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Butter: which is better and how to choose

How to choose butter and how to check its quality

Many believe that the best butter is rustic. But even in the shops of farm products there is a danger of running into a fake, and even in the shops there is butter, which you can hardly call butter

First of all, pay attention to how it is made and how it is called, whether it is true that the label says “butter” or somewhere there is an inscription “oil-containing product” or the like.

Choosing butter, Do not forget that it is not always necessary to believe large inscriptions like: “natural”, “dietary”, “light”: they are needed, first of all, in order to attract attention.

Experts consider the best butter, made according to GOST, and not according to technical conditions (TU).

Carefully study the composition of the product, written in small print. High-quality butter It is made only from cream and whole cow milk.

It should not contain vegetable fats (palm, peanut, coconut oil, hydrogenated oils, or simply an ingredient called “dairy fat substitute”).

The shelf life of butter according to GOST is not more than a month.

If the shelf life exceeds several months, the manufacturer added preservatives, it is better not to choose such butter.

It is better to buy butter in foil.

Wrapped in parchment paper, as is often the case with farmers, it loses its vitamins faster and deteriorates, as parchment lets in light — and the butter does not like it.

Butter is of two varieties: higher (he is considered the best) and first and two categories of fat content: classic (mass fraction of fat 80-85%) and low fat (mass fraction of fat 50 -79%).

In the second, respectively, fewer calories, but for many it does not seem so tasty.

Besides the fact that butter is divided into salty and unsalted, depending on the production technology, the oil may be sweet cream and sour cream. The first is made from pasteurized cream; almost all domestic butter is made using this technology.

The second is made from fermented cream, it tastes slightly sour, such butter is used in European countries.

Which butter is better: determined by the appearance

Good butter dense, cut dry, brilliant, although allowed the performance of single droplets of moisture.

It is easily spread on bread and quickly melts.

If the oil crumbles and crumbles, it should be alerted.

On the section of good butter there should not be a crushed layered consistency, it is typical for cream-and-vegetable combined oils (spreads) or margarine.

By color best butter — slightly yellowish if it is bright yellow or snow white — or it is supplemented with vegetable fat, or tinted.

How to check the butter?

Pour hot water into a transparent glass or into a half-liter jar, then add a spoonful of butter to this water.

Stir oil in water until completely dissolved. If the oil is completely dissolved in water and the water has acquired a white hue, close to the color of milk, the oil is really creamy.

If a precipitate has fallen on the walls and at the bottom — most likely, vegetable oil or other excess components are added to the oil.

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