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Cafe, Club Apartment 44 — address, menu, photo, reviews of visitors

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Another Apartment 44 has opened in Moscow. A new restaurant living space has been registered in a 24/8 building.

When the World Cup is on the nose, the question "where is better to watch football?" rises most.

If they tell you that the USSR is a distant past, do not believe it.

The country of the Soviets is very much alive. Too much.

On January 29, a solemn award ceremony was held at the Paradise Club on Bolotnaya Embankment.

Were with friends in this place so interesting according to the descriptions. On Yakimanka. We sat on a summer terrace.

In general, I did not like it and I will not go there anymore. Dry and not interenso.

Did not impress. Feedback will be the same. The menu is a very small selection of dishes.

In McDonalds and then the choice is greater. The portions themselves are a separate topic.

As for a child in kindergarten.

Those in order to eat, you need to order soup, salad, second and dessert. And I will not say that it is tasty.

Service overall satisfied. The design of the veranda is absolutely none.

Just a green awning with large umbrellas, tables and chairs as elsewhere.

The second floor was completely closed.

So, think for yourself ..

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the employees of the Cafe on B. Nikitskaya.

On Saturday, my daughter’s birthday was celebrated. Everything went great! Manager Victoria — charming, professional, understanding!

The manager who worked 09.07 is attentive and sympathetic! And, of course, the waiter Alexander — clever, knowledgeable, fast, paying much attention to each of our guests. The kitchen worked great.

Everything was very tasty and cooked fast!

Thank you for giving us a holiday!

Very cool place and awesome delicious food!


Yesterday I visited this beautiful place in Yakimanka.

Loved EVERYTHING! Great atmosphere, great staff and very tasty food. I will come again and again.

I advise everyone.

About a great restaurant on Yakimanka, friendly and polite staff, amazing cuisine, pleasant atmosphere, it is a pity that the menu is not varied, but you will not leave hungry.

The atmosphere is described by the visitors below and I can only confirm this! I was at this place 4 times and always received excellent service and excellent cuisine) Unfortunately at B. Nikitsky institution (ap.44) with the change of waiters and manager, the service also deteriorated (leisurely , although only 3 tables are occupied, but I had to wait for the order to be accepted. They didn’t help with the choice of dishes and in general had the impression that by their arrival the visitors had distracted them from something more important.

Only Yakimanka!

very cool there! We really liked with our friends, sincere atmosphere, tasty food is inexpensive and a piano!

There were 10/24/2008 I, wife and daughter with a friend.

Had a wonderful evening. Reception, service, kitchen — I liked everything!

Visitors of all ages, the atmosphere is friendly.

The Lexicon Orchestra worked — just super!

Especially for me, a rock’n’roll fan. They danced.

Although, unfortunately, it’s a bit cramped. \ By the way, I will soon be 70 \ Be sure to come again!

Were on a small Yakimanka. nice udvili atmosphere and positive-minded people. I fell under the concert of a poorly performing but very sweet-sounding band. Impressions remained at the maximum level.

Prices on the market, rather moderate level.

From the center of the first hand at hand.

So, who wants to have a good time without bothering about the routine of city life, the road to the apartment.

Good time of day. Imagine a quartet of the 50s in the center. bookshelves, retro music (very suitable), good service (the waiters are smiling, joking, clear and timely service), tasty European cuisine.

The average bill is 1,000 rubles, including vodka, a snack, hot, and dessert (pleased)). Of the minuses: it is better to book a table on Friday and Saturday in advance (came on Friday with a friend and girls, there was one table left for which we were happily seated, thanks to Nikolay).

Well rested))), I will come again.

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