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Butter and vegetable oil

“If you really want it, you can,” Marina Pankova told herself, and for years she ate butter.

And recently I found on the shelves of Moscow stores a less harmful option — butter and vegetable oil.

We try!

Butter I love and since childhood I eat it in large quantities — well, what can you do if you want? But the thought that even my favorite butter is good in moderation, does not bother me.

I shared my concerns with a friend, a fitness trainer.

“The more you eat butter, the more flexible your joints and the better the stretching of muscles,” Alla comforted me. — In addition, it improves the condition of hair and skin!

— What about excess cholesterol, vasoconstriction and atherosclerotic plaques? — I did not calm down.

— Well, then choose yourself! — strictly answered friend.

«Harmful or helpful? How to keep the right balance?

“- I thought wistfully, looking at the shelves with butter in the store, when I accidentally discovered a pack of ancient half-timbered houses and the words“German quality«.

A detailed study revealed that the cream-vegetable oil Goodberg with a fat content of 82.5%, it is intended for dietary and preventive nutrition.

And it was not German that was developed and manufactured by us, but our Russian specialists.

Germany has approved the innovation.

In fact, researchers in the field of nutrition for the first year have been developing balanced fat products with an optimal ratio of fatty acids and complexes of biologically active substances. So there were margarines, spreads and other «comrades«.

They are manufactured using hydrogenation technology, which results in the formation of trans-isomers harmful to the body.

That is why they cannot be classified as “healthy foods”.

The World Health Organization has even established a direct link between the introduction of products with a high content of trans-isomers on the market and the outbreak of cancers.

But thanks to the special technology used in the production Goodberg Russian scientists managed to reduce the amount of trans-isomers in the oil to 1-2%.

Due to the combination of butter and a number of vegetable oils, oil Goodberg has an improved fatty acid composition close to the ideal fat.

It is enriched with vitamin E, and contains almost no cholesterol, unlike butter.

It seemed to me that to taste creamy oil not at all inferior creamy.

It is perfectly spread on bread and has a pronounced creamy taste.

I also added butter to mashed potatoes — it worked great!

By the way, butter and vegetable oil in recent years has become the main fat-and-oil product on the table of Europeans. Finland is especially indicative in this sense.

Even 50 years ago, in order to keep warm, the Finns not only drank alcohol, but also ate butter in huge quantities.

At that time, Finland ranked first in the world in cardiovascular mortality.

The Ministry of Health of Finland has developed a program to improve the nation. For 40 years, the country, famous for the quality and taste of its butter for the whole world, has achieved that 95% of its population abandoned its use in favor of butter and vegetable oil.

Mortality from diseases of the heart and blood vessels decreased by 80%, and the Finns began to live for 20 years more.

Now we have such a chance.

Gudberg creamy vegetable oil, 200 g, 53.9 rub.

Marina Pankova:
“My parents really wanted a boy to be born to them — Anton.

Anton Pavlovich.

And I turned out, that is a girl. The name was not prepared for me.

Therefore, they called me at random Marina, which, as it turned out later, means “sea”. Maybe that’s why I love to swim so much.

Only not in the sea, but on the blue path, in the pool.

Be sure to open. If I do not swim a couple of kilometers a day, I break out like an old cupboard. Sometime in the late autumn, in the team “Walruses of the USSR” I even swam across the lake Issyk-Kul 42 km long

The “walruses” themselves floundered in the water at a temperature of 7 degrees, and I swam behind them, on a steamer, where I wrote a report about the tempering amateurs for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In general, I always liked to watch how people know how to create a beautiful world around them. For a long time I talked about this in my author’s headings in a magazine about design and interiors with the funny name “Stool”.

I also love to eat tasty food, especially what someone else cooked, not me. But my favorite dish is not necessary to cook.

Oysters are good in themselves.

I can easily eat a couple dozen.

But I still had a connection with the “world of Anton Pavlovich”.

Friends often call me MaPa.

So Chekhov addressed his beloved younger sister Maria Pavlovna. ”

First trialbut:

Topinambur Jam

Marina Pankova bought a can of domestic jam made from Jerusalem artichoke with peaches, tasted and did not disappoint her taste! Recently in the store at the counter.

See below.

Chocolate with thyme

Chocolate is a well-known remedy for depression.

No wonder, even a hundred years ago, Marina Tsvetaeva recommended: “Treat sadness with chocolate and laugh in the face of passersby!” See below.

Bio ice cream

In search of an effective freshener, Marina Pankova discovered probiotic ice cream.

It tasted like a classic creamy ice cream.

See below.

Honey with pieces of maral antlers

Marina Pankova has never been to Altai. But when she saw honey in the Moscow store with pieces of maral antlers from Gorny Altai, she could not refrain from buying.

See below.

Cacao butter

Marina Pankova friend donated cocoa butter. Well, the soul rushed to heaven! My friend, a big lover of gastronomic experiments.

See below.

Gluten Free Rice Spaghetti

Marina Pankova, through a long search, found gluten-free spaghetti and carried them to her mother — her mother does not want to eat pasta with gluten.

See below.

Chile Olive Oil

Marina Pankova, yielding to romantic memories, bought olive oil from Chile. Yes, now in Russian stores there is such a thing!

See below.

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