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Broccoli — product description on

Broccoli — cauliflower sister And its juicy green stems, which we gladly eat, are actually flowers.

Broccoli — cauliflower sister.

Her juicy green stems, which we use as food, are really flowers.

However, in nutritional value, it greatly exceeds the color.

The name comes from Italian cavolo broccolis, which means «stem cabbage«.

In Italy, broccoli began to eat earlier than anywhere else.

Perhaps that is why in England, where in 1724 this vegetable was little known, it was called Italian asparagus.

Italians brought broccoli to North America, but it gained real popularity there only in the 20s of the last century.

Broccoli is a storehouse of folic acid needed to prevent breast cancer and heart disease.

50 g of broccoli cover the daily need for vitamin C, which will greatly support us in the off-season and when cold weather comes.

Do not neglect this simple means of preventing colds!

There are two in culture kind of broccoli.

One of them, which is most often found in our stores, has a hard head out of dense inflorescences on a thick stalk and is called.kalabrez.

Second kind Asparagus (Italian) broccoli, has many stems with small inflorescences-heads.

Sorta broccoli, which there are many, diverse, but similar in their characteristics.

The best way to cook broccoli — for a couple.

At the same time make sure that it does not lose its bright color.

Broccoli make excellent fillings for pies and casseroles, salads, sauces. Broccoli put in vegetable stews and soups, for example, minestrone. Especially tasty is broccoli sur-puree — bright green, fragrant, with a very fresh taste.

Serve this soup with boiled eggs and croutons.

In Italy, they make pasta sauce from broccoli.

It is useful to eat broccoli and fresh, with sour cream or yogurt.

For a savory taste, add garlic or chili pepper.

And to expand the range of taste you can add Brazil nuts to this salad.

In cooking, broccoli sometimes replaces asparagus — serves as an excellent side dish for meat and fish dishes.

It is good and as a main dish — with sauce and breadcrumbs.

Broccoli goes well with pasta, looks great in soup, stews and salad.

Frozen broccoli is sold in stores all year round.

Broccoli blossoms are harvested mainly in July, August and early September.

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying broccoli is the appearance and, especially, the color of the inflorescences. They should not be revealed.

If among them there are yellowed, withered — cabbage overripe or was ripped off long ago, it will be tasteless and tough.

The inflorescences themselves must be resilient, moderately rigid, but not "stone".

It is possible to store broccoli on average up to two weeks in a cool, dry and dark place, in a warm place, it will quickly begin to deteriorate and wilt, and from moisture — rot.

It is better to store broccoli separately from other vegetables — it can deteriorate faster from the neighborhood with them, especially if you keep it close to apples, tomatoes or carrots.

Broccoli soups can be cooked all year round, choosing the right recipe for each season. And all .

It is for certain that the Romans cooked broccoli as early as the 100th century BC. Means, and pasta with.

Cooking broccoli cream soup has a few special features. The fact is that in such soups.

Salads and broccoli appetizers help to add variety to our daily menu. Although buy.

Your home will surely be glad if you make pastries and broccoli casseroles. This is not.

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