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Butter Dairy product

Butter, surprisingly, is good for health.

It contains many essential human substances. Among them are vitamins A, D, E, K, as well as 20 essential fatty acids.

Named vitamins are necessary for man for strong bones, visual acuity, smooth skin and fluffy hair.

Milk fat promotes the absorption of calcium, and he is engaged in lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Thus, one should not be afraid of cholesterol — the oil itself “adjusts” its level.

Butter is one of the few in the direct sense of the word natural products.

The cow eats grass, gives milk, cream is removed from it, whipped them — there is simply nowhere to squeeze in the achievements of the chemical industry.

Since Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization (also, by the way, did not affect the composition of the oil as such), there has been no change in the described production cycle.

And thank God — because you can hardly think of something better than a cow.

Butter "Creamy"
In Russia, for a long time, the best grades of cow butter were obtained from fresh cream, filled with the aroma of flood meadows. Continuing the tradition of domestic butter, we carefully select the raw materials and strictly control each stage of the production of Butter.

The high quality of our product is confirmed by the GOST standard.".

Composition: high fat pasteurized cream. Packing — 180 and 450 g

Butter is a source of clean and fast energy that the body is able to put into action immediately and practically without residue.

No wonder the sandwich, that is, literally «bread and butter» for many generations is considered the cornerstone of a good breakfast.

If you lead (or are going to lead) a physically active lifestyle, then butter is directly shown to you, at least for a start.

Even if you expect to lose weight in the end.

Butter "Traditional"
Sweet cream butter, fat content of 82.5%. Composition: high fat pasteurized cream.

New butter in the line «Rhomb» (chocolate, peasant woman, formerly sweet cream).

Excellent creamy taste. Packing 180 g

Butter promotes the production of serotonin. Not sure what serotonin is? It is often called the “hormone of happiness,” because it is he who is responsible for what kind of person’s mood.

However, in addition to this, serotonin suppresses cravings for sweets, naturally normalizes sleep and lowers pain sensitivity.

Butter "Peasant"
Butter, fat content of 72.5%.
According to GOST.
Packing — 180 and 450 g

Serotonin is produced by the human body, and is not brought in from the outside, but one of the most important components for its production is the amino acid tryptophan, which is found in abundance in milk fat. Have you ever seen a displeased face on Maslenitsa?

And you will not see.

Butter "Chocolate"
Chocolate butter, 62% fat.
Packing 180 g

In the culinary sense, butter is one of the most advanced products, certainly available in the arsenal of any good chef.

The pyramid of classic cuisine is built on a pack of butter, and stands firmly, and not for the first year.

Spread "Lean"
Lean is a healthy product without components of animal origin.

It consists of only high-quality vegetable fats, therefore "Lean" ideal for diet and fasting.
Vegetative spread, 57% fat. No animal fat added

Among other things, during heat treatment, butter can act as a catalyst — any product will be cooked faster. Can I do without him?


But then it will be not quite the kitchen, but a series of gloomy attempts to paint the sun, without using yellow paint.

Sour cream «Alpine ladybug»
Made from high fat natural cream, has a thick texture and delicate flavor.
15% fat

Packing —
200 and 400 g

Company group "Milk product" works in the market of Russia and CIS countries since 1999.

Our company is exclusively engaged in the production of dairy products, so we pay special attention to the quality of our products.

We see our mission in caring for the health of the nation and the younger generation; therefore, in production, we only produce high-quality, natural and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Our production facilities are equipped with modern equipment, and our staff includes highly qualified and experienced specialists, who ensure precise control over the observance of production technology and the selection of raw materials.

Our dairy products can be found in stores and markets from Murmansk to Transcaucasia, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin.

Products under the brand "Milk product" present in the assortment of all major federal retail chains: Auchan, Metro, Pyaterochka, Kopeyka, Dixie, Ramstore, Magnit and many others.

Your health is in your hands! Milk product

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