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Cabbage soup with pork, step by step recipe with photos

Sauteed cabbage soup before serving not only for lunch, but also for dinner and even breakfast.

Now this tradition is gone, and the soup, as in the old days, is still cooked. And daily soup is considered the most delicious — the longer they infuse, the tastier they turn out.

  • carrots — 2 pieces
  • 2 onions
  • 50 g celery root
  • 500 g fatty pork
  • 1 bay leaf (small)
  • potato — 3 pcs
  • 3 turnips
  • 400 g sauerkraut
  • 50 g green onions
  • vegetable oil
  • salt, freshly ground black pepper

In Russia, sauerkraut is a popular custom. The most famous Russian dish of sauerkraut.

Lenten soup — a national dish of Russian cuisine. Simply put, the soup is a soup out.

I cook sour soup only with pork. Instead of potatoes I put boiled pearl barley.

Lard is melted in a pan (who does not like cracklings — remove from melted lard), add cabbage and carcass for a few minutes. Then add to the broth. Everything else — onions, carrots, etc. — as usual and who loves how.

Cabbage stew on lard — has a different taste than just putting it cooked in a saucepan. In fat — tastier)))))

Korshulja, the longer you cook sauerkraut, the more vitamin C is destroyed.

And potatoes in soups are laid before any acidic foods (pickles, sauerkraut, even tomato paste and tomatoes), because in the presence of acid, it turns out "glass", undressed.

A cabbage in these soup will be raw, because sour.

great recipe! tasty delicious soup. only I also did not put turnips and next time I will put more cabbage.

Like Lyulechka, for all 23 years, I have never cooked soup, and by the way last night we also licked a hot pot. superperrrrrr. Well, it turned out very tasty thanks. )))))))))

And my soup is even easier :)) — pork (drain the first water) — a whole onion — carrot, parsley root, lavrushka, dush.perets Boil it all for a while. Then take out the bow.

Boiled carrots cut circles and again throw in the pan. Then the sauerkraut follows. I also cut it smaller and without roasting (why do I even need it?) I throw it into the broth.

The whole charm of sauerkraut — the longer it boils, the more Vinamina C is seen from it. Then I cut cubes into potatoes (which will never melt in an acidic environment) and add to the pan. Salt, pepper to taste.

Easy, tasty and natural without roasting! P.S.

And we love soup with sour cream. Yum 🙂

Never in my life for all 23 years did not cook soup. Well, just did not happen 🙂 And last night I was visited by the idea "why not learn. ".

I got out of the sappas magazine "Deli School" and found there this recipe. Turnips I did not have, but I just increased the number of potatoes.

The housewives looked at me cautiously, not believing that something could be made of this venture! I was offended.

But the soup is ready.

The pot was almost licked)))) the awesome delicious soup came out. I love this magazine for the fact that there are always delicious recipes and an accessible description of the process. I don’t know directly what I would do without him 🙂

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