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Broad Maslenitsa-2010 in Moscow: platforms of Shrovetide festivities

Broad Maslenitsa-2010 in Moscow: platforms of Shrovetide festivities

One of the important social components of the holiday is the free distribution of pancakes with honey, sour cream, as well as hot drinks and juices. Daily in front of guests Shrovetide town there will be concerts of folk and pop ensembles.

For the first time this year, large gala concerts of Russian pop stars will be organized on Saturday and Sunday.

All in all, in the first more open two hundred sites, which are located in all administrative districts of the city. Interesting holiday programs are waiting for Muscovites and guests of the capital in Izmailovo Kremlin, on VVC, in parks Sokolniki, Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno, Central Park of Culture and Rest. M. Gorky.

Townspeople and guests participate in folk festivals with the participation of folk groups and professional artists, funny carnival rituals, games and amusements, watching festive performances, riding horses, trying pancake pancakes and other Russian dishes — honey cakes, cakes, mead, snacks and much — much more.

Museum-estate «Kolomenskoye» (SAD, Andropova Prospect, 39, m. Kolomenskaya)

A wide carnival in Kolomenskoye will be held February 13 and 14.

Admission to all events is free.

Program holiday looks like this. February 13:

12.00-14.00. Playground near the Spassky Gate.

Shrovetide clowns with dolls, masks, raiks, musical instruments (harp, pipes, zaleikami) amuse passers-by and involve everyone in fun Russian games. Spectators get acquainted with the traditions of the Russian areal theater. According to the press release, “there are balagan actors on the square, a pair of“ comrade and clown ”and an unchanging character, the Carnival grandfather, roam in the crowd.

With souvenirs on the stalls walking the peddlers. All guests who participated in the games will be treated with pancakes, and the winners of the competitions will be awarded with memorable prizes.

For visitors in front of the Spassky Gate organized the sale of pancakes and sweets, pastries, tea, coffee.
14.00-15.00. Stage area at the Fairground.

Children’s Shrovetide.

Leading-buffoon and children’s folklore group show and tell little viewers about the features of each day of the celebration of Maslenitsa, spend fun games, treat participants with pancakes.
15.00-16.00. Stage area at the Fairground. Puppet Maslenitsa.

A performance of the Petrushka Puppet Theater is being played on stage, accompanied by a folklore group.

The main character is Petr Ivanovich Ukusov, an actor in a clown suit with a Petrushka doll.

The performance consists of a set of short scenes, alternating with folk songs, chastooshkas, games, dialogues with the audience.
16.00-17.00. Stage area at the Fairground.

Merry Maslenitsa.

Theater artists, folk ensemble, circus and dance groups will hold a program in which they will talk about preparing the celebration of Maslenitsa, the Maslenitsa farewell, the history of this holiday in Russia, the traditional amusements — riding on slides, Taking a snowy town, riding horses, having fun for newlyweds, fists battles — about the holiday table, recipes for cooking pancakes.

At the end of the holiday — pneumatic fireworks (serpentine).

On Sunday, February 14, — goodbye stuffed Shrovetide. In a programme:



Trade in pancakes with a variety of fillings, hot food, tea, coffee, mead, pastries, souvenirs, books.

The site near the Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Festivities on the road near the Palace and in front of the Central Porch of the Duma Chamber.

People entertain mummers and buffoon with bears.

Winners in contests receive prizes.
Scarecrow Shrovetide, made out of ribbons, torn by all the people.

Everyone gets a piece of ribbon from a stuffed animal for memory.

Lefortovsky Park (South-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Krasnokazarmennaya St., Owner 1, Metro Aviamotornaya)

Celebration Pancake week in the German Quarter will pass The 14th of February.

Free admission. In a programme:

13.00-15.00. Stage ground near the Grotto.

The artists of the folklore ensemble “Sweet Berry” will acquaint the guests of the holiday with the traditions of the celebration of Maslenitsa in the German Quarter.

Spectators will be able to take part in various Shrovetide fun — games, round dances, dances, Shrovetide divinations, pancake rides.

Street festivities will end with tearing stuffed Shrovetide under traditional songs.

Celebration Boyar Shrovetide will pass The 14th of February. In a programme:


Pink Hall of the Palace N.A.

Durasov. Festive pancake week program for children.

Participants of the performance will tell little viewers about the traditions and rites of the winter farewell, about Shrovetide fairs, where, along with the festive bargaining, various fun and entertainment were arranged: bear fun, buffoon performances, balagan performances. One of the favorite entertainment was the Parsley Puppet Theater.

Children will learn the story of this hero, as well as learn about his foreign colleagues — the English Panche, the French Opener, the Italian Pulcinella, the German Gansvurst and the Spanish Don Kristobal.

Viewers will be able to take part in the Russian Shrovetide entertainments and folk games of other countries connected with the wires of winter.

The program is attended by the leading balagan grandfather, the folklore trio «Carousel», the laureate of international competitions Mikhail Semenov (piano).

Free admission.

The number of tickets is limited.

Parade colonnade of the palace N.A. Durasov.

Folk Shrovetide. Spectators will get acquainted with the traditions of the celebration of Shrovetide, which existed in Russia in the nobility, merchants and peasants. In the performance of the folk vocal-instrumental ensemble «Nettle» will perform the ritual Shrovetide songs, chastooshkas and tunes on folk instruments.

The artists of the animated theater “The Firebird” together with the life-size puppets Fox, Goat and Bear will show fragments of Shrovetide performances, arrange a carnival procession, start pancake fun and round-dance games. In the final, the artists will disassemble the Pancake stuffed egg into small dolls and distribute it to everyone.

Free admission.

KRK «Kremlin in Izmailovo» (HLW, Izmailovo sh., 73zh, m. Partizanskaya, Cherkizovskaya)

Celebration Shrovetide in the Izmailovo Kremlin will be held February 13 and 14 from 1 pm to 5 pm. Additional information by phone: (499) 166-5031, 166-5110.

Free admission.

Celebrations will begin with a procession of participants, singing carnival songs, pancake feast with traditional Russian drinks — mead and sbiten.
Then, dear guests will be invited to participate in Russian folk games: building a snow fort, sledding, kissing games, making stuffed animals Shrovetide and fisticuffs.
In the territory Izmailovo Kremlin there will be colorful performances with the participation of folk groups.

There will be fiery dances, friendly dances, the game «King of the Hill» and a lot of other fun.
Only in Izmailovo Kremlin You can see funny battles — in the olden days, not a single Maslenitsa could do without them!

Izmailovsky Park of Culture and Recreation (HLW, 17, Narodny Avenue)

Shrovetide «You came with good, our Maslenitsa» will pass February 13 and 14.

13.00-17.00. Estrada Severnaya.

Festivities dedicated to the celebration Shrovetide.


A.M. GORKY (Central Administrative District, Krymsky Val ul., 9, m. Park Kultury)

In Gorky Park they are waiting for Maslenitsa from 8 to The 14th of February.

Fair, concert program, life-size puppets, folklore groups.
The 14th of February The main holiday ceremony will be held — the burning of stuffed Shrovetide.

Help by phone. (495) 237-0707.

February 14, 2010, on the last day of the Pancake Week — Forgiveness Sunday, — the All-Russian Exhibition Center will gather everyone for a good winter farewell — Shrovetide.

Guests are waiting for folk festivals, round dances, songs, contests and much more.

Entrance to all events is free.

The holiday will open with a noisy, fun fair of the folk applied art of the peoples of Russia.
From 10.00 to 18.00 there will be colorful performances with the participation of the Parsley Theater, buffoons, Moscow folklore groups, folk games and fun, tasting of Russian dishes.
In a big concert program to be held from 12.30 to 16.30 on the main stage VVC — the stylobate of the Central Pavilion, will reflect the customs of each day of the Carnival week.

Funny characters of famous Russian folk tales will conduct fascinating quizzes and folk games, will acquaint viewers with bright national groups — the Mustrava ensembles “Mastarava”, “Mordovochka”, “Tyashtine”, the Chuvash choir “Adal”, the Belarusian ensemble “Kirmash”, Ukrainian folk choir , the ensemble of the Russian song «Native soul».

The concert will be attended by actors of the SHOU-U theater, the Fars growth puppets theater, People’s Artist of Russia Vasily Ovsyannikov and many others.
The program will complete the bright rite of burning Shrovetide.

At the same time, everyone who wishes can put stuffed notes in her pocket with cherished wishes, which after a while, according to Russian signs, will come true.
That same evening, on the other side of the Central Pavilion, opposite the Friendship of the Fountain fountain, from 15.00 to 17.30 a concert from Radio Dacha with the participation of Russian pop stars.

PKIO «Sokolniki» (HLW, Sokolnichesky Val ul., 1, m. Sokolniki)

Celebration «Pancake week» will pass The 14th of February.


The scene before the entrance to the park: An interactive program with the participation of buffoons, puppets.

Theater «Really».

Fountain Square: “Winter Fun” is a recreational and entertaining holiday as part of the celebration of “Maslenitsa”.

Library: “History of Russian ritual holidays and games” — meeting with the art historian N.N. Pisareva

Band «Rotunda»: Dance program (radio disc).

Fountain Square: «Riding on the Emelya furnace, in the park Maslen Week!» — ritual drama program.

Fountain Square: Burning effigy of Shrovetide.

Fountain Square: Gala concert of Russian pop stars.

Fountain Square: Festive disco in the fresh air.

February 13:

— The holiday is the end of the form and forms At a party at Shrovetide.

Beginning at 12.00.

Central Committee of Harmony, Dmitrovskoye sh., 25, building 1, t. 976-1244.
— Theatrical performance Farewell to Winter: Shrovetide.

Beginning at 12.00.

The site in front of the recreation center Yunost, Dubninskaya st., 73a, t. 480-7748.
— Folklore celebration Shrovetide gatherings.

Beginning at 12.00.

Library number 34, Usievicha st., 23, t. (499) -151-7347.

The 14th of February:

— District event Broad Maslenitsa.


Beginning at 12.00. Children’s park Brigantina, Koptevsky Blvd., t. 456-5546
— «Shrovetide-obeduha».

Popular festivities.

Beginning at 12.00. The courtyard of the club «Torch», Leningradskoe sh., 9, building 1, t. (499) -150-6865
— «With the carnival of the clockwork.»

Holiday party

Beginning at 13.00. Site in front of the DC Voskhod branch, M. Fedorenko, 2, building 2, t. 486-7371
— «Broad Maslenitsa».

Popular festivities.

Beginning at 14.00. Yard of the club «Rodnichok». Ununat str., 17 b, t. 614-6168
— «Pancake week». Student festivities. Beginning at 14.00.

Park RGAU-ICCA (DC them.

K.A. Timiryazev, t. 976-4603)

February 10

— «Maslenitsa» — the festival of the yard.

Beginning at 14.00. Bering pr-d, 3, yard

February 13

— “Farewell, Maslenitsa!” — a holiday of the yard: the competitive program, sports relay races.

Beginning at 12.00. Amundsen str., 14, playground in front of the Center for Children’s Art «Sviblovo», t. 8 (499) 760-0105
— “Our annual Maslenitsa is a guest dear!” Is a regional holiday with a game program.

From 13.00 to 15.00. 1-ya Ostankinskaya st., 7a, OSTankino PCB, t. 687-6351
— “Pancake Shit” is a festive program.

From 12.00 to 14.00. Park on Goncharov street, 6, t. 619-7990
— «Broad Maslenitsa 2010» — mass folk festivals, sports program.

From 12.00 to 15.00. Square on Spark Street, t. 8 (499) 186-8717
— «Hello, wide Maslenitsa!» — a holiday of the court.

Beginning at 12.00. Rimsky-Korsakov St., 6, courtyard of GU KTSSO, t. 8 (499) 904-3983
— “Shrovetide comes to us, pancakes and honey bears” — a festive entertainment program.

Beginning at 12.00. Bolshaya Marfinskaya Str., 7, courtyard GOU Secondary School No. 296. t. 619-7309

The 14th of February

— “Let’s stand together in a round dance, rejoice, walk, people!” — a festive festivities of the people.

From 12.00 to 14.00. Sheremetyevskaya st., 2, square near the cinema «Havana». t. 602-6464
— «Broad Maslenitsa — 2010» — folk festivals.

From 12.00 to 14.00.

Sukhonskaya st., Dd. 9-11, park area of ​​the river Yauza. t. 476-69-22
— “Maslenitsa is coming, pancakes and honey bears!” — mass festivities.

Beginning at 12.00. Square on the street Bazhova. v.8 (499) 181-41-12
— «Broad Maslenitsa 2010» — a festive mass festivities.

From 2 pm to 4 pm Prohodchikov st., 12, yard. t. 8 (499) 188-20-58
— “No more beautiful than our Shrovetide” — a festive festivities, a circus program, a theatrical performance.

From 12.00 to 14.00. 3rd Northern Line St., 17, the area at the House of Culture «North». t. 8 (499) 767-89-22
— «Boyaryna — Maslenitsa» — folk festivals, game program, sports festival.

From 12.00 to 13.30. Pr-d Dezhneva, 1, the territory of the Singing field. t. 477-72-65
— «Fun Maslenitsa» — a festive program.

Beginning at 14.00. Prospect Mira, 182, yard. t. 633-63-83
— “We see off the winter, we meet spring” — folk festivals.

From 4 pm to 5 pm Ostashkovsky pr-d, 6, square «Torfyanka». t. 471-49-85
— “Wide Maslenitsa” is a district youth festival.

Beginning at 12.00. Menzhinsky st., 6, Babushkinsky recreation park. v.8 (499) 186-11-65
— “Walk, Maslenitsa” — a festive concert program.

Beginning at 14.00. Uglichskaya st., 13, Lianozovsky recreation park. t. 8 (499) 200-01-60
— «Broad Maslenitsa» — the festival of the yard: a concert program.

From 12.00 to 14.00. 16, Engineering str., Sports ground, GOU Secondary School No. 302. t. 8 (499) 901-67-85
— “Razuzhlya, Maslenitsa!” — a festive theatrical performance.

Beginning at 13.00. Leskova ul., 23b, Ethnographic village Bibirevo. v.8 (499) 745-33-07
— “There is no more beautiful than our Shrovetide” — festivities Beginning at 12.00.

3rd Northern Line, 17, House of Culture «Northern».

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