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Burgundy wines — product description on

Burgundy consists of many intertwined small vineyards and is a bit like a huge chessboard. Often this region leads the wine lover to be confused by the multiplicity of its appellations (more than ninety!).

However, it is through this diversity that the whole range of Burgundian wines is known.

Despite the harshness of the continental climate, severe winters and frequent spring frosts, Burgundy vineyards are in a very privileged position.

Extremely favorable for grapes orientation to the east, south and southeast, natural protection from the westerly winds and turning on the sunny side of the hills (usually gentle) allow the Burgundian vineyards to withstand frost easier.

A warm summer and dry autumn contribute to the full maturation of grape thunderstorms.

With all the endless variety of Burgundian appellations, the number of grapes used in Burgundy to make wine is very small.

The most important of them are red pinot noir and game, white chardonnay and aligote.

All AOC Burgundian wines are divided into four types — Appeal communale, Appelation regionale, Appelation premiers cru and Appelation grands crus.

Communal appellations (Appelation communale) — These are the names of wines from grapes harvested in the territory of an infinite number of small communal villages (wines borrow their names).

These include Chablis (AOC Chablis), Moret Saint Denis (AOC Morey-Saint-Denis), Meursault (AOC Mersault), Rülli (AOC Rully), Von romane (AOC Vosne-Romanee). In each commune, the vineyard is divided into smaller plots ("climate control" — climats) — they can also be indicated on the bottle label.

Some of these areas are fenced with a wall, on this basis they are assigned the designation "clo" (clos) — that is, the place enclosed with a fence.

At the same time some of climats and clos awarded the title of independent appellation (Premiere Cru or Grand Cru).

Regional appellations (Appelation regionale) — These are the names of wines from grapes harvested throughout the territory of Burgundy in wine-producing zones specially adapted for their production. The name of such wines can be explained in different ways. Bourgogne alitote wine (AOC Bourgogne Aligote) got its name from the grape aligote, burgon-pass-to-grain wine (AOC Bourgogne Passe-tout-grain) — thanks to a mixture of two grape varieties (game and pinot noir).

Word Cremant in the name Cremantine de Bourgogne (AOC Cremant de Bourgogne) testifies to the fact that in front of us — sparkling wine.

Many names are included in the name of the place — burgon by cat de bon (AOC Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Beaune), burgon the cat shalonez (AOC Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise).

Apellasony Prime Cru (Appelation premiers crus) — these are the names of wines from some particularly valuable vineyard sites. (climats). The name of this plot on the label of wine joins the name of the village.

So, in the title of Won Romane, Premiere Cru Le Shôme (AOC Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru Les Chaumes) Von Romane is the name of the commune, and Le Chôme is a particularly valuable part of the vineyard.

Grand Cru Apellasons (Apeelation grand crus) — the highest level in the hierarchy of the Burgundian appellations.

Gran cru wines are born on exceptional soils, the extraordinary properties of which are widely known. One name of these sites (climats and clos) already enough for a high AOC title.

This refers to montrash wines. (AOC Montracher), Corton (AOC Corton), Musyini (AOC Musigny), conley novel (AOC Romanee-Conti), Clos de Vougeaux (AOC Clos de Vougeot), Clos de la Rosh (AOC Clos de la Roche), Clo de Tar (AOC Clos de Tart).

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