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Cabbage Solyanka — How to Make a Solyanka

Once, in the years of the triumph of autocracy, Orthodoxy and nationality, cabbage soup It was very popular and was served in almost every tavern, from shabby cabby and pathetic merchants to the aged nobility. Over the past half century, the dish has been forgotten, but it is not at all difficult to return it to your home repertoire.

Recently conducted field tests showed that the public will weep and cry, and this is putting it mildly.

Availability cabbage and did not limp before.

And accessibility has changed, as N.S. Khrushchev, «pig legumes«- all sorts of pigs. Bacon, including fine raw Hungarian and boiled Spanish, a variety of knuckles — domestic, German and Italian, bacon all methods of dressing, cartilage and ribs — everything that the soul does not ask for is presented on the shelves.

Plus, there are sausages, sausages, sausages and sausages raw and smoked.

This whole set is perfectly combined with cabbage and benefits a lot from this neighborhood.

However, cabbage also wins considerably — this ingenious combination has long been mastered by German and former Austro-Hungarian cuisines, but it turns out that although tasty, they are not as tasty as they can be if you approach this issue without a blind spot and simply.

Many simple solutions in cooking give an undoubted advantage.

Grocery set

So, you need to start a large heavy frying pan. The diameter of 30-32 cm is optimal, the Chinese wok is even better suited.

With a cover, of course.

We need a dense cabbage weighing about 1.5 kg.

With a young cabbage, too, it turns out perfectly, and the process is noticeably accelerated, but now about autumn cabbage.

Lay the cabbage on its side. Use a long, sharp knife to cut the head from the top to the bottom, holding the blade to the right of the stalk, slightly obliquely.

Also cut the left side past the stalk.

You will have two hemispheres that need to be put on the board with a cut down, cut along the strips with a step of 3 cm, preventing them from falling apart, and then across with a step of 1.5 cm.

It turns out you have many, many cabbage rectangles 3 x 1.5 cm. There remains the central part of the head with a cabbage stump.

It must be laid flat on the board and cut again to the right and left of the stalk.

The resulting crescents cut across across with a step of 1.5 cm and you get the same rectangles.

More will need 2-3 medium sized onions. They need to be cleaned and cut into feathers, not thin.

Not 1.5 cm, like cabbage, but not shallow.

An important part is tomatoes. The most convenient chopped tomatoes in cubes from the package.

A good result gives a liter jar of tomatoes in its own juice — the juice can be poured into a glass for a while, and a submersible blender can be put into the jar for 10 seconds, or you can just stretch the tomatoes with a fork.

Now back to the pigs. Suppose there is a strip or two smoked ribs, with the rest is even easier, so let’s look at this case.

They should be cut into pieces one by one edge and that’s it. The ribs will be cooked for the longest, other smoked meats can be simply cut arbitrarily and rather large — the knuckle, for example. Sausages and sausages are cut into washers, sausages and sausages — diagonally with a step of 2.5-3 cm.

You can use a mixture of all available in the refrigerator, only it will be necessary to lay in accordance with the cooking time — that is, the ribs are the first, and the sausages are the last.

Of the spices, black pepper and bay leaf are enough, although I personally like to add a tablespoon of coriander seeds, cumin and savory look very good, but this is up to you.

Cabbage it is perfectly fried in vegetable oil, and if it is fried in Smaltsea or in boiled fat or bacon with bacon, then it will turn out to be completely slaughter, but this is for strong spirit and body.

The process has begun

In a large frying pan over high heat, heat about 50 ml of vegetable oil to smoke and lay the cabbage.

Immediately all. The cabbage will rise high, but let it not bother you, it is roasted quickly and very strongly.

The first 5 minutes, the fire should be left strong and often turn the cabbage — it should be reddened in some places, but not burned at the same time.

When the cabbage settles, add onions with feathers, too, all at once, and mix well. The fire can be reduced to above average and continue to fry until the onions also acquire a light blush. Almost simultaneously with the onions in the cabbage can be mixed and chopped ribs.

Try to bury them deeper and keep them under a layer of cabbage.

Tomatoes can be poured in when the entire contents of the pan will turn light brown — about 12-15 minutes from the beginning.

When pouring in the tomatoes, scrape the bottom with a wooden spatula to deglaze the pan. Stir well, salt, add black pepper, bay leaf and other spices, increase the heat a little and let the tomato juice evaporate, but not very much.

If the tomatoes were sour, you can mix a tablespoon of sugar.

Now you can add sausages, sausages, also intervening them deeper.

Cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat to low, and hold for another 3-4 minutes so that all the ingredients interpenetrate.

Do not hold for a long time — cabbage should retain crispness in the thickest parts, sluggish cabbage in this dish is completely uninteresting.

Such solyanka from cabbage looks great with the heat of the heat, but loses nothing if you let it stand, warm it again, etc. It is a remarkably resistant dish.

Just do not keep it in a cast iron pot — sour tomatoes and cast iron can rust, which will spoil the taste.


S. In the past practice, the cabbage was not kept under the lid, but sprinkled with butter, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and put in the oven to cook. At the same time, too much moisture evaporated.

It is a good way, but now you can easily do the technology described above, besides, it turns out faster.

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