10 minutes on average) — and this is when people at lunchtime want to eat quickly. In general, they claim to have a certain French charm, but people do not want and can not work.

Dirty, dirty toilets, waiters come across rude.


We decided to celebrate a birthday in Jean-Jacques on Tsvetnoy.

Were there many times and generally liked.

I called in advance, booked a table.

Everything is normal and even though the table was in the smoking area, it didn’t bother us much — the border between smokers and non-smokers in Jean-Jacques is purely symbolic. They came a little late and, unexpected joy: turned out to be a free table for non-smokers! We knew the menu, we discussed only the details: to take or not to take champagne, white or red wine and how much.

The situation is familiar to all. And then the girl waitress, very cute, helpful, attentive killed us on the spot: only beer and cider from booze, and if you want wine you can bring with you, just put a check on the table, Armatny Mir is 5 minutes away on Tsvetnoy, next to the metro .


We pribaldeli, around the something did not work out at a French restaurant with a license for alcohol. In general, we had both champagne and red and not very expensive. My favorite snails did not succeed at all, as the chef was warned about.

And, for the rest, we sat perfectly, seafood, especially mussels with cream, was excellent, the dessert was very decent and the service was preventive and without annoying delays.

True, the light flickered and someone from the company suggested that the administration had not paid the bill for electricity, but everyone was already well;>D If you are planning a dinner with white wine in Jean-Jacques, call in advance, can you better come with yours?

And do not bring food.

Good luck to you!

Jean-Jacques, John Don and some other Japanese cuisine on Leo Tolstoy. Two weeks later, two of the company were poisoned, the last poisoning of the girl yesterday was serious.

I didn’t want to prove something through the court, we decided to just vote with my wallet. For us, this place is now a taboo — not ready to eat spoiled foods.

Do not know how the rest of the guests, but I liked it there.

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